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  1. Well dam that's not good for me lol. I have tried everything and I mean everything but I must be missing something. Only thing is it just stopped working over night. 1 day it's working fine and then all of the sudden it doesn't, and nothing changed. The only thing I can think of is maybe it stopped after I updated c4 , just not sure now
  2. So is anyone else having trouble with Google home and c4? I have had Google home working for the last year and now everytime I try to use voice control with Google, Google says that control4 is unavailable. So then i tried with alexa and it works fine. So I disconnected the connection with Google and c4 in composer and in Google home and re did the connection and same thing. No go. My insight is up to date, Alexa works fine it's just Google. Anyone else? And does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. So when I first started out doing c4, I thought I was smooth and bought things off of ebay for cheaper. Oh boy did I shoot myself in the foot. Not only did I buy a couple products for myself but also 2 products for a customer. Well 3 of those products failed after 4 months , so not only was I not able to get my money back or any sort of warranty, but then it cost me 3 times as much then finally buying new and making multiple trips back to thw customer. . In my humble new dealer opinion. Just buy new from your dealer. They are giving you a good price
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