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  1. I use OVRC. Sometimes to run a speed test, sometimes to reboot a router. I used to have to use it to reboot crappy Araknis WAP's. I have no need to reboot Ruckus WAP's, so I don't miss that functionality.
  2. You'd have to tear my Ruckus WAP's from my cold dead fingers. The rest is just detail.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jocribc7yhb97lr/Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 6.14.41 PM.png?dl=0
  4. To replace a magnetic relay release in an old door. It's a remodel project, with Control4 replacing an ancient Crestron system. There was a early 200's era Holovision door system. The magnetic bolts have long since given up, and the whole door lock needs replacing. The mortise opening is standard - does anyone have a recommendation for a C4 compatible battery operated replacement ? Image here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/kfwaokokvan01bw/IMG_0780.heic?dl=0
  5. Assuming that you are using an amp like a C4/Triad 4 zone or 8 zone, try turning the GAIN control screw all the way down on one zone and see if it cures the problem in that zone. If so, there's your answer, and you can turn it back up to whatever level you like, before the buzzing is audible. But, as already noted, it could be a ground loop or a power cable that's running too close to a badly shielded audio cable etc.
  6. That’s an ‘interesting’ conversation to have with customers who wonder why their old Ring camera iOS app worked better than their new $50k fancy home automation system. Likewise the conversation regarding the hardware limitations in respect of camera viewing. ‘But I thought this was the latest and greatest…’ ’Well it is, but if you wouldn’t mind just downloading this weird NVMS app onto your iPhone it will be… better.’ Seriously. ‘Legacy technical debt’ is right up there with ‘known unknowns’ and ‘alternative truth’.
  7. Indeed. But apparently you can use it to give a shout out to your favorite bugs/missing features, which is nice. Better handling of security cameras please. Telling customers on Day1 of their Control4 experience that they are better off viewing cameras in a separate app feels a bit of a punch in the face. Intercom still flaky after all these years. +1 on color wheel If only these were 'legacy technical debt'. 🤣
  8. Does anyone know of any E12 base RGB smart bulbs that will work with any of the Chowmain smart bulb drivers (Kasa/Yeelight/Govee etc.) ? All of their bulbs seem to have a standard screw fitment, not the mini screw base.
  9. Snap's S-1 would seem to support that view.
  10. Thanks. The automation is easy using the navigation agent. Would take a dealer 5 minutes - Basically, WHEN (doorbell is pushed), the navigation agent selects the Chime camera and the required EA navigator. I just wanted to ensure that the Chime camera is available like any other camera would be in these conditions. Just looking at the driver now, and I can see that it is. Unless any of the hive mind here know of any caveats...
  11. Can the video from a Chime be displayed through a TV connected to an EA-1 ? I'd like to be able to display front door view on a couple of TV's when the doorbell is pushed.
  12. Battery operated or hard wired ? QMotion shades tend to be a bit finicky with Zigbee. If the batteries are ok, it has probably just dropped off the mesh. Needs to be reidentified, using a tug command to get it to jog. Takes a minute or two, but it needs a dealer with Pro, and it’s a pain the ass.
  13. Maybe I'm thinking of the multidisc changer. Heady stuff. Maybe they'll make a comeback, like vinyl. Enjoy the natural composite warmth of that picture...
  14. You are right. I remember them being the absolute must have in 1991.
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