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  1. Looks like (even with the app update) WakeUp/Goodnight agent still requires a T3 in the project in order for the agent to be added. I tried to add it to a project with no touchscreens, and got a dialog box requesting a touchscreen in the project.
  2. We have the battery QMotion shades, around 20 in total. Rock solid, assuming that you are able to get up to change the batteries ! We have one above a staircase that's really difficult, but the batteries last around a year in normal use it seems. We have one shade that seems to struggle to rejoin the mesh if there's any sort of controller/network outage, and sometimes that one needs to be given a reset and be re-identified. Integration is very simple using the standard C4 QMotion shade driver. There's a shade group driver too, although I haven't bothered with it. In several places I have Lutron Pico remotes controlling the shades, no problem. C4, Lutron SmartBridge Pro and QMotion all integrated together with no discernible delays.
  3. Not sure if this helps, but this is my DSC PC1832 panel, using the DSC IT-100 and the Cinegration driver. Reads the zones and sensor status no problem. Relatively easy set-up.
  4. Qmotion are easy to integrate into C4, unless you are also ruling them out for reasons of cost.
  5. Roku boxes for most stuff. Apple TV 4k is on the matrix for kids movies mainly. Dreamlink T2 for IPTV.
  6. No - They get POH power via the matrix (Power-Over-HDBaseT) The LAN port on the LUE1 is to provide a LAN connection for convenience. For example you could use it to provide an ethernet connection to a smart TV, without needing another CAT6 cable running all the way back to the switch. Useful in a pinch.
  7. Would it really have been that hard for C4 to have designed something shiny and new that at least fitted the old back box dimensions ? I'll bet that there would be more upgrades going on over the next few months if they had. I completely agree with the argument that nothing 'stopped working' with the release of OS3 - just stay with 2.10 and carry on. But it would make custom installs a lot easier to upgrade if the footprint was the same size. Let's be honest - C4 door stations/intercom/locks have always been a bit flaky. I'd go further and say that the competing hardware in this area isn't great either. None of these solutions are worthy of 2019 generation tech. Still waiting for the killer integration here - reliable, high res, non-laggy, good phone integration, works well remotely, simple to use etc.
  8. Either that, or you have an HC250 or something else that is not allowed in an OS3 project, and he showed you the new upgrade tool. That assesses your project hardware and tells you if it is possible to update to OS3. In any event, he's not being very helpful/doesn't know what he's doing.
  9. I use a Z2IO - Relay 1 for the back garden, and Relay 2 for the front. This works fine for low voltage landscape lights, but be careful of the total load. LED obviously better than incandescent on that basis. Z2IO can be powered by 12-24v AC or DC, so you can use the existing transformer to power it. Bang for buck, I've come to the conclusion that the Z2IO is the best value C4 hardware out there. Fireplaces, outdoor lights, a stray IR emitter here and there - Z2IO every time. I did previously use an outlet switch, but that meant that all my landscape lights were effectively on the same zone. We like to turn the back off at night but leave the front garden on, which the Z2IO works perfectly for even tho' all lights are powered by the same 12v AC transformer.
  10. I’d be just as circumspect about buying C4 touchscreens and door stations. I’ve wasted far more money on that hardware than I ever have on iPads and mounts 😉
  11. Yes. We have two SurfaceMounts and two SurfaceMount with Buttons. Love them, especially with the programmable hard buttons for scenes, Sonos control etc. We don’t use intercom with them, but you could.
  12. Needs to be installed by a dealer.
  13. I use the Chowmain custom icon drivers for a couple of 'dumb' sources, where I just need to change the AV source and don't need any control as such. One is the HDMI output from our NVR (sounds like you want to do the same), where Chowmain has a nice security camera icon. The other is the HDMI output of a Mac Mini in one room. Again, Chowmain has a nice Mac Mini icon. Driver is straightforward - just follow the documentation, make the connections etc. Just to let you know, there is a known bug with the current iOS app release for OS3 that means that the Chowmain icon driver doesn't' work. I've been working with the C4 app team to resolve and the beta version that they sent me to test works fine. There's a few other fixes in there (additional thermostat bug fixes and Hikvision cameras) and I'm expecting that it will be live in the App store in the next few days. Interestingly, the Android app works fine.
  14. I have Foxe, and followed along with the video. Any chance that you can cut and paste your xml code for the changes as shown in the video ? Will make it much quicker for me
  15. Been there, tried to do that. Lots of the new homes round here have removed/bypassed the new style GFI breakers from their panels. They are required by code (for pretty much everything, not just outdoor/bath/kitchen) but cause endless problems. Lots of fun for electricians and automation guys, especially when devices/IP control don't reset properly. I'm obviously not getting rid of a GFI breaker when a hot tub is involved, but I would like to know as soon as it has tripped. Probably happens once a month or so. I like the current switch idea - something like this I assume : https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/shopping/catalog/sensors_-z-_encoders/current_-a-_voltage_sensors_(ac_-a-_dc)/current_switches_-a-_indicators/single_range_ac_current_operated_switches/acsl020-ae-s
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