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  1. Berto driver can integrate directly to Home Assistant and HomeBridge (to control all Control4 devices from HomeKit). And yes, you can use this MQTT with Home Assistant & HomeBridge.
  2. You can use many devices with Tasmota, for example https://zigbee.blakadder.com/zigbee2tasmota.html David is working on a universal driver that will cover almost any device in that list. For now all Sonoff Zigbee devices are good to go. I have these running: https://sonoff.tech/product/smart-home-security/snzb-01 https://sonoff.tech/product/smart-home-security/snzb-02 https://sonoff.tech/product/smart-home-security/snzb-03 I didn't order the door/window sensor, it should work https://sonoff.tech/product/smart-home-security/snzb-04 I believe these d
  3. First you have to decide between zigbee2mqtt or zigbee2tasmota on Sonoff Zigbee Bridge. If you are using Sonoff Zigbee Bridge: Hardware required: Sonoff Zigbee Bridge. Raspberry Pi (to run the gateway & the MQTT Broker). I've tested this setting with Sonoff ZigBee button SNZB01, Temperature & Humidity sensor SNZB02, Motion sensor SNZB03 Installation: Flash the Sonoff bridge with Tasmota, it's simple straight process, here's an example (https://youtu.be/aiUol1GQDlU). You'll also find other methods if you google the subject. You'll need
  4. I'm using Sonoff ZigBee button SNZB01, Temperature & Humidity sensor SNZB02, Motion sensor SNZB03, and Ikea remote control.
  5. Berto's new driver can be setup without bindings.
  6. Use ComposerHE to do all your programming. For bindings and hardware modifications, you can use an online dealer, quick & reasonable.
  7. Zigbee devices can be easily flashed https://bit.ly/38pQOxZ @david@berto.co.uk is working to add this bridge (and other brands) to his driver. By enabling C4 to integrate to zigbee2mqtt or zigbee2tasmota, we will have more options for motion & temperature sensors, windows & doors contacts, buttons & switches from Sonoff, IKEA, Xiaomi Mi and more.
  8. Has anyone succeeded in using Annex4 UniFi driver with UDM Pro? @annex⁴
  9. Berto driver is working flawlessly with Control4. It currently supports zigbee2mqtt and soon will also support zigbee2tasmota. https://www.berto.co.uk
  10. You can contact David: david@berto.co.uk
  11. Is this driver communicating 2-ways with Control4?
  12. I use Shelly with Berto driver, works awesome.
  13. Last week I installed Sonoff strip lights in the kids rooms as hidden ceiling light along with @david@berto.co.uk IoT Dimmer driver. I already have Schedule It driver from @Cinegration for each family member syncing with his/her Gmail calendar. When the "Good Night" button is pressed on the room's keypad it turns off all the light and turn on the strip hidden light to level 1 as night light, it will change the color to light blue, if there is an online class next day it will change the color to light yellow.
  14. I added 12 Sonoff minis each with IoT Light @david@berto.co.uk driver for all the bathrooms and kitchens exhausts. I set a timer to turn off bathrooms exhausts off after 10min and the kitchen's after 20min
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