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  1. I have Jandy iaqualink and created some custom buttons for a touchscreen. I would like each button to toggle something on and off (ie fountain, lights, etc). So, how can I create a toggle for each function? Thanks
  2. So learning a lot lately on what things Control4 can do and features it has. For instance, I recently learned about Room Control and Experience Buttons. So, questions to everyone here - what is your favorite tip, trick or tool to use with Control4?
  3. We have a generic relay fireplace in our system. There are no available conditionals. So, I would like to know how to program something similar. In other scenarios, I have used very simple programming for one button function on SR-260 - for instance: if fireplace is on, then shut off if fireplace is off, then turn on Is there a way to simulate this so I don't have to dedicate 2 buttons on the SR260 to turn on and off the fireplace? Thanks
  4. My wife likes a singular light in a keypad button. For instance, kitchen island cans. I then connect the keypad to the toggle for that light which activated on the press. I have added a scene to the same button to activate on a double tap. But what happens is when I double tap the light comes on and then dims back down to match the scene. Is there anyway to stop the quick on before scene activation without losing the toggle? Thanks
  5. The amp is an older version of the C4 16 channel amp. I will tie the pairs together and see how that goes. Thank you
  6. We have two large rooms/areas in the new home we built. One is the living/dining and the other is the outdoor patio. In each, we have more than a single pair of ceiling speakers. So, how can I make these work in conjunction? For instance, if I want the patio to be a single room, but there are 4 speakers, how do I wire? Do I connect the speakers to 2 zones and then somehow bind them together? Or do I simply run all 4 into the same zone on the amp (so 2 left and 2 right speakers)? Any input on how others handle this would be appreciated. Thank you
  7. Got it - had to reset latitude and longitude.
  8. No random at all. Also, under the scheduler tab, I just noticed that the upper right corner shows sunrise at 12:10 am and sunset at 12:17 pm. My location and time settings are correct (US Central time, 11:10 am right now).
  9. I have added a sunset schedule item about 3 times now. The reason is to trigger some outside evening lights. So, when the schedule executes, I active a advanced lighting scene. The problem is that the event executes at random times in the afternoon and always well before sunset. I have the schedule set at sunset only, no random changes and it is set to repeat everyday. Any thoughts on what the problem may be?
  10. I will update the TV firmware tonight. Thanks
  11. I can see the tv in the discovered tab, but no SDDP icon in front. Does that mean this model just doesn't have IP control?
  12. I recently purchased a Samsung UN65NU6950. The actual TV has an ethernet connection (for smart tv services) and also has control through the samsung app. But, I would like to know if there is a specific driver to operate this TV via IP. I could not locate one. When I tried to add a similar Samsung TV (UN65NU______) that were IP I could not identify on the network. Any help on the driver or how to connect with the static IP would be great. Thanks
  13. I have a Binary 100/300 HDMI matrix. When I hook up my directv to the inputs I lose the signal. Meaning, a straight run from the directv receiver to the Binary HDBaseT works great. As soon as I add the matrix in the loop, the signal is lost. The correct inputs and outputs are being selected by the controller. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? Thanks
  14. Is there a way to integrate weather and forecasts into C4? I see weather underground is there, but going away very shortly. Any other options? Thanks
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