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  1. That’s the role of the “Product Manager”. The basics of any feasibility study is how to come out with a new version and not losing the current population/users. A smart product manager will design a new version with the goal of maintaining the current customers in addition new comers. This product management 101. DS2 is an excellent device that can’t replace its predecessors!
  2. I updated two two Apple TVs today morning to 13.4, working flawlessly with@IntrinsicGroup
  3. I use Plex+Roku+Chowmain Driver. It works great for the family videos and photos.
  4. Make sure the option “Notify: Trigger Relay or Lock” is set to blank.
  5. The driver is available at www.berto.io
  6. Which Inteses device you are using?
  7. That’s exactly what I’ve said, Sensibo is a cloud base solution not the driver. After testing one AC with Intesis, next project is to move all ACs from Sensibo to Intesis.
  8. I’m using Sensibo with Chowmain driver for more than 2 years and it’s rock solid. Yes, you are right it won’t work when internet is down, that’s because Sensibo is cloud based device. Last year I used IntesisBox with Chowmain driver, it’s also working perfectly and it doesn’t depend on the cloud.
  9. Excellent explanation! C4 native driver will still depend on 4sight/cloud, right?
  10. If you are using Mac, OmniGraffle is as good as Visio. Both are my favorites.
  11. Number of devices will not add or affect the Pi load or performance. All your devices will be in listening mode. MQTT broker role is publishing the messages, it doesn't know how many device is connected.
  12. Once you go through and practice the "Programming" section in the user manual, you will get a clear picture on how the system works. I did all my home programming by practicing the examples along with my programming background.
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