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  1. Serena Shades can be controlled by any of the hubs, same with Triathlon and Sivoia. But, you need the SmartBridge Pro or higher to integrate with Control4 and you need the RA2 Select Hub or higher to control louvered products. In addition, if you want to be able to use the Lutron app, you will need a SmartBridge, SmartBridge Pro, or RA2 Select Bridge. The Radio RA2 Main Repeater does not work with the app, but a hub can be added to a RA2 system so you can use the app. I have a chart that indicates which size wire you need. What will be your longest run? We typically have the wire come out of the corner of the jamb.
  2. I am a Lutron full shades dealer and have sold Lutron (with great pricing) to forum members here. Lutron shading is sold in three categories: Serena Shades (consumer): A DIY battery and wired for power line with Lutron's excellent Triathlon motors. Available in a full-range of fabrics and styles (roller shades, honeycomb shades and wood blinds with motorized tilt). A few options, such as Battery Boost are not available with Serena. Triathlon (professional): Triathlon is Lutron's step-up shading line. Like Serena, it can be powered via battery or by wire. Not nearly as many options as Sivoia (below), but for most, this line is great. You have the option of Battery Boost which will give you up to 7 years of battery life based on the shade size, material and usage. Other great Triathlon options include hembar alignment and more flexible mounting options. Sivoia (professional & full shades): Sivoia is the highest end Lutron shading. There are several different motor options (all wired), many different mounting options, numerous power and control options, and additional shading types: Horizontal Sheers (think Silhouette), Motorized Drapery Tracks, Kirbe Vertical Draperies, Roman Shade Motors, and Wood Blinds with Motorized raise/lower/tilt. Control: All Lutron Shading can be controlled with Lutron Pico remote controls. Additionally, Lutron Hubs such as the SmartBridge, SmartBridge Pro, Radio Ra2 Select and Radio Ra2 Main Repeater can control the shades. An exception is that Louvered products need Radio Ra Select Hubs or higher to control them. If you have Control4 or another 3rd party control system, you need the SmartBridge Pro or higher for integration. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  3. The best one I know is the SurgeX UPS, but it's pricey.
  4. Sony is out, and so is Sound United (Marantz, Denon, etc), as well as Savant, URC and many others. There are also rumors that Samsung is out.
  5. The NX7/RS2000 is the sweet spot of the JVC line. At an 80,000 contrast ratio, it has twice the contrast of the NX5.
  6. Go with Lutron, Hunter Douglas or Somfy. These companies have working and dependable Control4 drivers. IMO, the rest can be tricky and not work reliably.
  7. I'm a Lutron full shades dealer with excellent pricing. Let me know if you need anything. Regards, Dawn
  8. HD is not *always* less expensive than Lutron. I sell both brands and it sometimes comes down to the fabric choice.
  9. Does anyone know if the new lossless audio will work with the Apple Music app for Android?
  10. I believe the serial adapters were discontinued a few years ago. They do work very well and are faster than the iAqualink cloud system.
  11. Aside from being a Control4 dealer, I'm also a dealer for a shutter company called Norman USA. Norman has a motorized system that has a HUB and remote that communicates to the shutter to open and close the vanes. They currently do not have *any* drivers for 3rd party systems like Control4. I spoke with Norman tech support and they don't know what the RF frequencies are that communicate from the Remote/Hub to the shutter motors. They did say that they would lend the Hub/Remote to me for a couple of weeks to see if I could make it work with Control4. So, I was wondering if Bond Bridge or Matterlink could identify the RF frequencies and possibly use them to control the shutters? One other option is connecting to Amazon Echo or Google which I know they are working on. Is there any way to have a Control4 keypad send commands to Alexa to move the louvers even though there is no dedicated Control4 app?
  12. I'm a Hunter Douglas dealer. Contact me at Dawn@EgretWindowDecor.com or Dawn@EgretElectronics.com
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