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  1. Serena is the retail version of Triathlon shades - less fabric selections and less advanced options but uses the same great motors. Triathlon - more fabrics better options - WIDR widths. Sivoia - Wired power, drapery, horizontal sheer, blind and Roman shade control. Multiple motors to choose from, longer wire runs, ability to do both wired power and control, many more advanced options.
  2. Understood. I think some folks are just pointing out the differences between Lutron and others. Lutron's patent for hembar alignment has not run out. Lutron does have the quietest and most reliable motors in the industry Lutron batteries last between 3-7 years. That said, you seem very happy with your choice and in the end that's what counts.
  3. 3-point locks have been an issue for a long time. Down here in Florida, many of the new doors have 3-point locking systems designed to withstand hurricanes. Unfortunately, I have yet to find an automated solution for my clients.
  4. www.serenashades.com These are made by Lutron and work with the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro to connect to Control4 systems. Let me know if you are interested in our Serena Shades discounted pricing.
  5. I am having the same problem with the HD driver(s) and 2.9.1. The current HD driver is only designed to work with 2.10x and higher, and for some reason has a three minute delay (on my system) before the command gets to the HD hub. A reboot of the controller fixes the problem for a few hours. We have checked the LUA log and the command is being sent immediately there, so I have no idea why it's taking so long to get to the hub. Given that I have the wrong Control4 version, I guess I'm lucky that it works at all. I then tried a much older PowerView driver that's compatible with 2.9x. The problem with that one is that it only works via the programming tab and HD scenes, and the scenes don't show up to attach programming to. So I have to contact Cinegration to see if they can make sense of this. I don't wish to give up on 2.9.x because it's the last Control4 version that allows IR control of the system so you can use 3rd party remote controls. Control4 tech support was useless because it's a 3rd party driver. If anyone here comes up with a solution I would love to hear about it.
  6. Not any longer. RA2 Select has supported tilting vanes and louvers for almost a year now.
  7. What are you looking to pay? I have one.
  8. I don't have a big music collection and a Flash drive connected to my controller works fine.
  9. Z2IO is a much better solution than the myQ. It's direct, there are no external drivers and no waiting for a gateway to respond. The garage door opener will be less expensive as well.
  10. So the main difference between the Distributed Audio Speakers is that they are designed more for Distributed Audio. I.E. they are more of a full-range design and don't necessarily need a sub to sound good. The Bronze, and Silver Rounds don't go down as deep and a sub is a nice addition with them. Also, the Bronze and Silver Rounds are available in a sealed enclosure while the Distributed Audio is not. Only the R Series is discontinued.
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