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  1. I took this route instead of the Denon and works like a charm now. Thanks
  2. Thanks - I will know after I check all of the other items mentioned by tekki70
  3. I have a Denon turntable connected to a Denon AVR-2700 in the main living room. I have the Zone 2 output going to input 4 on a Response 16 Channel Amp (through stereo connection over Cat5). When I select the turntable, all items turn on and select the appropriate inputs (both Denon and Response). But, no sound coming through speakers from turntable. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? Thanks
  4. How am I able to program and then tell Alexa something like "play Relaxing Mix" and then have that play in the kitchen? Thank you
  5. First time having the Chime doorbell. Can anyone explain how to play a mp3 file from the speakers upon a button press? Completely blanking on how to or where to add media and then how to set to play. Thanks
  6. Looking for some color changing LED lights to put on the back of my TV that integrate really easily into C4. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I installed the Fusion solo mainly for Spotify integration and song selection from touch screens. For anyone that uses this, is there a way to shuffle the songs? For instance, when I select a playlist from my saved lists on Spotify, it starts playing from the same first song. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thank you - I will try that out
  9. So my new home has AT&T TV and it has a new digital media box (much like a Roku, etc). Is there a driver for this? I've seen a mini app driver that connects to TVs, but have not seen one separately for the set top box. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. I’m looking for a good quality passive soundbar. Will be driven by Denon AVR 2700 and will likely add REL T/7x sub. TV will be 75”. thanks
  11. Not too rustic, but wanting to keep cost down. Really just want convenience of Control 4 remote features for AV only.
  12. It will just be AV items will be controlled. No lighting, security, shades, etc.
  13. Have a small cabin that I want to add Control 4. It is a simple living room / bedroom. Will have a TV in living and want music in both rooms. Music needs to be stand alone speaker type (think Sonos) as I cannot install built in ceiling speakers. For music we like to stream Spotify. Looking for recommendations on equipment Will EA-1 be enough? What options for music speakers? TV can be sound bar or stand alone and want speakers / system to integrate well / easy with Control 4 Thanks in advance
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