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  1. I think you would need to use the Kodi software on the Shield, and the Full Kodi driver from Chowmain to accomplish the direct media file selection / play through the C4 interface.
  2. The update notes say "Use your Control4 remote or app to navigate your SHIELD and even directly launch installed apps. Contact your certified Control4 installer to add your SHIELD today." Very interesting indeed!
  3. I am, I use the back button on the Neeo, or the cancel button on the Sr-260.
  4. Same, I have multiple TiVo (Roamios, Mini, Mini 4k, Bolts), and have never seen this behavior. I have also been a part of numerous TiVo beta projects over the years. Is your network config somehow changing to block multicast? when your C4 remote stops working, have you tried with the your mobile app to see if you can use the network remote control functionality?
  5. Good condition, removed from a working system after upgrading with the help of @chopedogg88. Just sitting around now, comes with the power adapter. $120 shipped in the US. I also have an older HC300, and Control4 Thermostat (older). Open to any offers.
  6. Does Tp-Link make an in wall dimmer outlet, or are they only switched outlets? I haven't seen a dimmer yet, but I may have just missed it.
  7. Is there any way this can be done without the Unifi Driver? I have the QR code already for joining my guest network, is there a way to hit a button / experience button the T3 to display a pre selected image?
  8. just as another point of reference, I have my garage with MyQ working just fine, i believe it is with the Cinegration driver. I have had no problems with it since I have had it. However i undersand your point that since it is a driver based on an unofficial API, it could potentially break at any time. Also, my Jandy iqualink 2.0 is working perfectly as well. (I haven't noticed any issues with the heater status, but maybe I am not paying close enough attention to its status). Both of these are connected (wirelessly) through my Unifi network, and have been rock solid.
  9. Thanks for the explanation, RyanE. Does the T3 component update process use the same methodology?
  10. okay, nevermind. Apparently I did a bang up job of whitelisting...or something. I ended up disabling my dns based filtering, rebooted the controller, and the features have returned. Sorry to take up people's time with this. Thanks for the help!
  11. yeah, if I go to settings, then about, i get a list my remote version, recovery version, bootloader version, etc. there is no option for feature flags there. If i back up, and hit the 4 in the upper left, i get the What's new, display brightness, beep when docked, about, and regulatory. I have been through all those options and i see nothing for feature flags. unless you are referring to "what's new". In which case, all it shows is the ability to change rooms by tapping the room name on the top of the screen.
  12. Thanks, where should I be looking for this setting? On the Neeo itself?
  13. i am assuming, if i can browse to split.io on a computer, via the same wireless network that the Neeo is on, i should be good, no? I specifically added split.io to my whitelist as well.
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