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  1. So I have to ask... are the josh.ai's worth all the hype and the price? I got approved to be a dealer but I haven't pulled the trigger yet because of the money I have to put down upfront? It's alot and I know I get it in product but then would I be able to sell them to my customers ? (Are my customers willing to pay for them) So can you explain the difference and what makes them amazing besides the privacy aspect and i guess they don't have to connect to the cloud. Thank you in advance ☺
  2. Try changing your network. It might be the .100. Try to redo your network with 192.168.1.x And don't forget your subnet mask too I like to use 192.168.10.x With a subnet mask of
  3. Here's the thing though, yes that will tell you of the led lights on the switch will come on, but the c4 dimmer or switch could still be bad. You have to put some sort of load on the switch to see if it will send the power and hold a given load. I have had a couple c4 dimmers led lights come on and work but would not turn the load on or off and of course not dim. Then I had another c4 switch do all of that bit the zigbee antenna/ or zigbee chip inside of the switch would not send or receive any info so the customer could not control the lights from anywhere but the switch location. So you see it is best if you at least take an 6" led retro trim and cut off thr socket end and wire that to the switch and then make sure through composer that you can see it and the zigbee chip is working. Just a little 10 min advice that will save you hours later down the road
  4. How much and what model number please
  5. Is that just for one Or is that for 2 of them?? I only asked because I cause I can get a new T4 8 inch touchscreen for $603. The T3 was discontinued and c4 does not even sell them anymore but I am willing to buy one because I have a customer that already has a bunch of T3's in their home and would like another one so they all match but it really depends on what your realistic price is for 1 of them. Please message me With your final offer and if we can work something out I will buy it from you right now.. You can ask anybody on this forum, anytime I say I will buy something, I do. I pay right away And there's never any Hassle. Please message me when you see this and let's work something out
  6. Just to let everyone know, I have purchased some of these access points from chopedogg88 before and it was a great experience. The units where like brand new. It was a pleasure dealing with chopedogg88. He is 100% straight up professional and I would buy from him any time!!!
  7. Control4 uses there own version of zigbee, so I am not sure that any zigbee protocol will work. I am pretty sure that only control4 zigbee switches will work with c4, but I do like those switches
  8. I hate to say this but control4 stopped selling the red need.
  9. I have the same problem at my own house and also at a customer's house that we installed it at. The customer has all apple products (iPhone and ipads). He is always complaining that the motion alerts hardly ever work and when the doorbell is pushed that is hit or miss too. So then i went home and installed a chime on my own house, and my wife who also has an iPhone too and when pushed , her phone did not go off either. So I thought maybe it is the intercom anywhere . But then my phone, Which is a galaxy s20 did go off. The next day neither of our phones will go off for motions and both our phones sometimes go off when the doorbell is pushed. So is it a chime problem or a c4 app and intercom anywhere problem. Or a composer problem and is control4 aware of this and are they fixing it ?
  10. What about the clare controls new video doorbell v3? I know that the clareone alarm panel integrates right into c4 just by double clicking on it in the discovered tap and that snap one owns control4 and has a small stake in clare controls. You can only buy clareone/clare controls -clare home products from snap one, so I was wondering if the clare video doorbell will integrate. If it doesn't, other than the chime and doorbird and ds2 units, what other video doorbell can integrate into c4? I remember back a couple of years ago all we used to be able to integrate the nest hello doorbell but thanks to Google, that is all shot to hell.
  11. I would recommend the clareone panel by Clare controls! You can self monitor, or in the future have it professionally monitored. You can use all your old sensors and equipment when you use the clareone panel and the wireless to wireless translator/communicator. Or if you have wired sensors then the wireed to wireless translator/communicator. Once the clareone is installed and has an ip addresses, then all you do in composer is double click on it on the left side where it is automatically discovered and that is it. That's a it takes to integrate clareone into c4. It is sold on snap one's website (formaly known as snapav) and is also owner of c4
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