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  1. Will be used for the new remote when it finally surfaces. Looks like it will be the first product to come out of the acquisition of NEEO some months ago. The original NEEO remote was a Kickstarter project (I have one knocking around somewhere), and it used a wi-fi Hub with a sleek looking (but rather flawed) remote control handset.
  2. Interesting - I think that lighting scenes from the OSD on the TV may have a bug. Saw some strange behavior while quickly toggling some scenes last night. Need to spend a little more time to see what is going on.
  3. Update Complete ! Lighting is back as an OSD function. The rest mainly looks like changes under the hood for performance improvements. Edit : And some improvements to Intercom Anywhere to allow 3rd party door stations, custom buttons for door unlock etc.
  4. Or add a Z2IO or two in the middle and make use of its repeater mode. For sure, a 4000 square foot house with just one controller and nothing else in the Zigbee mesh sounds like a stretch.
  5. Yes - they all look the same. All programmed for a few different %age levels and that’s it. As for the stickers, they are awaiting engraving. I told my friend to wait, because there is no way he should want the current program to be the final answer. Junking the panelized lighting just isn’t an option. Looks like I need to find a good Crestron programmer who can reprogram from scratch. It’s a real example of that old adage about a Crestron system only being as good as its programmer. That’s true on C4 of course, but maybe not to quite such an extent.
  6. There are no real scenes programmed - apart from all on and all off. Every keypad just controls the lights located immediately in its vicinity at different dimmer levels. No pathway scenes, proper mood scenes etc. No buttons programmed to control the shade motors. No AV control whatsoever. It’s an absolute train wreck of a programming job.
  7. 1 x AP3 Processor 6x 1DIMU4 (Universal Dimmers) 2x 2MC2 Motor Control (Shades) 1x 8SW8 Plus a ton of keypads of course
  8. Looking for help here. A good friend has just moved into a brand new home in a fairly expensive development in the UK. I’m visiting him at the moment. There’s 9 houses in the development. Each house has been kitted out with a decent AV rack, and a Crestron panelized lighting system. There’s a 4K HDBT AV matrix, and some nice hardware in the rack. Each house is on four floors, with decent Ubiquiti WAP’s on each floor etc. Crestron keypads everywhere. The problem is that the systems in each home have been horribly programmed, and the installer/programmer is terminally unreliable. Right now, nine homeowners are stuck with homes that dont work, and would be better off without any of this fancy equipment. It’s a shame, because with a moderate amount of quality programming, they could be amazing. I see two possible options : 1. Find a good Crestron programmer that I can trust, and work with them to sort out what’s here. Hopefully done remotely. I can possibly get the existing source code, but not certain. It’s a lame effort, but maybe better than nothing to start with. 2. Replace the existing Crestron processor with an EA-5 in the rack, an EA-1 on each floor and turn this into a C4 project. I need to work with the existing Crestron lighting system, hence why I am asking if anyone here has experience of using it in a C4 project. There is an EV driver, but it seems to have a few specific requirements in terms of how the Crestron was originally programmed. I’m a C4 programmer, not a Crestron guy, so that has me a little nervous. Is anyone here expert on both systems, or does anyone know/work with a good Crestron programmer that might work with us to see what is achievable ? The original installers are not an option. Beyond hopeless. It’s a shame to see every house here with three remotes sitting on the table as they try to control their TV and satellite box. Unable to turn individual lights on and off. Unable to close their drapes because nobody gave them a button to control the motors. And on and on. Suggestions and recommendations gratefully received. I understand that this is ultimately more of a Crestron question in a C4 forum, but I thought I would turn to trusted C4 friends first before searching for a needle in the Crestron haystack. Thanks.
  9. Have you tried an alarm panel reboot ?
  10. James would probably build you something custom, but it's likely to be a bit pricey.
  11. Why not replace the XF/Comcast cable modem with one of your own (there's an approved list online). Sounds like you are already using a separate router that you are happy with.
  12. Both to be honest. But you might find a C4 dealer that can do everything. You won't find a gas installer with a handy copy of Composer Pro and a Z2IO in his van...
  13. That looks very interesting. Certainly a neat way to integrate RF devices without having to hack around inside with wiring. That's assuming that remote pairing/cloning works well. Do you happen to know the frequency ranges that Bond supports ?
  14. Had a quick look at the wiring diagrams that I could find online. For sure you could hack the GSR battery box and switch the heater on using a Z2IO (mounted within the base of the firebox) or similar. I'm assuming that you don't have an available cable going back to the controller (CAT6 or 22/4 etc). However, it looks like the blower and the lighting are controlled on the line voltage side of things, so they might be a bit trickier. If you aren't comfortable with both line voltage electrics AND gas installations, then don't mess around. Find a local pro that is qualified and who understands what you are trying to achieve. Oh, and don't let your wife choose next time
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