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  1. The problem is that my Denon receiver will only downmix “zone 1 / multi-channel audio” to “zone 2 / 2-channel audio” if zone 2 is set to “source”. If zone 1 and zone 2 are both set to “input 2” there is no audio down-mixing. I wish there was a discrete command for “zone 2 - source” input.
  2. Do you know how to set Zone 2 to "Source" in Control4? For my Denon receiver, I'm only seeing inputs 1/2/3/4/5 as discrete sources in Composer (and not "Source".) I can only get to "Source" by selecting it with the Zone 2 input button on the front panel of the Denon. (And to be clear, when "source" is selected for Zone 2, it plays the currently-selected source for Zone 1.)
  3. Hi Nick, sorry for the delay in responding. They are already sold. I'll update the listing accordingly.
  4. SOLD I purchased 2 LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 Wired Dry Contact Adapters (LiftMaster 883LMW Garadget conversion.) They enable a Control4 relay to activate the garage door button. I purchased these for a project with LiftMaster 8500 wall-mount garage door openers, which do not work with (and do not require) these buttons/adapters. (The LiftMaster 8500W and pretty much all other LiftMaster/Chamberlin garage door openers require these for dry contact operation.) Both are new and never installed. SOLD
  5. It’s disappointing to hear about clients who treat dealers this way. It’s perhaps how this person goes through life treating everyone. You all deserve to be paid for your work.
  6. I was thinking that maybe Navigation Agent could programmatically call a webview for the dashboard? Or just define the webview as the default screen?
  7. Control4 Touchscreens don't allow Android screen savers as far as I know. I was thinking a possible solution would be more likely be around C4 navigation agent forcing the generic web view driver to open via custom programming.
  8. Is there a way to make DAKboard or Splash Tiles act as a "screensaver" for C4 touch panels? So instead of activating the actual C4 time/date screensaver, go to the URL view and display the dashboard?
  9. I got this working today, and I'm impressed with the feature. It was a little more complicated of a setup than expected. The biggest issues were: The Netplay Cloud driver was impossible to find. The forum post above is the only place I can find for the link. Google didn't return anything. It wasn't clear that I needed to enable overlays. When an overlay notification was sent, my nVidia Shield switch to the Splash Tiles app and displayed the full-screen editor, which was really confusing. The setup instructions should state that app overlay permission must be granted to the Splash Tiles App. I tried multiple times, but I could never get image to display from my Control4 DS2 DoorStation. (The URL is not accessible outside of my home network for security reasons - does it need to be?). The format of the URL is https://root:password@
  10. I’m not aware of a default password. I suggest reconnecting it to your C4 controller and viewing the password that way.
  11. You don't seem to be interested in a constructive discussion about how this functionality could possibly be improved, but rather defending the existing confusing functionality that you and others have apparently had to explain numerous times. Unfortunately, Google has not yet adjusted their algorithm to prioritize results based on your documentation of this functionality. The other 4 top Google results, which are all on this forum, are still awaiting inclusion of this insight. I fear I should not further my participation.
  12. I'm surprised by the snarky replies. This question has been asked multiple times in multiple threads. None of those threads returned in my search provided this information, so I decided to document it for the next person searching for the solution. I don't see why this is deserving of contempt. As far as how this feature could be better implemented, literally any other approach would likely be better. Dragging an object to an unmarked UI target at the far left side to get that object to nest under the target (and toward the right) goes against pretty much every basic rule of UI design. A simple alternative solution would be to have indent/outdent UI buttons appear beside a command when it's selected. Another option would be to nest the command when it's dropped directly on top of the target, but also show a horizontal divider target between the rows when dragging slightly above or slightly below an existing row (the way row re-ordering is displayed in pretty much every spreadsheet.) Also, it's somewhat ironic that this is the same screen that pops up an "Expression Builder" warning, and also that the expression builder has a dedicated UI element just for re-enable the pop-up warning after it's been disabled. The "drag left to nest right" function is less obvious than the Expression Builder.
  13. For anyone else struggling getting Commands to nest below Conditionals, there is a trick to doing this. You have to drag the Command Statement (Green Arrow) to the Blue Question Mark *ICON*. You must drag to the ICON itself and not the text beside the icon. (If you drag the Command Statement to the text beside the Blue Question Mark Icon, you will not get the "right arrow overlay" nest option. Dragging Commands to the Conditional text gives only the option to reorder the Command above/below the Conditional. This is very bad UI design by Control4 in Composer.)
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