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  1. I've used the Channel Vision B-204 with success before, which is most definitely a balun. This is for IP cameras, nothing else. Looking for other recommendations as to what others use. MOCA is a) overkill and b) too bulky to fit at the camera end. No POE required, so although the Palun II will almost certainly do the job, it's quite expensive for POE functionality that's not required.
  2. We have a white LG under our kitchen counter - looks good and I use the Annex4 driver. We leave ours on 24/7 with a display of security cameras, so I can't promise you how well it does with consistent WOL for IP controlled power on. We've had it for about six years, no problems. LG24LF4820.
  3. What are people using to do IP over coax when you just can’t run CAT cable to replace old coax ? I don’t need POE as I can use the 12v power line that’s there in the Siamese. Trying to upgrade some old TVI cameras, and the coax runs are pretty long. Hoping for recommendations for some good passive IP over coax baluns.
  4. Hikvision and Dahua are both on the US federal government contract blacklist - that is what it is. But both are in widespread use, and I just wanted to understand how others who manage this stuff routinely are dealing with network security. If you do a Wireshark, most chinese origin devices are making questionable requests - the question being how malicious, and to what extent it opens up a network to other malicious activity.
  5. I routinely use NVMS today to view remotely and have done for a few years. The question is one of network security, and how to adequately protect against either intrusion into the home network, or a camera being used as a device to attack other devices on the internet. I'm wondering how others here tackle the subject, and what people believe to be a sensible level of security.
  6. Hoping for some suggestions here on how to set up the network for a good level of protection from unwanted intrusion, but still manage to access from outside the home when needed.NVR : Hikvision 9664NI -i8. This model is dual NIC, so I am assuming that this can be utilized to help in the setup.Cameras : All Hikvision, 12x wired IP of various models. Currently these cameras run back into 4 different switches, all located in different parts of the house. It is not going to be possible to cable them all to one single switch in a central location. Currently, each of these switches are on the main
  7. Sorry - I misunderstood. I thought that you were looking to broadcast to a TV.
  8. My experience with the devices wasn't great. You have to get the chain to be really tight on the cog, and even then you may get some slippage. Very slow, and noisy too. Plus you have the challenge of running/disguising the cables. I had the Axis installed for a day or two before discarding it.
  9. Or at least allowed a means for the user to assign it to a function. And then there's the number keys and the 'long push'.
  10. 7.1 mph to be precise. Still waiting for a WAP that is as beautiful as a Ferrari 250LM, but your point is well made.
  11. That's what I do. It takes 10 minutes, no issues. Configuration after that is straightforward.
  12. Doesn't look like you can on the 210. Maybe on the 310 switch ?
  13. Right now there's a guy on a French car forum asking how he can get access to Composer Pro...
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