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  1. Hello guys, how are you? I need connect 4 wire motor curtain (Dooya motorized curtains Up/Down/CM/Ground) with Wall control UP/Down and Stop to Control4 System. I don´t have the space and wiring to install 8 channel relay modules anywhere. What can I install behind the wall switch or on the motor to be able to control it? I had thought of a dual square switch, but the price is expensive for all curtains. I know that motors come with a 485 connection to integrate to a control system but I don´t know what connection I should make, If this is like somfy interfaces, I assume a RS485 to RS232 converter to connect to Control4. There has to be a solution, other than panelized relay modules to be able to do this integration. Thank you all
  2. Hi Clint, I had to do an RMA and change the device. I had no solution that I could have done on the spot. 😐
  3. Hi everybody, how are you? Mi name is Alejandro, I´m a custom installer, programmer certificate in control4 in Salt Lake City and AV engineer looking for new work posibilities. Particularly speciality in wiring and data network terminations including patch panels, configuring network equipments, programming control4 systems, etc. I have 5 years of experience managing project, installing, programming and update systems. Please connect and get in touch. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alejandroquiroga/ I'm currently in Uruguay, latinoamerica, but i don't have problem to move to another country, i am looking for that possibility. I would like to have new challenges, both professional and personal. Thank you very much for your time Alejandro
  4. I have the same problem with NK, i have the network IP and this php page, I appreciate the assistance.
  5. Hi, how are you? I haven´t tested this touchscreen with the os3 version. Here are some products that are not compatible to run the new version of the system. Up to version 2.10.6 if they are compatible Must be Removed & Requires Intervention If the following items are in the project, the Upgrade Advisor will report them and block the upgrade. Once the offending items are addressed, Upgrade Advisor can be run again. Controllers (1) - HC-250 Touch Screens (5) - 7" In-Wall v2, 7" Portable v2, 5" In-Wall (FKA: Infinity Edge), 7" In-Wall (FKA: Infinity Edge), 7" In-Wall RevB (FKA: Infinity Edge) Door Stations (2) - Exterior Door Station, Interior Door Station AV (1) – Speaker Point IP Cameras that utilize the Camera proxy v1 WakeUp agent (the Wakeup/Goodnight agent should be used instead) Security systems that utilize V1 Security Drivers Blinds that utilize the Blinds v2 proxy
  6. Hello, how are you? A customer has these outdoor units from Samsung, MultiSplit AJ080MCJ4EH and AJ100MCJ5EH. These equipment bring a plate with F1 and F2 connection, but coolmaster has a R1 and R2 connection toward outdoor unit. How can i integrate these multisplit equipment with control4? In coolmasternet webpage it not say anything about these equipments. https://coolautomation.com/products/coolmasternet/#link_acc-31-32-d Each indoor unit has a SM Thermostat and he haven`t got a central controller. Next to each thermostats I´m installed a nest thermostat for a radiant floor, i don´t know if i can use these same nest thermostat for these AC indoor units. Thanks Ale
  7. Control4 Programmer/Installer looking for a job
  8. Hi how are you? As the user says, there is something called detective suite, that your distributor can go see and review all the programming that has been done in different instances (if they have a backup) or that are currently programmed in the system. They can be shown as events, actions or both at the same time. Also the logical connections of the system that many correspond to what is physically connected. Regards
  9. Yes its true, composer is only .exe not air, air is only control4 mypc. Sorry Regards
  10. Hello how are you? You try to programming with a variable? for example: Toggle LivingBlinds (Use the LivingBlinds in a boolean variable) if the variable LivingBlinds = True? Open Blind LivingBlinds = False if the variable LivingBlinds = False? Close Blind LivingBlinds = True Change the variable value for the toggle Or another programming option can be ask to blind is open? Close Blind or blind is Closed? Open Blind. The toggle of this blind drivers (somfy) time ago, they gave me problems. Regards
  11. Run Windows on mac and install composer
  12. Hi everybody how are you? I have a Home Security Blink XT Camera by Amazon, there are a driver that works with Blink XT hub and cameras? How can integrate these cameras? Thank you
  13. Hi, how are you? the Daikin unit (ururu sarara) has a internas thermistor or thermostat? In my case i take the room temperature from Nest thermostat connected online with coolmasternet. Coolmasternet and nest has a cloud integration. regards
  14. Hi how are you? Try the coolmasternet device, if something appears on the screen before setting it to control4. I have in a project, the driver version 1.1.2 and Coolmaster Firmware 0.4.2 The driver for control4 is CoolAutomation IP Gateway (OS 2.7+), is working well. I use the CoolAutomation HVAC + UFH Zone for devices into the Gateway. Line 1 for Daikin brand is connected well, but you should from coolmasternet device, try on and off the system. I can´t find the model that you write here, To see the Daikin compatible devices list: https://coolautomation.com/products/coolmasternet/#link_acc-3-4-d If you want, i pass you the contact of Igor, who is CEO of Coolmaster so that you can clarify doubts. Ale
  15. Hi Topfox, how are you? To see if I understand the problem, the image of the TV that is connected to an HDMI extender, balun or leaf hdbaset is cut every 2 minutes. This happened me recently and the reason is the following, if you have a network cable directly from the video matrix to the TV, use it without the need of an HDMI extension, using a balun de leaf (hdbaset). If you don´t have the hdbaset, the balun sender and receiver in TV, use de same hdmi cables (Same brand, model, etc.). On the other hand the output cables of that HDBaseT, has to allow 1080i, 1080p and 4K. Try recalibrating with all the TV's on, all the video sources on and all the hdbaset or balun turned on. Your dealer left you the control4 Composer software to do the recalibration?
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