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  1. There is an issue with the NYCE tilt sensors lately. They need to be completely level in order to register as open, which sucks. Most garage doors don't open to completely level, but rather are tilted slightly downward toward the opening. So what I've had to do is add extra padding behind the top part of the sensor, which causes it to level out when the door is open.
  2. If the emitters are flashing and its not working, then its very likely your emitter placement on the device. It needs to be in the exact right location or it won't work.
  3. reboot the EA1 if you haven't already. rarely I've seen the IRs lock-up and a reboot fixes it.
  4. yes throw that stuff in the garbage, but you should backup the project first if possible.
  5. That being said, there is definitely value in upgrading your hardware to be able to run control4 OS3 and above in my opinion. With each new version comes enhancements, bug fixes, and a better user experience.
  6. yeah I have like 10 versions of Composer loaded onto my machine. Sounds like they are blowing smoke up your ass or really have no idea what they are doing.
  7. Yep - amp is shot. PM me if you need help obtaining a new one.
  8. I've been emailing support@intrinsicdev.com which is the email address which I've communicated with on several other occasions where I received a prompt response...
  9. I've used the Intrinsic driver at several client sites - have emailed them a few times regarding tvOS 15 support, no response. So I'm guessing they are having difficulty making the driver work or something. Unfortunately that doesn't help me or all of my clients who are calling/texting me asking why their Apple TV control is broken and asking for a refund...
  10. I have a black 7" T3 in-wall I can sell you. PM if interested.
  11. Just connect a sonos port to a triad matrix/amp and there you have it.
  12. I have some extra Sonos amps in stock if you need - PM me. They are backordered till December 24th...
  13. that's awesome...I thought you were going to say you take a snapshot and then another one after the cleaners are done and do an automated comparison and scoring on how well they cleaned the place based on said snapshots. I don't spend the time to automate anywhere near that amount of stuff for myself, let alone my cleaners! (shoemaker's children go barefoot...or whatever they say)
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