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  1. He mentioned eventually moving to Russound for audio so I thought maybe he would be using that for audio output.
  2. An EA-1 could handle all that (skip the CA-1 the EA-1 is almost the same price and more powerful). I have no idea on pricing for install.
  3. Actually I apologize. I am wrong. I tried to use app and OSD interchangeably and after doing some research the term OSD is specific to the device that is being controlled. I could actually make a case that control4 doesn’t really have an OSD either. It’s a program on the screen
  4. Was the savant app shown on a screen?
  5. Please respond to this with the posts where I made a mistake. I’m interested to know where I was wrong. The only place I can see where I may have been misleading was calling the Apple TV app an OSD. The app technically is an OSD.
  6. Check this post. The video I posted in the link you are replying to is NOT the video of the savant Apple TV app. It is the video of the savant remote using Siri to control an appletv. Am I correct or not?
  7. And this is why you’re insufferable.
  8. I posted a link to 2 videos. The first one was the savant app/osd and I captioned it “savant is rolling out its driver/integration”. Was that caption “misleading”? Possibly, I labeled it that because that is what the article posted. Regardless, it was just a caption. The second video I posted was the one that showed the 2 way driver integration. You quoted that one and said that it’s just an app and you don’t see the big deal. You quoted the wrong one. In the end it doesn’t matter.
  9. You are the only one who didnt understand what it was.
  10. Call it an OSD or app whatever. That was the first video I posted and yes it was being controlled by the apple tv remote. The second video I posted was of a Savant remote controlling an appletv by using siri built into the remote. https://www.cepro.com/article/heres_savants_real_two_way_ip_control_of_apple_tv_via_siri Some of you are insufferable.
  11. They previewed both an OSD for appletv and a voice controlled remote that can use Siri
  12. You ever thought about changing your handle to Eeyore?
  13. https://www.cepro.com/article/heres_savants_real_two_way_ip_control_of_apple_tv_via_siri Savant controlling appletv with Siri integrated into its remote.
  14. https://www.cepro.com/article/crestron_two_way_ip_control_of_apple_tv_tsr-310_siri_remote Crestron remote using Siri to control Apple TV with 2 way integration.
  15. https://www.cepro.com/article/savant_launches_2_way_ip_integration_with_apple_tv_home_automation_osd savant is rolling out its driver/integration.
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