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  1. https://www.axxind.com/smarthome/motion-sensor/ http://nycesensors.com/products/ncz3043/
  2. Any luck? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Did you found any UK/European dealers? I’m also looking for square switches/keypads. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I'm using these two drivers for every light, it shows under light and track the current status. https://berto.io/src/Berto_RelayLight/README.md https://berto.io/src/Berto_ShellyRelay/README.md
  5. If I use C4-DM201-Z Puck Dimmer, will it work with any switch? Or only C4 switches?
  6. Many thanks, I fixed it! Here is what I did: I deleted the Navigation agent and rebooted all controllers (not only the master EA-5). I re-wrote the whole program and converted it to macros, a macro per TV. This way, it's running smoother and faster.
  7. Hi @time2jet, how much is the C4-SAPD240-N? How many do you have?
  8. Ad advised, I rewrote the script for the living room and removed the snapshot sections. So the test script is: send C4 command to living room delay 10 second jump to the camera Result is the same, it goes to C4 menu but not the camera. I ran the same script for the kitchen TV and it’s working fine. I did few more steps to rule out all possibilities: I asked my dealer to reinstall the NVR driver Rebooted and checked the Hikvision NVR Rebooted all camera I can view all cameras from OSD I can also view all the cameras in ComposerHE
  9. I tried the following with no luck. The script is running fine till the end, but not switching to the camera. What is driving my crazy is the TV is switching to the camera manually from the OSD menu. Note: this was running fine earlier.
  10. @Dunamivora Below is my code, my problem is one of the TVs is not switching to the camera. When the doorbell is pressed: Kitchen TV switch to the camera. Living Room TV turns on and stays at the OSD main page. (when manually select the camera from the OSD it will work).
  11. @msgreenf If I don’t send Control4 command to the TV, it won’t wake up if the TV was off. Forgot to mention that both TVs can manually display the camera from the OSD. The screenshot below is how Control4 recommend using this agent. I will add the Snapshot after making sure both TVs can display the camera.
  12. I have EA-5 as the master controller and two EA-1s in the kitchen and living room. I wrote the below script to turn ON the kitchen and living rooms TVs and display the main gate Hikvision camera to both TVs. It's working successfully with the kitchen TV, on the living room TV it just display C4 main menu without switching to the camera. Troubleshooting we did with no luck: Removed the Navigation Agent, rebooted EA-5, reinstalled the agent again. Re-write the script as shown in the next screenshot. Rebooted all controllers. Rebooted the camera and the NVR.
  13. @alanchow Does this mean I can add an additional zone by passing the audio matrix and the amp? Will the driver allow me to bind these speakers to the room audio?
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