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  1. I just programmed a 24 inch LG last night with IP control using the Annex4 WebOS driver.
  2. If it was installed 4 years ago, most likely it hasn't been updated since it was installed and is therefore running a very dated OS. Latest OS is 3.2.1. If you'd like help getting it up-to-date, PM me and I can help you with a remote update (for a fee)
  3. There are 2 different Yale lock drivers - have you tried using the other one? Have you verified that you're using the latest version of whichever driver you're using?
  4. You can try to play with the definitions all you want, but the bottom line is that the Control4 matrixes do not offer the full 4K HDR @ 60 hz with 4:4:4 chroma. This requires data rates of 18 Gbps and the Control4 matrixes only support up to 10.2 Gbps. In my experience, this causes problems in the field for clients who expect full 4K HDR support from their expensive distributed video system. As much as I'd prefer to sell Control4, for the money there are now better options out in the market. Hopefully Control4 refreshes their matrix lineup soon...or perhaps they are just assuming that MOIP
  5. My main issue with the Control4 ones are that they don't support full 4K HDR at 4:4:4 18gbps. Hence the reason I suggested the Atlona Opus, and I also like the AV Pro Edge which are great but a bit spendy.
  6. How about: Atlona® Opus™ 4K HDR HDMI to HDBaseT Matrix Switcher (AT-OPUS-68M)
  7. you can do it with Unifi switches and the Unifi Network driver for Control4
  8. yeah the Bond bridge works great and has good range. wish it did better with fireplaces, but works well for fans and Somfy shades.
  9. I'm fluent in both Araknis and Ubiquiti as those are the two that I use in my systems.
  10. just signed up for Tidal Hifi...all I can say is WOW. my system sounds way better and their music library is deep, especially for the stuff I like to listen to (live concerts mainly) going to be canceling Spotify shortly.
  11. Sick! I have the same/similar truck, where do I get this and how much? I have a 2020 F150 Lariat loaded.
  12. Can you get the Samsung Terrace TV there? those are really nice and bright and of course have an IP driver.
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