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  1. I guess I would have just thought that they would be putting all resources behind the new remotes instead of a new controller.
  2. i would have thought they would have went another year or 2 before they made new controllers.
  3. Just got a set of these and I have no idea how I should mount them. Anyone else have any pictures?
  4. Yeah looking at the Lua output it wouldn’t ever go back to open. It would go to close then open and just stay there.
  5. Someone on here had a good diagram several years ago. Was the one I used. That guy was a good poster.
  6. Well once I got switched over to using the experience button for garage doors it works. Not for sure what the deal was.
  7. Anyone using global cache relays? I am trying to use one for a garage door and it will turn the relay on but it never turns off, it stays closed.
  8. Might work!? If the CA-1 cant easily handle this with lots of room to spare then they need to get rid of it. A lutron caseta smart bridge could handle that and lots of scenes without blinking. This forum notoriously overspecs controllers.
  9. Just my opinion but I dont see why a CA-1 couldnt handle that. In fact, the CA-1 was made to tackle a project just like this.
  10. That model is not listed here https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=samsung+un65nu*&fq=certified%3A"true"
  11. I know that it has been asked in here before but what driver should people be using for Samsung TV’s being controlled via serial ex-link connection? I can’t get the smart hub to come up with the one made for my tv.
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