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  1. The original Instagram post is no longer available. Does it look like a Neeo? Anyone have a copy of the pic?
  2. See the post linked below. These can be driven by Philips Hue light strip controllers, or the DMX controller referenced in the thread below.
  3. As chopedogg88 said, shorting terminals doesn’t work for MyQ door openers. To test that it work for you garage door, take a screw driver and short it between the two terminals on the door. The door opener should start moving the door up/down immediately, just like pressing the button on the wall.
  4. Can you provide additional details on the extra relay needed for MyQ? Does it work by open-circuiting the wired MyQ keypad and then short-circuiting the terminals for “short-to-close”?
  5. If you have to have Apple music, Sonos is probably the best option. You can do basic controls and favorites through C4, but have to use Sonos for specific searches, etc. Of you don’t have to have Apple Music, the native integration services mentioned in this thread are your best option. .
  6. Yes, so for so good. I got the Bifröst-84 (the less-bright version) for a tray ceiling accent light. For now, I'm using the stock Philips Hue light strip pro controller and power supply. Because of that, I'm not getting full brightness out of the 5 meter strip. The Philips power supply is only 24 watts and the 5 meter Bifröst-84 requires 72 watts for full brightness (about 15 watts/meter). But that's OK for this application as it's only an accent light. I'm looking to do some higher brightness Bifröst-147 lighting elsewhere. I'll need a separate power supply capable of 20 watts/meter to power those. I'm still working through DMX control vs. Philips Hue control. It's good to have the flexibility to do either for now.
  7. For a total Homeworks QS Ketrasystem, I don’t know how costs compare. I looked into Ketra before the Lutron acquisition. Rough estimate was about $130/bulb or $250/fixture, plus $750 for the controllers. And obviously numerous hours for DMX driver integration. A Homeworks QS dealer could give a better perspective.
  8. I disagree that C4 panelized is the Rolls Royce of lighting. It doesn’t even offer native tunable white color temperature adjustment. Lutron Ketra is the most-capable lighting system I’ve encountered. Each fixture is individually addressable even though multiple lights are on a common power circuit. There are photo sensors in each light to continually monitor and adjust for consistent light quality throughout the bulb lifecycle. From a light quality and capability standpoint, there is no equal. It has extremely high CRI and full color adjustability as well. The Ketra controller can do automatic circadian-based adjustment of the lights throughout the day. Officially, Ketra lights only work with Lutron Homeworks QS, though DMX integration is also technically possible. C4 can obviously work with both Homeworks and DMX. If price isn’t a significant factor, Ketra is the way to go. Hopefully Lutron will release a RadioRa2 version at some point. Or C4/SnapAV launches a competitive product line.
  9. Ditto. I wanted to do LumaStream for efficiency and tunable white, but ultimately decided it was too restrictive going forward as technology evolves. Also, I couldn’t get all of the fixtures styles (i.e. chandeliers and such) to be compatible, and didn’t want a mixed solution. If cost isn’t an issue, LumaStream is fantastic. If it does every thing you would ever want, then go for it. You won’t get the energy efficiency or dim-to-1%-brightness capability from Control4 switches and standard LED bulbs. You won’t get as good tunable white either, but there are some dim-to-warm LED lights that allow some degree of white light temperature adjustment. It’s also difficult to find high CRI LED bulbs. LumaStream has 95+ CRI if I recall. You can control LumaStream with Control4 through a DMX interface. The low-voltage wired keypads would make the most sense for that (they don’t directly control the lighting loads, just send commands to C4 controller.) As far as Crestron vs. C4, both are great and more than capable...as long as you have a good local company you can count on to make it work and respond to support requests
  10. The nice thing about Andersen Veriliock is that the sensors are built into the latches, so no modification is required to the window, and they can be retrofit into existing windows. The downside is that the retrofit is even more expensive vs. factory-install due to having to replace the regular latch with the security sensor latch. Also, the sensors are only compatible with certain product lines (Andersen E-series, A-series, 400-series.) I had to upgrade a few 100/200-series windows to a higher series to get sensor compatibility (but also got a better quality windows.)
  11. I had Andersen Veri-lock sensors installed in all of the windows throughout my new house build. They are similar to Pella Insynctive. Verilock doesn't require a special hub. Andersen Verilocks uses the Honeywell security sensor protocol. Elk has a Honeywell module that works with the sensors; the Elk M1 security system provides the C4 integration. What I like about Veri-lock is that it notifies if the window/patio door is lock/unlocked and if it's open or closed. Locked or not is great for security, open/closed is great for automating HVAC (no need to run AC if windows are open.) As far as it being worth it, I'm not so sure. It was close to $3k to have the sensors added to all of the windows. I'm not sure I'll ever get that much value out of them. I had to make the decision in early in the house build process, and I did it "just in case" because it would be even more expensive to retrofit. If security and being eco-friendly are extremely important to you, go for it. Otherwise, there are probably better ways to spend you money.
  12. I agree, burial subs or the James planters would be much better bass performance than either of the in-wall or in-ceiling options. In-ceiling was my only option unfortunately.
  13. The plugs and switches having different styles and finishes is not something people will notice when they walk into your house, but if you’re like me, it’s all you see once it’s in your brain. For what it’s worth, my wife said “you’re right about the plug plates matching the switch plates - it does look better.” Also, she really disliked the curved C4 plate design I think the aesthetic of having matching-design plates on plugs and switches is a bigger impact than having the finishes all match. I other words, snow white switches in gloss white plates or gloss plugs in snow white plates isn’t as big of a deal, so long as the plate styles match Availably is the other strike against Snow White. If you’re looking to opportunistically pick up used, gloss white is widely available and snow white is very hard to find.
  14. The only problem with Snow White is that it’s almost required to use C4 faceplates to get them to match the switches - and it won’t match your wall plugs. I couldn’t find anything else that would match snow white, including lutron snow white (the color seemed right but the texture was noticeably more “grainy” and looked cheap.) I don’t like the weird sculpted curve of the C4 faceplates. Matching the wall plugs was s bigger issue. I have Eaton decora screwless plugs throughout. Gloss white was the only option available at the local lighting distributor - and I probably from Eaton in general. I think the Eaton decora screwless plates look great on both the plugs and C4 gloss switches. I have a mix of gloss white and snow white. While I like Snow White better by themselves, I’m switching all keypad buttons to gloss white to match everything else in the house.
  15. I've found another option for 5-channel RGB+W+WW LED tape lights: Sowilo Design. They even have a IP67 waterproof option. They aren't just relabeled generic imported lights. They've specifically engineered them for 95+ CRI for white color temperatures of 2200k and 6500k and use high-gauge copper traces to reduce voltage drop for longer runs. Also, a 3-year warranty on the LED strip lights. These are the lights I'm planning to use.
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