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  1. Lutron Caseta switches and Smart Bridge Pro work perfect with C4.
  2. I just dont see why anyone would use IR now when given a choice between IP and serial. If you want to integrate a device that only can do IR then you do what you have to do but when given the choice now it shouldnt even be a question what to use.
  3. Almost all Samsung’s have IP and of course IR. Some of them have serial as well. i am using Samsung and LG with IP control and it has been very good. The most reliable though is probably Samsung via serial.
  4. I’m going to keep running my connect until the wheels fall off. Haha. After that I hope there is some more info out there on others like Denon HEOS.
  5. Ive come to the conclusion that C4 prices their touchscreens to keep the system a luxury item. I would love to see a touchscreen that could be connected to a base or wall mounted for around 300 dollars.
  6. Since the homeowner doesn’t want to do anything themselves an EA-1 is perfect. There isn’t another “pro” system out there that can compete with it.
  7. If he wants to do it himself then go for Harmony. If he wants to pay someone I would say go with an EA-1. there is really not a better deal in automation out there. It’s perfect for one room setups but powerful enough for whole home (I use it for whole home).
  8. Correct but to know whether they are opened or closed you will have to put a sensor on each door. You can get either wired or wireless sensors. If you can run wire, it would probably be cheaper since you already have relays connected I assume you have an io extender that you could connect the sensors to. This is the setup I have.
  9. The biggest question is can you run wires to the door back to wherever your relays terminate at?
  10. Smart lighting has really took off in the past 5 years. Lots of players out there and the price keeps going down. I have never used these type of switches but I have used one of the plug in lamp modules from TP-Link for a Christmas tree and it worked every time.
  11. There's no way to change it because the board is the way it is because of the model of Control4. When a new poster comes on here and asks for guidance there will always be a post saying "talk to a dealer". That is not the point of a message board. They are asking for help from the board. Has there ever been a poster who said "oh i didnt know i needed to talk to a dealer. thanks. ill leave now."? I dont want to get to involved because there is part of me that is glad this board is the first one that comes up when you google control4 message boards instead of others. Maybe it needs to stay that way.
  12. I could not care less about discord but the weakness of this board is that it caters to a very small segment of people. A few users who like to tinker and who are ok (somewhat) with the dealer installed model and dealers; some dealers who are here to help and/or dealers who just want to complain about users or try to give lectures. I think users who come to this site for the first time get the impression this site is run by users. Its not (at least I dont think so).
  13. Im interested to see what you think of that ClareOne Panel. Looks awesome.
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