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  1. Setup IP control on the Sony TV to use Normal & Pre-Shared Key authentication. Change the driver to match the model of the new Sony TV, update connections to link to new driver, enter the pre-shared key in the driver, test.
  2. Press and hold and remove the favorite from your room screen
  3. I can get you a Smart Bridge Pro and can help you remotely program it to Control4. I can also sell you Lutron shades but not Serena, those are direct to consumer.
  4. You have to use the IR driver in conjunction with the IP driver. IR driver just for the lens commands.
  5. I have a 10 inch portable t4 NIB. PM me if interested.
  6. Have your dealer call tech support. They may be able to putty into it and flash the firmware. Or it may need to be RMAd.
  7. If you need something wireless you could use a Control4 z2io. It has a temp sensor built in. It would need to be plugged into a power outlet and communicates with your Control4 system"s zigbee mesh network.
  8. I have a Sonos Connect Amp (Gen 1) I'd be willing to sell you. It doesn't work on the S2 platform, that's the only reason I removed it from the system, works great otherwise.
  9. Qolsys works well, has IP-based integration driver, just requires the one (wifi) head unit which you can stick in a closet or wherever. They have a board that you can connect all the wired sensors too as well, and that communicates wirelessly to the head unit. Check out AlarmGrid.com
  10. I don't believe Triad makes any powered soundbars do they?
  11. These aren't inexpensive but they are nice if you have Sonos- https://www.leonspeakers.com/residential/series/tonecase/tcfit-u
  12. This guy sent me a message and I didn't respond within 28 minutes and then he sends me another message with double question marks (on a Saturday no less). I recommend if you are a remote programmer that you don't work with him unless you plan to provide 24x7 instantaneous response...
  13. I would suggest trying a network reset first. To reset the controller network settings to the default: 1 Disconnect power to the controller. 2 While pressing and holding the ID button on the back of the controller, reconnect power to the controller. 3 Hold the ID button until the data, link and power LEDs are solid blue, then immediately release the button. 4 If the caution LED stays orange during the boot sequence, press and hold the ID button until the caution LED blinks blue, and then release it.
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