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  1. Like the question in another thread about the AT&T TV box, I think this device also is Android TV
  2. I am pretty sure it’s Android TV as the OS so you might want to see if there is a for that.
  3. In case anyone wonders why the touchscreens are so expensive it is that the people who buy enough to fill a whole house with them will pay $1k just as easily as they would pay $500. The people who would potentially buy 1 for their whole house (like myself) if they were $500 wouldn’t make up the difference.
  4. This isn’t exactly what you are probably wanting but you can also add any of the Roku Channels as a favorite on the Home Screen of the room from the app. Won’t show up under watch on the SR remotes though.
  5. why always try to compare control4 integrators to plumbers, mechanics, etc? Just answer the guys question or ignore it. he obviously wants to explore options. i always try to have a backup plan as to what I would do if I decided to drop control4. most of my sub systems (lights, audio, alarm) are not tied directly to Control4 so they could function on their own. The main issue I would have if i wanted to move away would be my 2 video zones with AVR's. it would be a pain having to fumble around with stock remotes for those or some harmony solution. if you dont have a complicated AV setup, m
  6. ea-1-performance-comparison-rev-a.pdfSince it hasnt been posted in awhile here is the EA performance chart (also includes HC controllers). Note that the EA-1 and EA-3 are the same except for the dedicated audio streams.
  7. I did the drawing in Visio. The EA-1 controls the Russound via a driver. In the Control4 software you bind the connections of rooms to the Russound zones. Yes, the Sonos Connect is shared via 3 connections; the optical to the Great Room AVR, the digital coax to the Den AVR and the analog output to the Russound. All these zones share that same stream. I dont have the need to play different music in different rooms. Im fine with 1 stream.
  8. This is my system with multiple zones being controlled by a single EA-1.
  9. Time for real talk. If you are dead set on using zone 2 of an AVR then Control4 isn’t for you.
  10. Nah. You can get an EA-1 if you are on the fence and it will put you on current hardware and software. The price of the hardware isn’t much more than a harmony setup (minus the dealer cost of install of course).
  11. Do you use the TV audio, sound bars or multi channel amp?
  12. Then do HEOS Amps for each zone that is not a video zone. Zone 2 on receivers just has never worked right.
  13. Why? An EA-1 should be able to handle the HEOS driver and adding more lighting if done through Caseta. Also, dont use zone 2 of AV receivers if you are going to use Control4. More pain than its worth. Just get a matrix amp or something.
  14. Nope. That’s only if you want the on screen display for each TV (I find the OSD useless).
  15. I just want to add this. There is no difference between the EA-1 and EA-3 in terms of processing power. People have posted the internal specs before. The difference is the additional audio streams and more IO. If you are on the fence try an EA-1. A lot on this forum try to push people out the gate to an EA-3 or EA-5. It’s overkill for just starting out. I have a decent sized system that runs perfectly fine on a single EA-1; Honeywell alarm, 3 garage doors, IO extender, 4 video zones (Samsung TV serial and IP drivers, Roku’s, Dish hopper/Joey, denon receivers, Apple TV, Sony blu ray), 8 z
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