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  1. if I remember correctly. I may be wrong as its been awhile as I don't remember if the media controller can do this. You should be able to upload your project to the new device with zb pro and update your embernet devices and get back up and running.
  2. A dealer would need to get a HC300 running 2.5.3 to upgrade all (compatible) embernet devices to zb pro. then you can start your upgrade path. You may still need to replace other non compatible devices. Or you can get a media controller on ebay for cheap and leave as is if a dealer will program something that old.
  3. if it worked with ubnt its not adopted. you can also look at the switch if the light is white and not blue its not adopted
  4. Make sure the adapter you get is real gigabit. but with the speeds you are getting with WiFi is the same i am getting with my UAP-pro with gig internet. if your Ethernet adapter is running at GB you will/should get around 980 on your speed test.
  5. the Dream machine Pro and USG PRO 4 will do 1GB service with no issue. i just switch from a Dream Machine Pro to a Netgate 6100 very happy with it.
  6. did you go in to system manager > Status and see if the needed servers are started?
  7. i use the bell relay and a contact sensor and one of these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B60RZPA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 to trigger an announcement & push notification with snapshot of door bell
  8. https://yalehome.co.uk/linus-smart-lock-connect-bridge/ this is the same bridge I have for my us locks they call it Linus vs august. the app is the same also. it may work.
  9. see if you can get this lock or any of the yale locks powered with august. https://shopyalehome.com/collections/smart-locks/products/yale-assure-lock-touchscreen-with-wi-fi-and-bluetooth?variant=39341913079940 they intergrade right in to C4
  10. i made a soplayer driver for the nvidia shield um_soplayer.c4z
  11. yes driver was SDDP. Don't know about sound. they where installed each with a Sonos Arc!
  12. installed a 55 and 75 with no issue
  13. Hardwire meaning Ethernet to the tv if you can
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