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  1. Or use the number keys. 1 = 10%, 2 = 20% and so on. Nice little shortcut.
  2. Asking for a friend in the UK (Cambridgeshire) who is building a new home (anticipated start date March 2021). He wants to get the technology part of this right, and he's been using me as a consult. So far, his conversations with C4 dealers haven't been very impressive, and he's beginning to get sidetracked in discussions with lighting designers, HVAC installers etc. My instincts would always be to retain an automation person early on, to make sure that everything plays nicely as the project progresses. Looking for recommendations for a great person to act as his eyes and ears, and to
  3. Definitely do a full power cycle.
  4. Be careful - a lot of those adjustable hole cutters are a real bear to use. I've not found one yet that I trust.
  5. Yup - there's a POE version. Definitely the better option if you can run the ethernet cable
  6. At least you'll get a good look at his face 🤣
  7. If it's your first time trying to terminate CAT6 cable, then your best friends are plugs with load bars/inserts. I use the Monoprice ones with no issues.
  8. Interesting report. I just upgraded us from 300/300 to 1gig. I used to see around 250 DL on the wifi in most of the house. After upgrade (like you, getting around 850 at the router) I average 350Mbps on the DL on wifi, pretty much irrespective of location or device. Would be interested to hear what things look like if you install a second R650. And of course what happens if you have a WiFi6 device to test.
  9. Our central vac could suck the tiles off the roof at 50 yards. At my last house it was more like an asthmatic mouse. I never thought of repurposing the plumbing it for better things.
  10. That's pretty ingenious. I'd never thought of that before.
  11. I think that that this will print to scale, but you may want to check a couple of the dimensions if you can. DS2_Template.pdf
  12. Firmware is free to everyone. Takes a few minutes to do, that's all. Easy.
  13. I gave up trying to work out Ruckus pricing a long time ago. Just be happy, keep on flashing them yourself, and never ever pay the MSRP.
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