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  1. Awesome. Choose a model that gets you paid up front. The audience is not very large, but hugely motivated for a resource like this.
  2. I'll put US$5 on you buying (at least) one.
  3. That's great, helpful feedback. I would have appreciated hardware DVR and Guide buttons, but I'm excited for this product, even if it isn't perfect. And, the great thing is I now have a choice between this and the original remotes.
  4. Actually, I have the latest IP driver, an EA controller and the latest AppleTV OS. While the Control4 pairing works, it disconnects every day or two, and I have to go through the pairing process again to get it working again. I’m very unpopular with my spouse right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I went down this road when contemplating the 3.0 upgrade and the death of my existing touch screens. I couldn’t find an acceptable iPad mounting solution. Ultimately, I accepted advice to look for T3s for sale on this forum and on eBay. I’m happy I did. I found several T3s in the range of $500, and they work exceptionally well. The iPad alternative was made worse by 3.0’s elimination of “Dedicated Mode” for the iOS app. Even with workarounds, the app must reconnect every time you touch the screen. Intercom isn’t a big factor for me. TLDR: Buy T3s on the secondary market, you’ll be much happier
  6. @ryane Glad to hear that you’re excited and confident about the leadership. Wishing you much success and happiness in the next chapter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. @jakblak, please count me as a vote for restoring dedicated mode. Guided access doesn’t maintain the connection to the controller, which must be refreshed each time I try to use the iOS device. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yes, on the Sonos Connect. That's the setup I have. If you don't require multiroom music, I believe you can integrate other Sonos products, like a Sonos One or one off their Soundbars and achieve the same thing for a single room. On "PLAY XX SONG" do you mean by voice, or through programming? An example of programming I have is Single Tap Button 3 on Six Button Keypad > Plays "Sonos favorite" Daves Faves Playlist in Living Room. If you have T3 touchscreens or Mobile Device apps, you can also pin a Sonos Favorite (Playlist, Radio Station, Podcast, etc.) to a room's homescreen.
  9. Sonos has Apple Music integration. I favorite Apple Music playlists and radio stations, and they show up under Sonos > Stations on my navigators. I am also able to favorite them to rooms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. To follow-up on this, I had a great call with Control4 tech support, facilitated by the @control4 Twitter account. The feature was not removed as my dealer had told me. The problem was my work guest network was blocking the required VPN connection, generating the errors. Once I connected using my cellphone as a hotspot, all worked as expected.
  11. Question for the group: Since my upgrade to OS3, I am not able to access my system using Composer HE (v3.0.0) on my work computer (i.e, over the internet). My dealer looked into it, and said this "feature" was removed from v3, but may return later if Control4 receives feedback indicating customers miss the feature. Is this true? And, if so, what is the best means of letting Control4 know I miss the feature? cc: @RyanE
  12. @chopedogg88 Can you elaborate a little on the "Dashboard" Room concept? Can I put a shortcut in there to say, "Turn on the Apple TV in the Living Room," and another to "Turn on NPR in Bedroom"? Thanks, David
  13. @jakblak Can you post a link to the TestFlight of the 3.0 iOS app? Thanks, David
  14. All, thanks for your assistance. Drivers were updated last night with help from @Matt Lowe, and all works again with my favorites (a little bit of wonkiness, but I'll work through that).
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