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  1. Is anyone using a TiVo with the new ui? if so what do you have mapped for back button? please post your layouts. thank you
  2. my stats are using the google nest driver? is that no longer working?
  3. Akuvox R20A should just work with no extra config.
  4. can you upgrade with the epic systems alex driver in the project or does it have to be removed like when upgrading to 3.1.1?
  5. No major issues with mine in the dining room hardwired ip control. one and a blue moon. instead of going in to art mode when it seances motion it will turn on to the HDMI input.
  6. Hey i just go a Akuvox R20A. i would like to use the RFID reader to unlock my door. Would i connect the relay to a contact sensor to trigger the event to unlock my lock? any info would be helpful
  7. i use the internet for one of my monitoring services.
  8. will it happen again? or just a random hiccup?
  9. that fixed it. thanks nice and simple.
  10. i have vista21ip with the 4232CBM installed. i can arm and disarm from the system but the zones will not load/list. any suggestions on what to have the security and c4 guys to look at? thanks
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