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  1. Are there any drivers available that show radar information/maps?
  2. Yes, I agree. My husband wanted an AppleTV , so we bought one for HBO Max and can re-purpose it after Roku gets Max.
  3. Third party remote control was the ability of a controller to accept IR input commands from an IR remote control (like a Pronto or a URC MX) to control C4 functions like AV, lighting, shading, thermos etc. The only available controllers that have that capability are the HC200, HC300 and HC500.
  4. Also, no more 3rd party remote control above 2.9.1.
  5. On Z2IO I think you can have either two contacts, or two relays, or one relay and one contact.
  6. Lutron also has an 8 year warranty compared to everyone else's 5 year warranty.
  7. Keep in mind that you will need the Lutron Radio Ra 2 Select Bridge to make louvered blinds and shades work with Control4.
  8. Interestingly, Battery-powered HD and Lutron can be very close price-wise depending on the fabric. I sell both of these brands and sometimes it just comes down to fabric selection.
  9. DawnGordon, Did you ever end up writing a GC-IRE driver as you had mentioned in a thread a while back? I am in the same situation with xantech waterpads in all of my showers. I just finished writing a Control4 ISY994IR driver and I could make it work using the IR IN on the ISY->C4, but I would rather build a native C4 driver. I was just wondering if you ever ended up working on this.

    Thank you
    Joe Nicorata
    Umbrella Automation

    1. DawnGordon


      Hi Joe,

      I'm not a programmer, but I was hoping I could find someone else who could do this. I would gladly pay very well for it if it could work.

      Please let me know if you can figure it out, or know someone who can do it!



  10. What is the problem you are having with Jandy integration?
  11. Qmotion used to have tons of issues with their Zigbee motors losing their settings and disconnecting from the Zigbee mesh. Don't know if there are still problems with this.
  12. Lutron for sure. Let me know if we can help.
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