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  1. Auto updating the Intents sounds very nice. Is it also able to update Icons associated with the driver, or is that capability not possible within Control4?
  2. Does anybody know if you can use channel logos with true transparency? Every channel logo I make (png with transparency) is automatically placed on a dark grey background when attached to the channel in composer. It isn't horrible, but it could look so much better with actual transparency on the Neeo and T3 tablet. I notice other icons (mini-app drivers, and other sources) clearly support full transparency, but I can't seem to get the channels to be added without placing the logo on the grey background.
  3. Nevermind, I think i was able to go in an edit the xml to make the driver work. Thank you!
  4. My dealer tried to install install these for my shield, but apparently they don't have the correct connection binding type, these are RF_AMAZON_FIRE_APP and not the RF_IRUSB_APP for the nvidia shield.
  5. Wow, thank you very much, I appreciate it. That Qlaunch works for me, do you happen to have a 2019 pro shield with 8.1 on it? I only have a 2017 with 8.01, so perhaps that is the difference? either way, THANK YOU!!
  6. PBS kids - org.pbskids.video#Intent;component=org.pbskids.video/.activities.LogoActivity;end Unifi Protect - com.ubnt.unifi.protect#Intent;component=com.ubnt.activities.timelapse.CameraActivity;end Thank you!!
  7. GregC, that is awesome, i was just going to ask someone to make that!! Thank you. Do you think you could make 2 other mini-drivers for this shield for me? (I have the Qlaunch URLs already, i just want the drivers with the right icons)?
  8. Were you able to get both the snapshot and video portion of Unifi Protect cameras working? I am able to get the video portion working, but since the Snapshot requires a different IP (ip of the cameras instead of the NVR), I haven't been able to get it work fully.
  9. i get that a dealer would be required to install the driver. I was just hoping i could edit the c4i or c4z file (or whatever) to change an icon...then have a dealer install, instead of wasting a dealer's time editing a driver....drat! Thanks
  10. Does anybody know of a way for a HE user to update icons of existing mini-drivers, in this case, Chowmain IRUSB mini-drivers for Nvidia Shield? I have added a few of Chowmain's 'custom mini-app' for apps I have on the Nvidia Shield, and would like to add logos / icons for the associate programs instead of the default "star" logo. I am thinking this will be useful for others on Tuesday, once Disney+ is available as well. I apologize if this is common knowledge, or i missed it in older posts. I tried searching, and didn't find much.
  11. I use HE and have had no issues adding wallpaper to 3.1
  12. that is what i feared, thanks for confirming.
  13. Reading the description of the driver, i see that you can trigger actions based on a button push or motion. Is it possible to display the camera feed from a Ring device (doorbell) on a C4 device (t3 or navigator) when the button is pushed via programming, or is the camera not an available source to the system?
  14. Thanks for confirming that this worked!
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