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  1. Thanks! I never knew the watch button didn't show up as default!
  2. Just tried to create a virtual switch with one input and 2 outputs (each going to a different room) and in only the 1st room do the sources show up, the 2nd room I can add them to the navigator but there is no watch menu on the c4 app in that room. It does look like it works on the remote. Any idea how to get the app to show the duplicate sources in the 2nd room?
  3. I just installed a video over ip device that takes the inputs from one room and plays it in another. The setup is video sources go into a hdmi switch, the switch output goes into the ip input which sends the source to the 2nd room and the loop keeps the source in the current room. The setup works perfect to mirror content in both rooms. Now I am trying to figure out how to control the sources (Apple TV, firestick, gaming console) from a remote in the 2nd room while also not turning on the first room. Is there a way to have Control4 put a video source in two rooms at a time? Seems like I n
  4. I have the driver installed, I am now having an issue where randomly, playback pauses, then 1 second later continues, it doesn't even really stop but the menu with the slider at the bottom pops up. Again seems random, sometimes multiple times in a 5 minute window, sometimes nothing for an hour. Wonder if others are having issues?
  5. in addition to the remote no longer having a delay, if you click into firetv apps on your sr260 you can launch any app thats loaded on the firestick not just those with mini drivers which is a neat feature.
  6. Im having mixed results, 3 of my firesticks work fine, two don't work at all (cant even be selected in composer). All of them are 4k sticks. For the ones that are working I agree it is great! The ability to load custom apps on firestick makes them a way better choice over roku for me personally.
  7. As title states looking for the z wave module and usb enclosure. Will need it shipped to 85283 in the USA.
  8. Found this https://www.soundandvision.com/content/flex-automation-bridges-control4-and-z-wave does anyone know if this product is still coming to market? quick google search looks like the company is in brasil and there is nothing on their website. I hate my vera so really excited about the possibility of something like this.
  9. concept is I'm walking out of my house, the switch is lit up so I know oh some light is still on, I click that button it turns it all off. Yes I could click the button every time but honestly I'm lazy and I probably wouldn't do it if the light on the keypad isn't on to remind me.
  10. My somfy shades are connected to smartthings which allows voice control through alexa. I then use a vera as a secondary zwave hub to copy all my smartthings devices and integrate into control4. For what its worth I don't think vera is a very good hub/solution at all... The only reason I have it is its the only one that works with control4
  11. got it working thanks all! Question tho what does it mean by top button? I used top and it works but again not sure what the difference is since I assigned it to a particular button not the top one.
  12. I’m still having issues with the announcement delay but that’s not new to 3.2. I had a strange bug when upgrading history only showed up in composer. Had to have my dealer restore an old project and then reupgrade but 2nd time it was fine.
  13. I recently added a keypad near my garage door for when I am leaving the house. I have a button set up to turn off all lights in the house using a advance lighting scene. What I would like to do is have that button light up yellow if any light is on in the house and then not light up if all the lights turn off. Is there a simple way to do this? I could create a variable but I have over 20 lights and that seems like a lot of work. Also all of my lights are lutron connected to c4 using the pro bridge if that matters... Wondering if there is a simple way? I'm sure there is a paid driver but
  14. silly question, once updated to the new firmware how do you get the history button to show? I can see history agent in composer but theres nothing on my c4 app... Checked the navigator screen in composer and didn't see it there either...
  15. tagging this as i am also interested in creating custom mini apps.
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