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  1. Just a note for anyone interested in this driver, I've been running Josh's raspberry pi appliance and the driver for more than a year. It is the most rock solid piece of equipment in my house, I haven't had to touch it in all the time I've owned it, even though I have frequent power outages in my neighborhood. I can't say enough positive things about @Joshua Pressnell or this Homekit solution.
  2. OK, I'm curious now. I'm running the Varietas homebridge appliance with the Control4 driver. I had thought that the references in this topic to the Apple Bridge Driver were references to Varietas. Can someone explain what the Apple Bridge Driver is for me? Also, does anyone know if the Varietas applliance (Raspberry Pi) and the Varietas driver have any issues under 3.0? Thanks, David
  3. Just another data point for those who find this thread in the future: when I got this error, it was because I had a dead HC800 controller. I started receiving the alarm error, and two of my rooms lost control at about the same time, but I didn't draw the connection. As it turned out, I scheduled my alarm company to make the repair and my Control4 dealer for a service call at the same time. Just as the alarm guy confirmed the bus failure, the Control4 tech told him to hold up. Control4 tech rerouted everything through my other HC800, and the alarm error disappeared. I didn't pay for a new automation module, thankfully, but I did have to pay for the alarm service call.
  4. Thanks, @knowitall. Can you elaborate? Do I need an IR emitter on the PlayBase, from C4?
  5. @Home Theater AdvisorsSame issue with Playbase. I'd like to have the Sonos invisible to the C4 system (i.e., C4 sends volume up or down, Sony TV receives, PlayBase is output source, but its volume is fixed, so if it receives "louder sound" from SonyTV, it gets louder). I hope that makes sense.
  6. This isn't a programming answer, but you may be aware Sonos has a "Night Sound" option in the sound settings of the Sonos App (if you have a Playbar). Here is their explanation: The Night Sound setting adjusts the audio for night time viewing so you can reduce the volume and still experience proper balance and range. At lower volumes, quiet sounds are enhanced and the intensity of loud sounds is reduced. Touch the icon on your Sonos app’s Now Playing screen to turn this setting on or off. (If the setting isn’t visible, make sure the room with the PLAYBAR is selected.)
  7. I think what you want is coming with the upcoming Echo and Sonos integration. If I understand it correctly, you'd be able to say, "Alexa, play XYZ on my Control4 Sonos."
  8. @chopedogg88, you're safe for now. Now that I've had a chance to play with the Alexa Skill a bit, I see that it's very limited compared to Ari's driver. For now, the Alexa Skill works only with lights, lighting scenes and thermostats. With Ari's driver, you can create a trigger phrase, and then program against it freely. It's good to have both!
  9. Alexa will discover devices and scenes. Need to create new scenes in Composer if you want it to do the fun stuff, like select a source, etc.
  10. Really would like to use "Jarvis" or "Robot Butler," but I see your point.
  11. Beware. Multiple Alexa's in close proximity will hear your commands, and all respond. I have one in my kitchen and one in my living room, about 40 feet apart. Alexa responds to most commands I give, from both rooms, in stereo ;).
  12. Finding it to be a little buggy. To be expected, I suppose.
  13. Sorry, @chopedogg88. I appreciate the great work you did in getting us there early. Are there features of your driver that Control4's Alexa Skill does not match? Best regards, David
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