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  1. Worked perfectly. Last question, how to I restart at preset 1 after the room is turned off?
  2. I see that the room control driver has preset selections for music, video, etc. I would like to program a keypad button to cycle through the presets (3 spotify playlists), but I have now idea how to do this on the keypad programming. Can someone give some quick advice on how to do this? Thank you
  3. Will the CA-1 work on 3.0 and above? I think it will, but just confirming. Thanks
  4. We have an EA-5 and just over 70 zigbee devices (74 at this time). I know C4 recommends to keep this under 70 for any one mesh. I have not seen any downgrade in performance to this point. So a few questions: (1) I know I have to add a couple more devices. How far over the 70 can I push the EA-5? (2) What is the best and least expensive way to add another mesh? Thanks
  5. We have a DS2 mini door station. When guests arrive, they push the plastic word plate instead of the door bell button. What have people put into the plastic word plate window to avoid this problem? Thanks
  6. I would hop in this as well. I have a 210 gallon reef tank and would love to tie this into C4.
  7. I will look into this option. I did not realize there were mini amps to put behind the TV. Sounds promising and I know my other half would definitely like the custom width option better from a looks standpoint.
  8. I am looking for a soundbar (no sub or surrounds needed) to pair with a Samsung 82” tv. Looking for something that has optical in (so I can go direct from the TV) and that has a C4 driver (IR or IP can work). Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you
  9. We have a number of Samsung TVs in our system. One, however, has no ip control option. Because of this, I'm wondering if there are discrete IR codes for Netflix and Amazon on the Samsung Smarthub. This way, I can program a netflix and amazon watch option (like on the ip versions) and then just macro IR codes to change to the TV as source and then discrete IR code to go right to the wanted streaming service. Thanks again for all the resources available here on the forums
  10. Quick question about Spotify playlists. When you first save a spotify playlist to your C4 system, it creates a link to the playlist. Will that link automatically update when I update my spotify playlist. For example, when I first saved the playlist, I had 20 songs on the list. I then added 40 songs through my spotify account (say from my phone). When I start the playlist for the C4 link (say from the TS), will the playlist have all 40 songs or just the original 20? Thanks
  11. I have a keypad dimmer. Two of my buttons are tied to fan speed (med and high). I want the light to come on when the fan is set to that speed. Meaning, when the fan is set to high, the light on the high button turns on. Can someone explain how to program this? Thanks
  12. I've installed the Amazon music app to my system. When playing songs, I can click the info button and see they are streaming at 44.1 khs at 32 bit. I know this new HD service has higher bit rates. How can I increase those? Have I done something wrong? Or can someone point me to certain music on Amazon with the higher bit rates so I can confirm my system is grabbing those? Thanks
  13. I live in the US and am trying to figure out what is the best CD/Lossless quality music service to use with Control4. My family uses Spotify for many things and that works well. I loaded Tidal and have played with that a bit. I do like it but also see many other options that integrate naively with Control4. So my question is what are others using? What have people found to be the best options? Thanks
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