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  1. FYI just realized that the chowmain paid driver on driver central now works with FireTv. Will be testing that to see if it will be more stable. Will report back if I find it better.
  2. agree this is rock solid. I am still having issues with the new IP driver randomly dropping off sometimes. Only solution is to go to the rack and power cycle the firestick, my wife made us switch back to this lol
  3. apologize on further investigation it looks like with the new updated driver you are correct it doesn't work. It did work with the original "new" driver that was only published for a few days before taken down. Not sure if those are related but it was a cool feature so it would be nice if they brought it back.
  4. I run into this also. I've found sometimes you actually need to use the original firestick remote to just press one button and then the c4 remote starts working again without a reboot. Also sometimes on reboot it doesn't work with C4 control until you use the firestick remote first and also noticed sometimes it just hangs and the only solution is to rescan for firesticks and reselect the firestick in composer for it to start working again. All of these have happened in a home with 5 firesticks each set up with separate drivers. Not sure if having so many firesticks integrated into the project is also causing issues. Much better than the old slow response driver but still very far from being "rock solid". Another solution is installing with FLIRC IR adapters when possible as these solves both the reliability issues and the slow response issues of the old drivers.
  5. The folder I was speaking of is accessed when you click the C4 red button on your remote and navigate to watch or click watch and scroll down to the Apps folder. Its not made visible by default, if you go to the navigator tab in composer and edit your watch list you can add it back into the menu. The default name is something like "firetv apps" or "Firetv switcher" which you have to add to the room to be visible. If anyone needs help and doesn't have access to composer or their dealer cant figure it out, I can remotely get you set up. Just send me a PM.
  6. I have an 8x8 HDMI matrix setup to distribute my video sources around the house. The matrix is a binary 120 which has actual HDMI out not ethernet/HDbase. I dont have any way to easily run new cable so for now 1080 has to do. I also have 2 ceiling speakers in each of the bedrooms powered by a C4 amp/matrix which is in the central rack next to the binary HDMi matrix. I want to make the tv volume come from these ceiling speakers. My understanding is I can use an HDMI audio extractor to send the audio to my audio matrix/amp to then play on the ceiling speakers. My question is would I be better off putting the audio extractor on the HDMI inputs before the video matrix so each inputs sound can be sent to the room playing the tv or should I put the extractor on the video matrix outputs so each rooms volume goes to the ceiling speaker? Does it matter? Only thing I can think of is if I wanted to play the input volume IE the apple TV in another room in addition to the room the video matrix is sending the video it would be better to do the extractor on the input. I doubt I'd use that but anything else I should consider?
  7. I have a single speaker in my master bath that I never really used but just now realized is not playing mono audio. It’s clear it’s only playing left or right (not sure which). The speaker is hooked up to a c4 8 zone amp. All other zones have 2 speakers in each room. Is there a way in the software to send the audio to this single speaker as mono or is this a hardware thing that needs to be fixed to work properly? Sorry I don’t know much about audio.
  8. What a bummer that this hasn’t materialized. Still need a good z wave solution with 2 way feedback.
  9. the J-tech serial 4x4 driver works perfectly for my monoprice 4x4 matrix. If you look at a photo of the two devices its clear that they are the same just with different logos. Not sure on the 8x8 tho
  10. I'm looking for a method to get a scale into C4 for things like Is my propane tank low, how much beer is left in the keg, does my water softener need more salt, etc. Anyone know of a solution for something like this?
  11. Is there a way to schedule different actions on different days with the wake agent? I would like to be able to have the radio go off during work days. On Sunday I would like my TV to turn on to my Sunday morning show. It appears that I cannot add two versions in the same room? The room shows iheart as media to turn on when the alarm goes off. However I am unable to select my TV... The only way I can get the tv to show is if I use the TV as the only media source but then I lose the ability to wake up to the radio on week days...
  12. Thanks! I never knew the watch button didn't show up as default!
  13. Just tried to create a virtual switch with one input and 2 outputs (each going to a different room) and in only the 1st room do the sources show up, the 2nd room I can add them to the navigator but there is no watch menu on the c4 app in that room. It does look like it works on the remote. Any idea how to get the app to show the duplicate sources in the 2nd room?
  14. I just installed a video over ip device that takes the inputs from one room and plays it in another. The setup is video sources go into a hdmi switch, the switch output goes into the ip input which sends the source to the 2nd room and the loop keeps the source in the current room. The setup works perfect to mirror content in both rooms. Now I am trying to figure out how to control the sources (Apple TV, firestick, gaming console) from a remote in the 2nd room while also not turning on the first room. Is there a way to have Control4 put a video source in two rooms at a time? Seems like I need a virtual switch? Thought maybe path setter but that only allows for one input/output. I have remotes in both rooms but I want to be able to turn the rooms on independently while still also being able to mirror when I want. What’s the best way to do this?
  15. I have the driver installed, I am now having an issue where randomly, playback pauses, then 1 second later continues, it doesn't even really stop but the menu with the slider at the bottom pops up. Again seems random, sometimes multiple times in a 5 minute window, sometimes nothing for an hour. Wonder if others are having issues?
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