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  1. I'm a remote Control4 dealer/programmer, have helped lots of others in your situation to get their system up & running, upgraded (if necessary), and humming like its supposed to. PM me if interested.
  2. Yes AudioControl and Parasound are two of the best Amp makers. If you wanted something less expensive, Sonance has a 12 channel, 50 watt per channel Amp. PM me I can get you pricing if interested.
  3. Sent you a PM. Happy to help you get up and running with some remote programming...shouldn't take too long since this is just a one-room system. Pretty much everything you've asked for is very do-able and standard with Control4.
  4. the routine executes the on/off events in composer. its just a layer on top...so you can say turn on, turn off, or whatever phrase you use for the routine, and the routine's action is to execute the on or off event (however you configure it). example: routine 1: "Open the shades" routine's action: turn on the shades voice scene name: shades routine 2: "Close the shades" routine's action: turn off the shades voice scene: shades
  5. try stretching out the metal contacts where the batteries meet the remote.
  6. PS> the travelers are almost always 1 red and 1 black wire.
  7. you are supposed to connect the yellow wires over one of the two traveler wires. in a typical 3-way wiring scenario, the hot will be at one end and the switch leg will be at the other end. So you use one of the travelers to pass either the switch leg or the hot to the other end, so that the end where you want to put the KD has both hot and the switch leg. then you use the 2nd traveler wire to connect the yellow wires together.
  8. Dino, I'm happy to run a test on my Android phone to see if problem exists.
  9. Hi Melvin, Welcome to the forum! I am a dealer with Annex4, happy to help you out. Please PM me or email me at ari@epic-systems.com
  10. Tell Marty to keep quiet or he'll have to fire himself!
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