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  1. So I have outdoor Somfy rts roller shades which I am able to control via z wave using their zrtsi controller. Right now I have it hooked up to a smartthings hub. Also it connects to as my Honeywell tuxedo touch alarm panel which supports z wave and is set as a secondary controller so it shows up in SmartThings as well as the alarm planel. Question is how do I get these blinds integrated with Control4? I’ve heard Control4 supports z wave using a Vera hub? Would this work to control the blinds? Can this hub be set as a secondary controller? Do I need a special Control4 driver? Is there another way to get this set up? Open to any way to get it into Control4 but would prefer if I can retain my other hub integrations too. If I integrated my alarm into Control4 could I control it that way? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've seen/heard you could do this with Navigation agent? the camera is a LTS IP camera that I am connecting to via the LTS NVR Driver. It is in no way physically connected to this tv. Any more info on how to set this up directly vs navigating the menus would be very helpful! @JFH good point, I will make this correction!
  3. Thank you, still new to programming but I’ll give this a shot. the idea of this program is to pull up my front door camera when someone is at the door. I only want it to do this when I am already watching tv. Then after a I have a chance to see who is at the door go back to my original tv content. It works great minus the fact that I still don’t know how to trigger it. Was hoping to use a lts camera I have but can’t get motion detection to work.
  4. Trying to set up a program that only runs when someone is watching the TV. See below screenshot. I've tried it a few different ways but no matter what I do the program runs even when the TV/AMP/Familyroom is off. Anyone know how I should do this?
  5. Also looking to do this, it seems the LTS and Hik allow you to trigger a "dummy" motion sensor with an alarm output but I cannot get it to work.... if anyone has any other ideas to get cameras to trigger programs I'd love to hear it!
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