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  1. not true. if this is an altice US customer. they just need to use the STA 8300HD Driver for it to work
  2. Has anyone installed one yet? I don't see any drivers in the DB for them.
  3. No IP. I use the Motorola QIP-6416-1 (Icon Ready) driver.
  4. dish has the better integration. the DIRECTV driver stops working once you get deep in to settings on the DTV receiver. This may have been fixed though.
  5. technically you can if the echo has an aux input. you would have to go from matrix to echo. then when you pick your source tell Alexa to play the AUX
  6. doesn't the Alexa app show who triggered the commands in the history? if I remember the screen it would show the device also
  7. Is anyone using a TiVo with the new ui? if so what do you have mapped for back button? please post your layouts. thank you
  8. my stats are using the google nest driver? is that no longer working?
  9. Akuvox R20A should just work with no extra config.
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