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  1. Excellent explanation! C4 native driver will still depend on 4sight/cloud, right?
  2. If you are using Mac, OmniGraffle is as good as Visio. Both are my favorites.
  3. Number of devices will not add or affect the Pi load or performance. All your devices will be in listening mode. MQTT broker role is publishing the messages, it doesn't know how many device is connected.
  4. Once you go through and practice the "Programming" section in the user manual, you will get a clear picture on how the system works. I did all my home programming by practicing the examples along with my programming background.
  5. I'm installing a motion sensor in a room that has an EA1 V.2 installed (main controller is EA5). Is there a way to wire the motion sensor to EA1?
  6. I'm also on the same boat! For curiosity, what would be the benifits to integrate the sound bar to C4 if it's directly connected to the TV?
  7. https://www.axxind.com/smarthome/motion-sensor/ http://nycesensors.com/products/ncz3043/
  8. Any luck? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Did you found any UK/European dealers? I’m also looking for square switches/keypads. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I'm using these two drivers for every light, it shows under light and track the current status. https://berto.io/src/Berto_RelayLight/README.md https://berto.io/src/Berto_ShellyRelay/README.md
  11. If I use C4-DM201-Z Puck Dimmer, will it work with any switch? Or only C4 switches?
  12. Many thanks, I fixed it! Here is what I did: I deleted the Navigation agent and rebooted all controllers (not only the master EA-5). I re-wrote the whole program and converted it to macros, a macro per TV. This way, it's running smoother and faster.
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