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  1. I have noticed that in a couple of condos that I have stayed in for vacation recently that the complex is serviced by Spectrum and the TV’s don’t have boxes. The cable comes in through the coax directly into the tv like the old days. What technology are they using for this and why isn’t it available for homes?
  2. Yeah you are probably right. That Sonos Arc price is outrageous. Sonos has always been overpriced for what it is but this is another level. You could get something like a triad one and a nice passive sound bar for the price The more I look at it that Yamaha is not a bad price. Anyone have any details on how well it integrates into Control4? Can you browse the music services?
  3. Yeah I saw that. Looks like a good alternative for the Sonos line of sound bars but like you I am looking for some more budget friendly for my office.
  4. Any reason the budget Yamaha soundbars (YAS-109 and YAS-209) dont have IP control but the YSP-5600 ($1499) does?
  5. If you do not need audio and/or video integration and are ok with just app control there are lots of different options out there that are just as good if not better than Control4. AV integration seems to be something that few companies are willing to tackle. Which makes sense as that is the section with the most variables and variety of different manufacturers and control methods.
  6. I have yet to see any DIY system be able to do distributed audio and tie it in with video as good as C4. Even if it could they wouldn’t have a hard button remote which is essential for me. I wish this wasn’t true but it is n
  7. The onus should be on Control4 to reach out to Microsoft not vice versa. Integration is Control4’s business. Since one of the head guys is a former employee of Microsoft that worked in the Media Center division it would make sense for him to reach out I would think While Microsoft wouldn’t lose or gain any sales of Xbox, it would be nice for Control4 to show off that they have that integration.
  8. So since they already have a driver for product X, they dont need to make a driver for product Y? Seems odd. Look, I like Roku. I have a few of them. It works perfect but if I decided to get a Xbox, it would be nice if Control4 could integrate it properly.
  9. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/11/02/apple-tv-and-favorite-streaming-apps-available-at-launch/ I don’t have any experience with Xbox but with all these streaming apps and the 299 price point for the Xbox S. This is looking like a nice box for someone like me who might play a game or 2 every once and awhile but would use it daily for streaming. Is there any way Charlie Kindel could talk to someone at Microsoft to get Control4 access to be able to control this?
  10. Like the question in another thread about the AT&T TV box, I think this device also is Android TV
  11. I am pretty sure it’s Android TV as the OS so you might want to see if there is a for that.
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