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  1. https://yalehome.co.uk/linus-smart-lock-connect-bridge/ this is the same bridge I have for my us locks they call it Linus vs august. the app is the same also. it may work.
  2. see if you can get this lock or any of the yale locks powered with august. https://shopyalehome.com/collections/smart-locks/products/yale-assure-lock-touchscreen-with-wi-fi-and-bluetooth?variant=39341913079940 they intergrade right in to C4
  3. i made a soplayer driver for the nvidia shield um_soplayer.c4z
  4. yes driver was SDDP. Don't know about sound. they where installed each with a Sonos Arc!
  5. installed a 55 and 75 with no issue
  6. Hardwire meaning Ethernet to the tv if you can
  7. try it hardwired. when i was using that driver it worked best that way also the tv is turning off and on with the apple tv because of cec. i would disable that as well.
  8. what was the models that you installed with the drivers. going to install a 55 and 75 inch this weekend
  9. not true. if this is an altice US customer. they just need to use the STA 8300HD Driver for it to work
  10. Has anyone installed one yet? I don't see any drivers in the DB for them.
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