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  1. hi @chopedogg88, we bought a house that came with the c4 system. But I am unable to login. Reading forums i understand that you can help for a fee. Is it possible to connect, so you can help?




  2. correct. PM me if you need help programming it.
  3. Is the remote infrared or RF? If IR you could learn the remote commands to either Control4 or a Bond Bridge. If RF, then could learn to a Bond Bridge ($119) and integrate the Bond Bridge to Control4 ($150 for the driver).
  4. Yes I've seen that multiple times. Seems if you try a 2nd time it works?
  5. yes you can do this if you make an audio connection from your CORE processor to a Sonos input, for example on a Sonos Port or Sonos AMP that is in the rack nearby. If you only have wireless Sonos speakers, then you'll need to add a Port in order to accomplish this. PM me if you'd like help with this, I can help program it if you need, also can supply any Sonos products you might need if any (have a Port in stock).
  6. Yes you can add items from Watch, Listen, Shades, Lighting etc as room favorites and then those will show up as buttons on the "Home" screen. You can also add custom "experience buttons" which can be favorited to the room screen as well. And lastly you can use the old fasioned "Custom Buttons" to quickly create simple lists of buttons (not graphical buttons, just simple text on each button, and they don't show an on/off state like the experience buttons do). So yes, there are lots of options.
  7. Correct...that's the rules as of now (subject to change if Snap decides to of course). I'm honestly surprised that they didn't just include Apple Music only with Connect, to try to get people to migrate from 4sight which is currently like half the price.
  8. You can add a Core controller and stay on 4sight. You only have to subscribe to Connect when creating a brand new Control4 account.
  9. did you complete the pairing of the QSX LEAP driver? if so and its paired, there is a button on that driver that you press and it will add/sync the lights/shades automatically into your Control4 project. Shouldn't be manually entering hrefs.
  10. I would probably just stick with your EA5 for now, unless you need the z-wave radio functionality that is in the CORE 5, or if you needed more audio streams (CORE 5 has 6 outputs vs 4 on the EA-5)
  11. I'm not familiar with the driver but perhaps if works like Sonos where you have to favorite things in the Beosound app before they will show in the driver?
  12. I have a couple left over from a project where we ended up not needing as many zones. These are great amps, 200w/channel, and now we've learned today that if you don't have a system with a CORE processor in it, you can add one of these and get Apple Music integration! https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/triad-sa1-ryff-enabled-200w-x-2-streaming-amplifier-ts-sa1-200-a ($1075 msrp) New in Box. PM me if interested.
  13. Core Lites are only sold bundled with remotes- Core Lite/Halo bundle - $1096.02 msrp Core Lite/Halo Touch bundle - $1349.99 msrp Core Lite/SR 260 w/charging cradle bundle - $849.99 msrp CORE 1 - $908.43 msrp
  14. believe that was asked and answered above...(yes)
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