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  1. Berto driver is working flawlessly with Control4. It currently supports zigbee2mqtt and soon will also support zigbee2tasmota. https://www.berto.co.uk
  2. You can contact David: david@berto.co.uk
  3. Is this driver communicating 2-ways with Control4?
  4. I use Shelly with Berto driver, works awesome.
  5. Last week I installed Sonoff strip lights in the kids rooms as hidden ceiling light along with @david@berto.co.uk IoT Dimmer driver. I already have Schedule It driver from @Cinegration for each family member syncing with his/her Gmail calendar. When the "Good Night" button is pressed on the room's keypad it turns off all the light and turn on the strip hidden light to level 1 as night light, it will change the color to light blue, if there is an online class next day it will change the color to light yellow.
  6. I added 12 Sonoff minis each with IoT Light @david@berto.co.uk driver for all the bathrooms and kitchens exhausts. I set a timer to turn off bathrooms exhausts off after 10min and the kitchen's after 20min
  7. This solution is rock solid at my house, almost every single light.
  8. I'm using Berto IoT Dimmer @david@berto.co.uk with Sonoff LED strips, it's woking flawlessly with lighting scenes
  9. I'm waiting for Berto's Sonoff Zigbee Bridge driver to add more motion sensors.
  10. When I decided to install smart light switches, dimmers, and relays for my home, Control4 switches cost was a barrier. My house is 3.5 stories with 11,000 square feet, not counting the landscape. Control4 switches cost was as follows: 65 Switches X $200 = $13,000 (goal is 100 switch $20,000) Lutron was around that price. So I decided to go with Berto's MQTT driver and to use Sonoff TX wall switches. The number of switches dropped from 65 to 50 because Sonoff had three gangs' switches. Cost as follows: 50 Switches X $18 = $900 (goal is 100 switch $1,800) I even bought ten backup switches that I didn't use. Raspberry Pi Hub = $80 Now, after 18 months, it's working with 50 Sonoff wall switches 1/2/3 gangs, a total of 100+ gang. Work is going on to install another 50. I also have 15 Shelly's relays & dimmers, and 8 Sonoff light strips. I haven't had any issue with the drivers since Jan 2019. Lights response is immediate. In the beginning, I was reluctant, but MQTT has proven to be a reliable protocol which is being used in more sophisticated industrial fields. Thanks to Berto's drivers, the protocol is bi-directional with Control4. The driver is also compatible with Advanced Lighting agent, accessible via programming to add timers for exhausts and program the lights with motion and timer. The beauty about MQTT is that switches and dimmers will continue to function even if the controller or LAN is down. And by using Sonoff Mini or Shelly relays, you can even convert any mechanical dummy switch to a smart switch which will continue to work even if everything is down (except electricity!). My next project is to add: SONOFF D1 Smart Dimmer Switch that will act as Control4 puck dimmers. Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 that will act as Control4 8 channels switch RF bridge and its accessories. I also believe that David is working on Zigbee to MQTT driver, which will allow adding more devices. Other drivers that are on my list to test: Flic buttons driver IFTTT OwnTracks location service Thanks to David for his help, support, and patient! Without his support, I wouldn't be able to reach the current automation level.
  11. Hi Ari, I returned both projects and replaced them with Epson LS100, you installed the driver and reprogrammed the HDMI matrix and it’s rock solid. I believe that the latest release of that LG projectors are based on WebOS which can be easily integrated. https://www.lg.com/us/home-video/lg-PF1000UW-smart-led-projector
  12. Did you add any drivers lately? Do you have a driver with many instances?
  13. Does it integrate directly with a driver? Or via hub?
  14. ++1 for Mujtaba. He had helped me several times with my system. He's honest, knowledgeable and helpful; he steps the extra mile to solve problems and very responsive.
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