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  1. I'd be genuinely interested in the hands-on experience of a dealer/programmer who has a good amount of experience on both platforms. When I first looked at Crestron Home in 2019, the support for different devices was really poor. I know it's improved since then, but not sure how much/what the roadmap looks like. I did like the UI, but I didn't spend that much time with it.
  2. Because they didn't need to. They got to manage the business away from the scrutiny of the public markets and the pressure of quarterly earnings. Now they are attracted by the glut of institutional money looking for a home, the rise of SPAC capital etc. The rise of home working and increasingly sophisticated tech consumers will be a narrative that helps them. The threat of Apple, Amazon, Google and others will be a worry for investors. And so on. The S-1 doc isn't public yet. That means they are doing the preliminaries at the moment. Their investment bank and management will be hav
  3. Absolutely. And the deeper that people get in, the more they see the limitations, whatever the system or hardware. We've all seen expensive systems badly spec'd/installed/programmed. But it's also true that most people don't know what they really want until they see it. Most supposedly 'smart' homes are still configured for control, not for automation. I've lost count of the number of times that friends have asked me why their Ring doorbell/Sonos/Apple TV/expensive motorized shades etc don't seamlessly do some of the things that my home does. When they see it, they want it. It's a sh
  4. Ha - just solved it. Restart of the Rpi. That autostarts Camerabridge. (I'd already edited /etc/rc.local but it needs a reboot to get things going)
  5. @videostorm I tried to CameraBridge working earlier. Everything installs OK, but I can't access the Rpi on the local network. I can ping it OK, and I can ping another computer on the internal network from it. Does your setup install a web server ? If I try netstat -tln I don't see a listener on port 9087. I'm really rusty around Linux, so maybe I'm doing something silly but I followed the instructions to the letter. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, will definitely give this a spin.
  7. I wish someone would write something similar for Fing. That way it could be hardware agnostic.
  8. The locks are unlikely to be 'generic'. They are probably zigbee pro, which is proprietary to C4. I'll give you a few bucks for them instead of you sending them to landfill.
  9. Splash-Tiles can display PIP or overlay snapshot, or JPEG at up to approx 10fps to give a kind of simulated video stream. However, it does that by accessing the video stream/snapshot URL. I've set it up on a few Hikvision cameras/NVR's, and it works OK, although the frames per second has been a bit variable across different hardware. I haven't installed a Chime, but I don't see a URL property in the driver. Maybe others can chime (!) in here as to whether there is an externally accessible URL for the snapshot. Splash Tiles cannot handle RTSP - that's a Net Play feature only. It
  10. It's better than it was, but I always found Elan lacking on support for less popular devices, to say the least.
  11. I have a Shelly flood sensor sitting here. Might give this a spin later. EDIT : Just set it up. Took all of 10 minutes, notifications worked perfectly. Very impressive. Set up some test programming to turn on a light as well. Light came on and notifications came to my phone within 2 seconds of putting the flood sensor into a saucer of water as a test. Count me in. Great work.
  12. Looks interesting for sure. How does this compare, say, to the Berto IOT solution for Shelly ? Looks like it doesn't require an RPi as a gateway, so that's one advantage. Any significant differences in performance on 'sleepy' devices like sensors ?
  13. Pleased to say this cleared up by itself. Some time after a system reboot, can't be sure exactly why or when. In any event, everything is working very well now. Very useful driver if you want to bring one-way Somfy blind control closer to the functionality of two-way control. It's been written to integrate very well with Bond Bridge, but will work with traditional interfaces too.
  14. FPS reduction isn't as much of an issue as an enforced 720P resolution limit. Let's all be honest - C4's handling of cameras in general is significantly behind the curve at this point. I'm guessing that most customers who have been shown how to use a second app (NVMS etc) are using it instead of native C4 to view cameras. As for using footage to really help police - there are too many instances where 2.8mm cameras are used vs 4mm and 6mm. When it comes to the point where you have to actually identify the face of someone (rather than just observe the presence of someone), that's a probl
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