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  1. I'm using Doorbird Cinegration driver with 7 T3 touch screens, it was working fine for the last two years. Suddenly when the doorbell button is pressed all the T3s are announcing without showing the camera. When calling the Doorbird from any of the T3s, the camera is working. I also wrote a program to route the doorbird camera to the TV using the navigator agent which is also working fine. This the T3 Intercom setting This is the Doorbird Intercom settings Doorbird driver settings
  2. Did you reach a conclusion? Which one is better?
  3. To achieve my goal, which at least turning the Wii on/off, can I connect it to TP-Link smart switch, when selecting Watch->Wii it turns on the smart switch? And maybe when selecting another video input or turn off the room a command goes to turn the smart switch off?
  4. Then how are these commands are executed?
  5. I have EA-1 on the back of the TV, my dealer installed Wii driver and connected it the to HDMI2 and the IR cable to IR1 on EA-1. When selecting Watch->Wii, EA-1 will successfully switch the input to HDMI2. Questions are: Where to connect the IR sensor at the Wii side? To the sensor bar? On HE, can I play with the programming? When selecting Watch->Wii, it turns the Wii on? And to turn it off when changing the video input?
  6. ++1 for Ari, He's managing my Home remotely! I trust his recommendations. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have two LG PF1000U projectors each connected to an EA-1through HDMI1 and to HDMI matrix through HDMI2, I'm looking for a driver to turn on/off and switch HDMI input the projectors from Control4. I tried searching for it with no luck. has anyone tried this model with another compatible brand driver? If no driver is available what would be the solution to turn on/off and switch HDMI input? Maybe through IR. The remote control has a single button to toggle on/off and another button to toggle HDMI input.
  8. So the connection will be: Mic -> preamp -> Matrix -> Amp -> Zone How will the audio matrix trigger the audio from preamp and activate the desired zone? Writing an IF condition to sense input to matrix?
  9. One of my zones is a mini auditorium with this setup. What is the best way to connect a microphone to use the ceiling speakers? Shall I first connect the microphone to a mini amplifier before connecting it to the audio matrix? I'm looking for a seamless integration with C4. Maybe using the Chowmain advance button driver to trigger a macro that route the mic through the matrix to the amplifier? I'm open to any suggestion.
  10. What would be the best way to write a program to trigger the TV input. If TV input is HDMI1 for more than xx minutes, turn TV off. Below is my A/V setup
  11. Zuhair

    sip guide

    I'm using Doorbird (Cinegration) which uses SIP to connect to the touch screens. Can I use Ring Central to make calls beween mobile and T3?
  12. If both the TV and the Nest are integrated to C4, you don't need sensors. You can program Control4 to start the AC once the TV is on and vice versa. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. If your goal is to have the same temperature in basement and main floor, you can add a Nest remote sensor for basement and install it in the main floor, this way your basement Nest will work based on the remote sensor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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