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  1. snapshot is on the camera itself (http://cameraip/snap.jpeg) Video is normal RTSP URL of the camera stream through the Protect NVR - Something like this: rtsp://NVR IP:7447/18EGWu3SRLeaAA2E Let me know if you need more information
  2. i have the same issue. Switching from Unifi Video (that used URLs to the NVR for snapshot) to Unifi Protect (that uses URL directly to the camera for snapshot), but URL to the NVR for video. Video works fine, but there is no way to handle the snapshot.
  3. any idea if this driver would work with the IRUSB driver for the Nvidia Shield?
  4. Are the SR-260s new, or used?
  5. Ari, I tried to send you a DM, but the system said you are unable to receive them.
  6. Following thread, as I have the exact same problem with my Samsung JS8500 with Exlink command. sometimes it turns on with the first attempt. Other times it will not.
  7. Thanks, however, i am not aware of any options to change the EX-link stuff in the tv, or were you referring to setting it on the C4 program? I wasn't have any problems (other than the smarthub activation) prior to last week either. I will go research a bit and see what i can learn about Ex-link now...
  8. Thank Matt, Would you be able to tell me if any are for the JS8500? My current driver is part Ex-link and party IR (IR for the smarthub). And it has recently stopped turning my TV via EX-link. I am curious if it is related to the most recent Samsung firmware the TV received a few days ago. I may have to contact my dealer and have him update my driver. I am not sure what else to do.
  9. Does anyone know of any updates to this Ex-link issue? I am not having problems where the TV won't turn on at all with the Ex-link command. I am guessing maybe something changed with the recent firmware of the TV itself. Once powered on, the TV will respond to Ex-link, and it will shut off with Ex-link.
  10. does anyone know if these recent drivers are of Ex-link? If they are, do they now work with activating the SmartHub on the TV?
  11. Not that I am aware of, but I would be very interested if there has been any changes as well!
  12. Is there any reason not to use the older driver then? The driver I am using (not at home so I can't look up the version) is able to map the back button, and works for everything else. FYI, the channel up button functions as the commercial skip button in addition to the "D" button. This isn't a driver feature, this is how the Bolt functions. I was worried initially because i wasn't able to map a "D" button. So Channel up will skip commercials forward, and channel down will skip back. What other features am I missing from the new driver by using the old driver?
  13. I have under taken the process of ripping the bluray isos to MKV files. Not re-encoding, just ripping the straight video and audio files that i want out and putting them in an MKV container. I have been using Plex to serve them up to all my TiVOs around the house. However recently I started playing these MKVs on my Dunes (H1 & D1) and realize that the quality is outstanding (the same as the Blu ray disk). The TiVos (although not transcoding) do not appear to have the same quality output as the Dune. The process is pretty painless. It is quick since there is no re-encoding, and you can set up batch processing. So my media server has two sets of my movies. One for full blu rays, and one for mkvs. The dunes use MyMovies to present metadata for the ISOs for those times i want menus. I also use Plex to serve up the MKVs to either the TiVos, SmartTV apps, or the Dunes when I want to quickly play the movies. Obviously the drawback is the storage requirements. But from a WAF, the Plex setup makes it pretty easy. So it is a bit of compromise for me, I can live with not having ISO support, since I still get the quality of the full ISO (video and audio). I am guessing the new 4K Solo would be similar. And honestly, not having to deal with the ISO load times, ads, and menus is actually appealing in most cases. (like when my toddler wants to watching something).
  14. Unfortunately, it looks like they dropped support for Blu-ray ISO. Perhaps Diamond Design can confirm this? Not sure how they can support full blu-ray menus like the Smart Series if they don't support ISOs (unless they are just going off of BDMV folder structure). Very interesting.
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