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  1. Yes I think they must have changed something on their end a week or two ago.
  2. Remove all of the hyphens in the serial number and save.
  3. Press and hold should dim it up and down if I recall correctly?
  4. Hi Choppedogg88.

    For some reason, messages I sent through the forum weren't going through, so I decided to reach out directly.

    I have an existing system I'd like supported, and I thought we might be a fit.  My system is working well right now.  I have a small punch list that needs to be addressed, but otherwise I just want a relationship with someone for support and for future projects.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  5. my situation is a new construction home where the HVAC guys are planning on using Lennox ComfortSense 7500 and 5500 touchscreen thermostats. Anyone know if Control4 thermostats can work with Lennox? or does it depend on some specifics of the system? They need humidity management and this appears to have it.
  6. Yes I'm well aware of the requirements to make it work, however this is something different. Those requirements have all been checked and as I said it was working fine for 3 different clients of mine until they updated to 3.2...
  7. I'm wondering if there is a bug in Composer HE 3.2, been meaning to post here about this...have 3 different clients having this issue since upgrading to 3.2
  8. I suppose that would be helpful if my client had an Alexa system but they have a Control4 system
  9. anyone know of a driver or way to integrate Lennox wifi therms?
  10. what size? I have a 10" white, only 3 months old
  11. sounds like a poor zigbee signal, or could be a failing remote. how strong is your zigbee mesh? you could try changing the zigbee channel.
  12. Anyone have an extra IRUSB (or two) that they aren't using and would like to get rid of?
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