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  1. Yep I will !!! oh and BTW as this thread clearly indicates.... this is not a Control4 dealer forum either ( you've already got one of those!) So somewhere for you to "go be happy too"? Take care everyone! IMO
  2. Yep ....you think it's not relevant because Control4 makes it easy for you. But that is not the case for me (and dare I say many others around here...) Even though i have tried... (and my oh my I have I tried....I've gone thru hoops you wouldn't believe!) Reading this thread, Looks like Videostorm has decided to make it easy for me . Unfortunately installing and using JAP and other competing products - the likes of Snap MOIP etc is locked into Control4. So no clues where my business will go!!! And that suddenly becomes the likes of yours (as in a dealers) problem...not mine. And at the end of the day it's me with the discretionary spend! That's why my posts are actually relevant. (I'll leave you all in peace to ponder that....) Gotta love America! Have a great year! Rock on C4!
  3. No problem. Just understand where those feelings come from (that's all). Try walk in my shoes. (And those of probably many of your clients) Videostorm clearly has. (And that's why my post remains relevant) Cheers everyone Have a great year!!! Rock on C4
  4. Well sure. But see Control4 has never made it easy for an end user like me. Never. Easy like Videostorm clearly does... But see that's why you guys never "get it". And never do anything about it... It's always easy for you... It's one rule for some and something like a restrictive communist or fascist state for everyone else... Have a great day and enjoy your Control4! IMO! W
  5. Here we have a thread....And it's an awesome thread, started by a bunch of fantastic guys...which is basically an "adversarial" for videostorm. That's OK by me!!.. But even the original poster/ Videostorm rep said it himself "We have come on this group to start this thread and support it because we don't have our own forum anymore!!!".. "Oh and and we like you guys!" The complete irony is, they have come onto a public Control4 forum to sell their stuff, but you no longer need Control4 to run Videostorm!?!!! It's now completely generic now that control has gone to the cloud. What's that you ask? That also means Alexa control.(without Control4?)..which means another chink in the "goodbye C4 chain" fly's out that AV control window! No need for music. Or lights. Or HVAC, Now no need for AV distributed video? Could this be called a Control4 "own goal"? The other total irony of course is Videostorm is completely DIY......look Mom no dealer or pro needed...., the price keeps coming down down down, and there are third party generics... You can also buy on line! All the things that a Control4 platform should be! Thing is would you guys trust these guys to stay in business? when (as some other poster put it...they need to make their third party stuff and sell outa China)? ie is this stuff legal? Well who cares!? This is what 99.999% of other AV viewing folks" do anyway!!!!!! (cheat DRM) Hint and they don't even pay exorbitant prices...They pay ZILCH! ..yet here we are as Control4 customers actually paying money for this stuff?? And 6-8K for Video matrixes??! ..Just to suit the Harvey Weinsteins of this world?! I mean what the??! (How stupid are we really!!!!?) So VS is cheap?. It seems reliable. It's DIY, you can buy on line, no pro and no Control4! Sure it might become worthless in a couple of years, (say if it runs fowl of the Hollywood robber barons) - but so does your expensive C4 platform become worthless whilst it remains dealer only anyway! (so, go figure) .....who really cares??? Why not go for it?! Anything to fight the Hollywood DRM! (Can't wait for the new 4K encoder to be "tested and certified"!!!!) IMO!!!!! W
  6. Nice to see someone with such an open and unbiased mind. Enjoy your platform! Rock on C4!!!! W
  7. Because it's relevant. Alexa controls via IP. JAP is IP controlled. AV control is currently Alexa's weakest link though this is changing rapidly. It's part of the puzzle putting together an entire voice controlled Alexa house. Cheers! W
  8. Imagine JAP controlled by an Alexa skill... Anyone seen a demo?
  9. Oh and I await Ryans answer to one of the crucial questions. Thank you
  10. No I am not. I have been accused of all sorts of things... This is classic cult like behaviour ..whenever any one questions the cult they get accused of things like "being all over the place"... I am now asking direct questions because another user on the forum objected (to the indirect approach) I have called out BS to the lock down of firmware upgrades to dealers... I have used this thread as one example why this is IMO (but I have mentioned others) I have stated now in two different ways why this is BS.. All again in my opinion. first I tried the abstract ... Now the direct Would you care to answer any of the above direct questions? Particularly q6.. You seem an intelligent chap.. and say you work in software. Rather than divert to personal comments Your expertise in software is relevant to the questions... partic 6 Would you Kindly go ahead and have a go at answering any of the questions? Thank You !
  11. Question 6. And this is a qualitative question. It's kind of a "herd immunity" question. It comes up a lot with the issue of mass immunisation. The issue of common good. In mass Immunisation there is an argument for "common good" I have never heard that for software. But maybe there is an issue here? As long as no collective harm comes to anyone else involved with the Control4 platform. Can anyone state how it would be anyone else's concern- other user, other dealer, Control4 itself - no matter - if the onus to upgrade is handed over to the owner of a hardware platform - In other words is there any collective issue (to the operation of other's systems or to "the whole common good") if an individual owner, upgrades (or fails to upgrade) their software (running on their own platform) - themselves ?
  12. Question 5 Is it an industry standard to have security patches automatically happen, without any direct notification to the end owner of the product upon which the software patch is loaded?
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