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  1. This will work. I have an extra cat5 on the wall (where a TV will be soon) so I can tap into one of those. Thanks
  2. We recently added a Peloton bike to our exercise room. Is there anyway to integrate the headphone jack out into C4 with something that is wireless? I would like to play the audio/music over the room speakers rather than just the bike. There are no options for a hard wire at this point. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have a TV area in a new home. I have a couple ceiling speakers that are currently wired to the amplifier as surround speakers. My question is can I wire these two speakers to both the surround output in the amp and an output on a C4 amp (to be used for music)? Or will that mess the speakers up?
  4. I added the driver, but all I can see on the T3 is a blank white screen. How do I get this to actually work?
  5. I will send all of those in a couple of days. Thanks
  6. Thanks - I think I will switch over to this to make it easier.
  7. I have tried in on both the new TS and the EA-5 OSD.
  8. I'm using the Blackwire driver that I purchased from you.
  9. I have a number of Amcrest security cameras. I have added the Amcrest driver and linked all the cameras. The issue is that the C4 driver only shows resolution of 640x480. This results in very poor video quality on any TV or device that I pull the feed up on. How can this be increased?
  10. I've been working on integrating Spotify and have some questions about what others do. I originally set this up with a Spotify instance for each room (as shown by C4). I am finding this cumbersome. You have to add playlists to each room (even if its the same play list) and then you are not sure who may have what on. So, has anyone just made different Spotify instances for people instead of rooms. For example, Person 1 (me) and then I add my playlists. I can show in all rooms and just select when wanted regardless of where I am located. Then, Person 2 (wife), Person 3 (child), etc. Then each person can select their own list. Does this work in practice? What have other people done to make this integration better?
  11. I had a previous post about how to shuffle Spotify when selecting a playlist. I have that figured out when selecting from a keypad. So, next question is when I select the playlist from a TS, it plays in the original order. How do I program the playlist to shuffle and skip the first track when selected from the TS? Thanks
  12. I am working on saving some Spotify playlists as presets. I am noticing that the playlist does not save/play as random. How can I make this happen with the preset? Side note - when I saved the preset the now playing page showed that the playlist was set to random.
  13. I have Jandy iaqualink and created some custom buttons for a touchscreen. I would like each button to toggle something on and off (ie fountain, lights, etc). So, how can I create a toggle for each function? Thanks
  14. So learning a lot lately on what things Control4 can do and features it has. For instance, I recently learned about Room Control and Experience Buttons. So, questions to everyone here - what is your favorite tip, trick or tool to use with Control4?
  15. We have a generic relay fireplace in our system. There are no available conditionals. So, I would like to know how to program something similar. In other scenarios, I have used very simple programming for one button function on SR-260 - for instance: if fireplace is on, then shut off if fireplace is off, then turn on Is there a way to simulate this so I don't have to dedicate 2 buttons on the SR260 to turn on and off the fireplace? Thanks
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