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  1. The Stream 4k doesn't appear to have a usb port (other than for power?), so I am not sure how the IRUSB would work.
  2. I couldn't figure out how to reset. For me, when it locked a couple of times, it eventually just restarts after several minutes. There was nothing I could do to trigger it to reset.
  3. I have also noticed a couple freeze ups since the latest firmware update. I had seen none prior.
  4. While I agree with you, I think some of the frustration is the concern and admitted risk that some current features (connections to current sources that work right now) may not continue to work in the future if those companies change something and Sonos can't make that new connection work on the old software. However, that was always a risk with a device like the Sonos, which relies heavily on other companies allowing / enabling connections like this. Realistically, the same risk exists for Heos or C4 audio. At some point, Pandora, TuneIn, or Amazon Music could disable access for our devices, or change how devices connect / authorize to a way that cannot be overcome with our current hardware. That is just the risk we all take when we chose to have "higher than average" tech in our homes.
  5. @Riverguy Are you able to get both snapshots AND the live video on the Navigators / T3s? From my understanding I thought C4 couldn't deal with 1 IP for the video stream and a different IP for the snapshot? Which driver are you using?
  6. same here on EA5v2 with Amazon music Hi-Def service.
  7. If you are using Unifi Protect software / NVR, there is currently no way to get both the snapshot and the video to work since the video comes from the NVR and the snapshot needs to come directly from the camera. It has been looked into, and apparently the C4 proxy cannot handle two different IP addresses for snapshot and video. The older Unifi software (Unifi Video) would do snapshots and through the NVR API with the key mentioned earlier in this thread. When they upgraded to Protect, they did away with the NVR handling of the snapshot.
  8. I have all of my TiVos working with direct Channels. I had to set the Channel Entry to "Numeric Keys" and Channel Homing to "Off"
  9. Awesome, thanks for acknowledgement. It is a nice feature, and I look forward to using it. Out of curiosity, how do I exit the audio session? This continued to happen from an audio session started yesterday, even after multiple 'room off's. In this case, we had played a song (my son requested via Alexa). Once that song was over, there was nothing else playing. We selected a video source and noticed the issue when trying to control that video source. We tried room off, and the issue would always activate and replay that one song that had been selected from Alexa (playing on Sonos). I think have sonos to "stop" after paused for 5 seconds as well. Thanks again - still loving the remote as a whole
  10. As of yesterday, my NEEO remote starting doing something pretty weird. If the room had a prior session of digital audio playing, say audio from the controller, or SONOS audio, but had since been changed to a video source (TiVo, Shield, Apple TV, etc), whenever using the NEEO (and only the NEEO, this didn't affect other remotes), when hitting "OK", or Channel + / Channel -, the normal expected command would be sent to the video device, but then the room source would change back to the prior digital audio device and begin playing. It took me a while to figure out what was going on.... Apparently there was a recent firmware / change made to the NEEO remote. Now in Composer, there is an option to bind those three buttons on the remote (OK, Channel+, Channel-) to transport controls when digital audio is playing (OK = Play/Pause, Channel+ = Next track, Channel- = Previous track). You can toggle this setting on and off. While I think this is great idea so we can control digital audio with the hard buttons, something seems to be messed up, where it sends those transport controls regardless of the active source being digital audio or not. Has anybody else experienced this? My wife was going crazy. While I appreciate new features being added, it would be nice if we got notified or prompted if the normal functionality of the remote is going to be changed (this setting is defaulted to "ON").
  11. I am pretty sure you can name each of the Custom Buttons, if you are talking about the 5 custom ones you can create specifically for the remote. (swipe right from the home screen).
  12. Same, using Chowmain's Shield driver.
  13. thanks for advice. It is good to know I am not alone. Unfortunately rebooting the controller and refreshing navigators did not change anything with Netflix or Disney+ app logos.
  14. Does anybody have any idea why some logos / icons won't show up in various screens? As an example, A Netflix mini-app driver for Nvidia Shield. The Netflix logo will show up on the T3, but it will not show up on the NEEO remote or the iOS app. Instead of showing the Netflix logo, it shows a default device logo on the iOS app, and on the NEEO remote it shows a black box with a small circle in it. I have 2 drivers that act this way. The other app is a recent Disney+ mini-driver, except that it won't display the logo on any app (other than in the driver listing in Composer). The apps work correctly, but the missing visual logo is kind of a bummer with the T3 and the NEEO. Any suggestions?
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