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  1. Just as well he's been holding off making a decision for the last 10 years. You got here just in time.
  2. No worries, thanks for the suggestion. I could create another driver, but if anyone has a quick way around this in programming, I'm all ears.
  3. I already converted it to .c4z, so can't just use driver wizard. I would have to go back and create a new .c4i from scratch
  4. Do you mean by editing the .xml under power management method ? Would I achieve the same by leaving the .xml as discrete codes, and then changing either the 'power_command_delay' or the 'power_delay' ?? Any other way of doing this in programming ?
  5. It's a neat way of locking/excluding certain menu features. Get rid of all the stuff that you don't need to see and/or don't want users to mess with, especially if the TV is being used with an AVR and an external media player like Roku etc. Access by pressing the following sequence quickly (within 2 seconds). Not simultaneously - in sequence : DISPLAY, MUTE, VOL+, HOME Then when you go to the settings menu, 'Pro Mode' will be at the top. You can configure the pro mode options from there.
  6. I'm trying to figure out a nagging issue with an Android box that is frequently giving me no video signal when the room is powered on. I'm using an IR driver that I made myself, and it has discrete on and off power commands. The Android box is connected as an HDMI source to a Marantz SR 6008 AVR, outputting to a Samsung UN558000 TV via CAT6 from the rack through a Binary HDMI extender. If I manually force the Android box to power on after the TV and AVR are powered up, then the handshake seems to work ok. Once powered on, any change of source seems to be ok, and the signal is fine when the Android TV box is chosen again as the Watch source. The problem appears again once the room is powered off and then on again. Android box power on/off commands are triggered as part of the room being turned on. What's the most effective/elegant/reliable way of introducing a delay in the Android box power on, so that it isn't powered on for say 7 seconds after Room On ? In other words - enough time to ensure that the TV and AVR are both powered on first. The AVR is being controlled through IP, and the driver does have a Power on delay setting. TV is via IR.
  7. TP Link are a great budget alternative. One thing that I don't like is that over wi-fi there is a delay on updating status while the polling happens. Can be a bit confusing if you are looking at the on/off/light level status and it takes 20 seconds to update.
  8. You should have one 'grass icon' per zone. The number that appears is a countdown timer - you can increase the number of minutes with each tap. This is the way that Control4 timers work generally - same thing for fireplaces/heaters, for example. As Mitch says, dealer may not have completed the binding of the Rachio zone to the sprinkler driver in Control4. I would say that if you want to do any scheduling changes, or make use of the 'smart watering' features of Rachio, then you should do that from within the Rachio app itself. Having Rachio integrated into Control4 is far from essential. Some users like it so that they can tie other Control4 programming into Rachio. For example, 'don't run the lawn sprinklers when Back Yard Party mode is enabled'. Of all the things I have integrated, I would say that the Rachio use case is one of the weaker ones. The Rachio itself is excellent, as is the native app.
  9. The link I posted is for 100% DIY solution. Landline/GSM/IP comms all acceptable. All set up by you, tested remotely, no need for anyone to 'come in to test'.
  10. Try these guys. Works well for us. https://www.alarmsystemstore.com/collections/professional-alarm-monitoring-services
  11. Or you could just use a scheduler within Composer.
  12. He's only been waiting 4 years for an answer. 🤣
  13. Try the Chowmain Hikvision driver. That will let you trigger off the motion detection. Works with LTS cameras, which are rebranded Hikvision. 90 day free trial.
  14. You need to nest your commands under the IF statement, so that they are inset. At the moment they are considered equal to the IF statement, rather than 'children'. Drag the green arrow to the blue question mark. I'm more interested in what you are actually trying to achieve with your programming.
  15. Ruckus all the way for AP's. Just my opinion having switched out my Araknis AP's for them recently.
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