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  1. just as another point of reference, I have my garage with MyQ working just fine, i believe it is with the Cinegration driver. I have had no problems with it since I have had it. However i undersand your point that since it is a driver based on an unofficial API, it could potentially break at any time. Also, my Jandy iqualink 2.0 is working perfectly as well. (I haven't noticed any issues with the heater status, but maybe I am not paying close enough attention to its status). Both of these are connected (wirelessly) through my Unifi network, and have been rock solid.
  2. Thanks for the explanation, RyanE. Does the T3 component update process use the same methodology?
  3. okay, nevermind. Apparently I did a bang up job of whitelisting...or something. I ended up disabling my dns based filtering, rebooted the controller, and the features have returned. Sorry to take up people's time with this. Thanks for the help!
  4. yeah, if I go to settings, then about, i get a list my remote version, recovery version, bootloader version, etc. there is no option for feature flags there. If i back up, and hit the 4 in the upper left, i get the What's new, display brightness, beep when docked, about, and regulatory. I have been through all those options and i see nothing for feature flags. unless you are referring to "what's new". In which case, all it shows is the ability to change rooms by tapping the room name on the top of the screen.
  5. Thanks, where should I be looking for this setting? On the Neeo itself?
  6. i am assuming, if i can browse to split.io on a computer, via the same wireless network that the Neeo is on, i should be good, no? I specifically added split.io to my whitelist as well.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately no change following those steps. Still stuck without the lighting filters.
  8. +1 for Ari. Fast, fantastic help! Great remote programmer and support!
  9. A few weeks ago, the Neeo remote was updated with lighting / blind filters, as well as room selection from selecting the room name on the top of the home screen (1.53.1 - August 12). Right after that update rolled out, i received the "what's new" dialog that mentioned it. Now, however, those features are no longer available, and the "what's new" dialog only mentions the ability to change rooms from selecting the room name on the home screen. I am now on the latest software version of the Neeo (1.55.1 - August 26), and the missing features have not returned. I have made sure that I am no blocking split.io (and in fact have whitelisted it just to be sure). I have also rebooted the controller a couple times, and the remote itself a couple times. Is anybody else having this issue? I know another forum member was, but after a reboot, the features returned for him. Are there any other suggestions for the me to try?
  10. Thanks, i will be patient and see if mine comes back.
  11. I have the same issue with the Neeo. (Lost filter settings) I have rebooted my controller, and my lighting filters still haven't shown back up. Did you have to do anything else to get them to reappear? Did you have to wait a while?
  12. not to tag on, but I am also looking to buy a WH rocker as well...I haven't had any luck finding one so far.
  13. I have had good luck with Cree bulbs (from Home Depot), but they have changed designs a few times. The latest ones seem to be a good balance between cost and lifespan. I did have some older style bulbs that got occasional flicker on the old dimmers when turning off, and I have had a few die as well over time.
  14. Yes, i have a button linked to a lighting scene. I will take a look, thanks. I did recently install a couple more access points and based on this, i suppose I could be getting interference from the 2.4 ghz band, depending on channel.
  15. I have had the same issues where my 'all off' isn't turning off all the lights. If i look at the app after this happens, it shows that the lights are off. I have to toggle them in the app, then it re-syncs the status.
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