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  1. I believe the serial adapters were discontinued a few years ago. They do work very well and are faster than the iAqualink cloud system.
  2. Aside from being a Control4 dealer, I'm also a dealer for a shutter company called Norman USA. Norman has a motorized system that has a HUB and remote that communicates to the shutter to open and close the vanes. They currently do not have *any* drivers for 3rd party systems like Control4. I spoke with Norman tech support and they don't know what the RF frequencies are that communicate from the Remote/Hub to the shutter motors. They did say that they would lend the Hub/Remote to me for a couple of weeks to see if I could make it work with Control4. So, I was wondering if Bond Bridge or Ma
  3. I'm a Hunter Douglas dealer. Contact me at Dawn@EgretWindowDecor.com or Dawn@EgretElectronics.com
  4. These are ones many Control4 dealers are using now: https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/amplifiers-speaker/episode-response-dsp-amplifier-100-w-x-16-channels-ea-rsp-16d-100 I can get them for you new with great pricing.
  5. Lutron all the way. In addition to the motor/track. You will also need a power supply and the Lutron SmartBridge Pro for Control4 integration.
  6. This is what you should use if you need a Matrix amp. https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/amplifiers-speaker/episode-response-dsp-amplifier-100-w-x-16-channels-ea-rsp-16d-100
  7. I am a Lutron full shades/drapery dealer and Lutron has curtain tracks that work great with Control4. There are also a couple of companies that work with Lutron to provide cover rods -- hardware rods that go over Lutron tracks to make them look amazing. I did this in my home.
  8. I can help. Email me at Dawn@EgretElectronics.com.
  9. Are there any drivers available that show radar information/maps?
  10. Yes, I agree. My husband wanted an AppleTV , so we bought one for HBO Max and can re-purpose it after Roku gets Max.
  11. Third party remote control was the ability of a controller to accept IR input commands from an IR remote control (like a Pronto or a URC MX) to control C4 functions like AV, lighting, shading, thermos etc. The only available controllers that have that capability are the HC200, HC300 and HC500.
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