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  1. So - on a statistically insignificant poll of 1 installation - Ruckus beats Araknis by a mile. I replaced the two ceiling mounted Araknis AP700's with one Ruckus R710 and one R610. Same location. One on each floor of a two floor 3500 sq ft home. All dead spots are gone, and speeds are blazing. 300/300 FIOS into the house, and I'm getting a minimum of 200/200 over the wi-fi to a wide variety of devices. Some devices are getting the full 300/300. Installed the latest Unleashed software to the Ruckus AP's out of the box, and configuration was simple. My only criticism is the mounting design for a ceiling mount. Not the greatest - needs a proper bracket for a standard drywall ceiling. That aside, I'm hugely impressed.
  2. I've used Ubiquiti plenty of times in other situations. Many people on here have raved about the coverage that Ruckus gear provides, hence the question.
  3. Hi, Currently have two Araknis AP-700 access points in a 3500 sq ft house. One upstairs, one downstairs. Have a couple of dead spots downstairs that have been pretty persistent over the last two years. 5GHz and 2.4Ghz networks are both affected in one particular spot. Doesn't appear to be congestion, more a quirk of the way the building is laid out. Thinking of changing at least one access point out for a Ruckus 510 or 710. Questions : Change one or change both ? If I only change one, what about handoffs between upstairs and downstairs ? Which Ruckus model ? Anything obvious that I'm missing in finding a fix ?
  4. Bumping this. I know that Chowmain released a new driver for Hikvision cameras, with the promise that an NVR driver was 'coming soon'. That was a while back. Anyone heard anything on this recently ?
  5. I have a Vantage panelized lighting system in my own home. It was already installed when I bought the house. I have it nicely integrated into Control4 using the Cinegration driver, so that all loads are visible in C4 and available for Advanced Lighting scenes. I can also use any Vantage keypad button to trigger C4 events. Pretty much rock solid for the last 2.5 years.
  6. What happens if you take the Denon out of the chain ? Do you manage 4K/60 HDR without a problem ? Might be worth trying just to narrow in on the issue.
  7. Following with interest, specifically to see whether the AV-Pro Edge kit can do this reliably. Out of interest have you ever tried a 4K Apple TV box through the same setup ?
  8. Pretty sure that the best that you will do reliably is 4K/60 non-HDR. If you can manage to set that manually, it should work OK.
  9. What do you have your Roku Settings ----> Video set to ? Auto ? 4k/60 ? 4k/30 HDR ? What firmware are you on ? Roku 9.2 seems to have given a lot of people HDMI handshake issues, especially when fed via an AVR. I see issues on mine at 4k/30 HDR, but no problem at 4k/60.
  10. What device(s) have you lost volume control of ? AVR ? TV ? Are these devices IP controlled or do they use an IR bug ? Hard to offer advice unless you give us a bit more info to work with. Common problems are a change in IP address or an IR bug becoming dislodged, but that will affect all control of a device, not just volume.
  11. Hope you get it all fixed quickly. Both the headphones and the glitches in your C4 system. What seem like major issues are often resolved with tiny tweaks. I've been in two local houses recently where they had expensive installs with terrible integration. The homeowners of course 'didn't know what they didn't know' and assumed that this was how things were supposed to work. 30 minutes of tweaking later, and they are amazed at the difference.
  12. It's a simple and reliable solution, for sure. But maybe not that convenient, that's all. Using an auto-connecting pair of headphones just seems easier, and therefore likely to be used more often. That said, in this particular instance, it seems like it's at the bottom of a longer list of problems 😪
  13. Just try unplugging the power and rebooting the TV before you throw the towel in. But your call of course.
  14. OK - assuming that you can get to the back of the TV, or the socket that it is plugged into, can you unplug the TV from mains power for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in and see if you can get it to turn on via the LG remote. Sounds dumb, I know, but it often fixes an unresponsive TV.
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