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  1. I live in the US and am trying to figure out what is the best CD/Lossless quality music service to use with Control4. My family uses Spotify for many things and that works well. I loaded Tidal and have played with that a bit. I do like it but also see many other options that integrate naively with Control4. So my question is what are others using? What have people found to be the best options? Thanks
  2. I never tried Alexa, but am interested in using Google Assistant. Can someone tell me more about the voice scene programming? I see that scenes can be added - ie Turn on Master TV. My question is must each and every voice scene be programmed? Or are some just "standard." Meaning, I have lights called bedside lights. Can I just ask Google Assistant to "turn up bedside lights" and that works? Or do I need to first have that scene programmed? Thanks
  3. I recently changed my user name and password on customer.control4.com. I went to add an announcement today and am getting the message "user name or password incorrect." I cannot figure out for the life of me where to fix this. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. I have an SR250 that is not being used any longer. Not sure of the going price of these now a days. If anyone is interested, just DM me a reasonable price and we can finalize a sale. PS - it is in good shape, no cracks or other defects and battery cover is working normally
  5. Perfect on all. One last question. Do I need one Caseta Pro for each pico remote or will one handle multiple remotes?
  6. Does this work for sources other than Sonos? Meaning can I program spotify to come on with the buttons, then volume, etc? Also, is there are driver for the home bridge pro? Thanks
  7. I'm looking for a small remote - only to turn on music and control volume in a particular location. There is not need to scroll through options as I will just turn on the same playlist. Can someone recommend some options that integrate with Control4? Thanks
  8. We have a somfy hard wired and battery in our home. The battery option was added after the fact so no electricity available at the location. I can also confirm that the batter powered motor is quite a bit louder. Also, there are limits on the battery powered somfy motors. Most of our windows are 11' tall and over 40" wide. At that width, the battery was not even an option. On timing, our shades move at slightly different rates. In our setup, for example, we have an exercise room with a window that is 11' high and 13' wide (with 2 mulls in the unit). So we did not have a horizontal seam in the fabric, we went with 3 units split at the mulls. When we put these up and down they differ ever so slightly as they go down because of speed variance. I do believe there is a way to adjust somfy motor speeds to make them similar. Also, because this is really one bid window with 3 shades, I put all three on the same somfy channel. That way they all work in unison without having to set up a group.
  9. I have a number of questions about this driver and hope everyone here can help. First, does this work with 3.0? Second, I have three Somfy MyLinks in the home right now. With this driver work directly with those or do I need to add additional parts (ie RTS Interface)? Third, will this driver allow for percentages open and closed? I would like to create some programming in this regard, but the basic Somfy drivers for MyLink do not allow for that. Finally, what are some other benefits of this driver? Thanks
  10. In our new build, we have a very large linear burner setup (18' of burning in modern steel fireplace). The burners were sourced from China and utilize a Roku type remote. Since no line of site is required for use, I am assuming that this operates on RF signal. Is there a way to build a custom driver, add some type of RF transmitter and then get this to operate through C4? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. That particular model has no IP control. I have three other Samsungs in the house and they all have it. So, not sure what the difference was in model year or hardware, but I just live with the way it is.
  12. Working on some basic experience buttons. The first one I did was just a basic nighttime/daytime setting so opening and closing of doors would be notified differently at night. The png files I used were just some very basic free icons- just sun and moon line drawings. So a few questions about the png files: 1) where does everyone get their png files from? Something that is free or not very expensive and that look nice? 2) is there a way to convert some of the nicer vector files to png? 3) any other suggestions on these files so they look as nice and sleek as the new 3.0 UI? Thanks
  13. RyanE - this corrected the problem. Thank you so much.
  14. Ok - completely lost me on this one. Do I do this within composer (driver drop down) or do this with something else on Windows? Can you explain a bit more? Thanks
  15. I am trying to create some experience buttons. I have read the directions on how to customize. The problem is when I switch it back to a .c4z file extension, the folder still looks like a zip file and the properties state it is a zip file type. How do I correct this? Thank you
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