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  1. A bit off topic but i'd recommend making sure vera works for you before going down this path... I have vera it is horrible compared to smartthings or any other hub. I get that you will likely just want to pull the devices into c4 but for me things consitantly drop such as my somfy z wave blinds and half of my other z wave devices don't work at all with vera such as my kiwset locks even tho others from the same brand work fine... As far as controllers go, my setup is a Ea3 that runs as main and does onscreen in my theater, ea1 in the living room, t3 touch pannel, security system, 10+ lutron lights, 17 of the old 6 button keypads throughout the house, 10 different IP cameras, 4 honeywell thermostats, 13 audio zones, an HC800 which i use as additional audio streams and IO for things like my doorbell and garage and security panel. The EA3 runs it just fine although I also was recommended an ea5 to start with.
  2. Price drop to $35 each otherwise will post them to eBay next weekend
  3. Also experiencing long load times. I had thought it was b/c I have too many devices added lately and only running a ea3 as main but hopefully it’s just software thing they can fix...
  4. I have my vista20p connected to Control4 using the serial cable adapter and the residential driver. I purchased a few Honeywell tilt sensors for the garage doors to integrate into the garage door driver as sensors. When I installed them on my vista panel I used *189 to create a custom zone type 90 that would only trigger the alarm when the alarm was in night (instant) mode. The reason for this is I don’t want the alarm going off when I pull into the garage and I can only set an entry delay of 99seconds which if my wife has groceries or kids doing things might not be enough time. It looks like when using the type 90 custom zone it won’t show up as a zone in control4. It works fine if I set it to zone type 2 or 3 (entry/exit). Is there a way to get custom zones types to show up on Control4? If not anyone have other ideas to have it work as an alarm at night, and with Control4?
  5. Also have a dot outside, mine is semi covered, sitting on top of a built in fridge in the gap between the countertop. Has been outside all summer in Arizona and despite the record heat is no worse for ware. I did have an issue one day when it wasn't responding, did a temp read and it was over 140F. Took it inside an it worked fine an hour later. It is one of the older generations that is all hard plastic no mesh grill which might make it semi more water proof?
  6. Bought up all of my dealers old stock of 6 button keypads not knowing how many I would need to install in my new house, ended up with 5 extra. These are brand new in the box, still have the yellow factory sticker covering the wires. As mentioned I installed a few so I can verify they are all on zigbee (latest gen) so no need to worry about upgrading the old type. Willing to take offers on all of them otherwise $40each seems to be what they fetch on ebay and with me there is no risk of getting an old embernet one. Should fit in a flat rate padded envelope for quick shipping. Happy to send you photos if needed.
  7. I have screenlogic and do the same thing as you, use a rs232 usb adapter hooked up to the wireless screenlogic adapter inside my house. I am able to pull all the information using a js.node program that was developed for smartthings. Here is the link to the smartthings topic smartthings pentair. There is links in that topic to the github as well as the smartthings driver (app). This method allows me to change things as well including turning on various pumps, lights, etc. Given that this works for smartthings I'd imagine it would work for control4 in the very way you are showing above. I hope you have plans to make the control4 driver available or someone else steps up to do this. I have no idea how to make control4 drivers but if anyone needs any sort of assistance in terms of beta testing or anything like that to make screenlogic work I'd be happy to help.
  8. There was a guy on youtube named the antenna man or something like that, that recommended clearstream and I must say it works great for me: Amazon link I have mine set up with an amazon recast which works well across all our tvs and use a flirc remote usb dongle so control4 doesnt lag when controlling the firesticks. Setup works great and is much cheaper than the IRUSB although others on this forum do recommend that setup as well.
  9. I've tried searching for a stand alone device that will just play an RTSP feed 24/7 that was cheap however I can't seem to find such a thing... if you know of one please do share! I have an old HC300 that is not used in my main system/project. I was considering running the HC300 as a separate project. My understanding is 2.5.3 is the most up to date version the HC300 can run as a primary controller. Since I already have the controller I was hoping to buy a used portable touch screen (cheap) to pair with the HC300 that my wife could use to view our cameras without having to use her phone/ipad. To be fair I'd probably set it up so it was always displaying the front door. I have LTS cameras. I can see the LTS camera driver I use on my main project is only verified to work with 2.10. I've tested it and the generic camera driver works fine on 3.1.3 to show my cameras too so LTS driver isn't necessarily a requirement. The HC300 has a contact sensor input that I can also use to tie into my doorbell ring the same way I do with my main project. Is there a generic camera driver that works with 2.5.3 that I can use to view the RSTP feed? Is there another way that would be better to do this? Again realize this is way old tech but trying to see if I can solve a problem without too much extra expense.
  10. thanks for the input all! I got it setup and was testing but running into issues where streams would cut off. After playing with it, i thought the cause was amazon and iheart wont let me play multiple streams at a time (i am just using free accounts). Not sure if Pandora is the same... Anyone have a "free" workaround for how to get past that? Is there a way to have control4 log in to different or multiple accounts? I can get two streams to stay on all the time, one amazon, one iheart. If i play 4 streams it will work for a song or two but then it cuts off back to just the first two... Still not sure what the actual issue might be.
  11. I currently have an EA3 hooked up in my main rack that goes to a C4 16 channel matrix. I have an hc800 that I was planning to use to add additional streams. Question though, is there a way to set the EA3 as the "primary" meaning the first two streams will play out of the EA3 and then if I add additional streams to use the HC800 as the secondary? Also want to make sure if I only hook up 1 additional stream from the 800 that control4 wont be confused and only let me play one stream vs the 3 i am trying to have (2 from EA3 one from the HC800).
  12. the most helpful for me is being able to turn on the back patio light when I open the back door. The more things you have integrated the better the overall experience!
  13. trying to update an HC800 and it always hangs up when it goes to reboot. Tried a few times always the same result even after doing a factory reset... Any ideas/suggestions?
  14. thanks if you could send me a list or photo, i might be interested in a few others too
  15. Not to derail this but can you explain how I can do this with a workaround? Also I'll add to the list, Ability to add playlists and run "my music" from Amazon Music to the room driver like you can with Iheart and Pandora.
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