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  1. I don’t have a problem with Control4 pushing this out. It partially filled a gap they have very quickly. What is ridiculous is doubling the price of what the Neeo remote was.
  2. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2019/12/amazon-apple-google-and-the-zigbee-alliance-to-develop-connectivity-standard/ https://www.connectedhomeip.com/ Will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere but it does involve the 3 biggest tech companies in the world.
  3. I have a Dish Hopper and 3 joeys but I wish that Dish would come out with a Roku or Apple TV app that would replace the Joeys and could talk locally to the Hopper.
  4. If you have Charter Spectrum already for internet, their streaming service is the best deal going.
  5. A little off topic but it looks like a Swiss TV company, Salt, who relies on Apple TV for its viewing, created a new remote for Apple TV because they had so many people who didnt like the Apple TV remote (it stinks). The article says they worked a lot with Apple on this and that it doesnt require pairing. https://www.macrumors.com/2019/12/09/salt-tv-alternative-apple-tv-4k-remote-control/ The number of buttons on this remote feels right to me. For "DVR" type features, you really need the transport buttons to be on there. That, to me, is the biggest thing missing from the Neeo remote.
  6. I have always thought that Control4's products were priced pretty fair except for the touchscreens and now this remote. This remote should have been under 400 dollars. The original remote, with the "brain", cost $369. This was purely a markup based on what market Control4 is in.
  7. Anyone know how I can get ahold of one of these usb to ex-link adapters? Going to get a new TV and don’t want to change out he driver.
  8. If you dont have any intention of doing AV I would find another system. There are others that are cheaper and better for what you want. AV is where Control4 really shines.
  9. youre wasting your time with the people on this board. they dont want to help you.
  10. Yeah it is nice. I don’t ever use my old ATV3 because of it. But if the new Apple TV had the same solid Control4 integration as Roku, I would prefer the new Apple TV. Biggest reason is personal preference but there are some apps that are better on the ATV like the ESPN app where you can view multiple games at once. That said, I’m very happy with my Roku.
  11. This has been discussed many times. It is not the same thing. When you are using a smartphone you are looking at its screen. when you are using a TV remote you are looking at the TV, not the remote.
  12. They are on here, they just probably dont post or go under a different name, but again it doesnt matter. But some are for sure on here. The models for how Composer Pro could be available to an end user are out there. Lutron and the PLC companies do it. You create 2 types of licenses; 1 for an end user that is tied to their system and another that is used by the integrators (dealers) that can be used on any system. Support is handle through authorized retailers or integrators and they charge an outrageous (but warranted) fee to help you if you get stuck. There would also be unofficial support on outside forums. The system is not marketed or sold as DIY or even mentioned that an end user can do stuff, it is just an available option for people who dig hard enough. The reason this is not done is for fear of backlash from dealers. C4 wont give this option because they have probably determined that the increase in new users would not offset the loss of dealers who would leave to another vendor. Thats it and it truly is a valid reason. I understand it but i dont like it.
  13. If you can program any modern Allen Bradley and/or any other PLC you would have no problem using Composer Pro. Its' simple. Writing drivers is a different thing though. You arent going to change any minds on here and Composer Pro as is will never be available to end users. If you want to program (add devices) then find the bootleg versions.
  14. In this case it is the same thing. you still have to take your eyes off the TV to find that button. I'm also curious about not having the DVR controls (hard buttons) available as well. I have Dish network and i dont know if the directional pad can work for that.
  15. Also though...im not going to pay 600 dollars for a remote. The SR series was the perfect price.
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