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  1. Not too rustic, but wanting to keep cost down. Really just want convenience of Control 4 remote features for AV only.
  2. It will just be AV items will be controlled. No lighting, security, shades, etc.
  3. Have a small cabin that I want to add Control 4. It is a simple living room / bedroom. Will have a TV in living and want music in both rooms. Music needs to be stand alone speaker type (think Sonos) as I cannot install built in ceiling speakers. For music we like to stream Spotify. Looking for recommendations on equipment Will EA-1 be enough? What options for music speakers? TV can be sound bar or stand alone and want speakers / system to integrate well / easy with Control 4 Thanks in advance
  4. I have tried both and also doesn't seem to help. Very odd for sure, but will run through these options again this evening.
  5. We have a snapAV 8x8 matrix, running snapAV HDBase-T to each TV. TVs are samsung or Roku TVs. All are HD and I am only running the cable boxes at 720/1080 (no 4k) There is one surround receiver on one of the matrix outputs - Denon (not sure of specific model, but newer/IP controlled). As stated, all was working just a week ago. Then everything went a bit haywire.
  6. We have 3 DirecTV boxes and an AppleTV going into an HDMi matrix. One box and the AppleTV work fine. The. Just this week we have two boxes that display a picture that is purple tinted and no sound comes from the source. These were working fine last week. Any thoughts on the issue? Bad boxes? Bad HDMI cables? Messed up coding (not sure of all the terms like EDID, etc)? Thanks in advance
  7. I am trying to figure out how to handle gaming consoles. We have a large home with a remotely located AV room (too far for standard controllers). And home is very modern with no furniture at TV locations to house/hide consoles. So, what are others doing with this type of issue/setup? Is there something to extent the range of controllers? Something to mount near the TV that sends signals back to AV room? Is there a way to mount the console behind a wall mount TV? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Hardwired. The weird thing it works during the same session tbat I pair the TV. It only stops working after it power cycles.
  9. I have a Samsung IP controlled TV. I added to the project per directions. After pairing the TV works fine. However, after turning the room off and back on, all controls are lost. TV still comes on but no volume, no navigation control in mini apps. Any thoughts on what the issue may be?
  10. I am adding a second zigbee network (CA-1) to split out the network into two. Quick question on set up. When I am removing devices (say a dimmer) from the old network, can I just disconnect on composer and then reconnect to the CA-1 with the correct button pushes? Or do I need to do the button sequence to remove the dimmer from the mesh first? Thanks
  11. Worked perfectly. Last question, how to I restart at preset 1 after the room is turned off?
  12. I see that the room control driver has preset selections for music, video, etc. I would like to program a keypad button to cycle through the presets (3 spotify playlists), but I have now idea how to do this on the keypad programming. Can someone give some quick advice on how to do this? Thank you
  13. Will the CA-1 work on 3.0 and above? I think it will, but just confirming. Thanks
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