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  1. For me personally, I wouldn’t worry about the warranty. It’s now against the law for “stickers being broken” to void the warranty, and your NVR probably doesn’t even have a “warranty void if broken sticker.”. And if you do have a problem, just put the stock fans back in and send it in for warranty. Closing off all of the airflow to the cabinet is the most likely thing to make the NVR fail. I definitely would not do that unless you have a huge volume of space inside the cabinet.
  2. Sealing up the cracks/openings in the cabinet is the only way to keep the noise from coming out. Adding soundproofing will not make a substantial difference as long as you have openings in the cabinet. Your best bet is to disassemble the NVR and replace the fans with something quieter.
  3. Exactly. If the amp can handle a 4-ohm load, that's the way to go when driving multiple speakers. Especially if you want "higher than background music" volume levels. An amp will produce twice the power output with a 4-ohm load as it does with 8 ohms, which can be a big benefit if driving multiple speakers. Conversely, the amp will produce half the power with a 16-ohm load (two 8-ohm speakers in series), which is still OK if you only want background music, but not so great if you want higher volume levels. I currently run multiple 4-speaker zones at 4 ohms (two 8-ohm speakers in parallel on each channel.) Each zone is powered by a Sonos ZP120.
  4. That’s my understanding. But no video recording, cell backup, or central monitoring on free plan But perhaps could accomplish almost the same with C4 notifications of inputs being tripped.
  5. There is no API (either cloud or local) from Ring, so no way to integrate it with anything outside of what Ring releases (i.e. Amazon Alexa.) $10/month for monitored security, cell backup, and unlimited camera monitoring is a very compelling price point. But the lack of integration makes it suitable for only the most basic setups.
  6. Parts Express and Monoprice both sell a combination matrix switcher and multizone amp. It can be controlled via RS232. You can do 6 zones from each amp, and daisy chain 3 amps together for 18 total zones. They come with keypads for each room, but you don’t need them if controlling the amps from a control system such as C4. I did see a driver somewhere for these amps. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dax66-6-source-6-room-distributed-whole-house-audio-system-with-keypads-25-wpc--300-585 https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=10761
  7. I can say with complete certainty that the Ecobee 4 can control Heat Pumps with up to 4 stages each. https://support.ecobee.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006077367-What-types-of-HVAC-systems-are-ecobee-thermostats-compatible-with- You have 4 zones, and most likely, it's the Trane Comfortlink II proprietary zone controller is being used. That zone controller is not compatible with standard/conventional thermostat 5-wire (R, G, Y, W, C) configurations and instead requires the XL1050 thermostat. So it's most likely a Zone Controller compatibility issue, not a Trane Heat Pump compatibility issue. A Trane dealer knows Trane equipment, and that's what they are going to sell you. That is the highest-end multi-zone system Trane makes. I think it's overly complicated and expensive for what still feels like a dated user interface, but it will definitely get the job done. I'm pretty sure they could use Ecobee thermostats and an Aprilaire 6404 zone controller or an EcoJay 4-zone SmartZone controller instead. But they won't be familiar with those controllers and won't want to warranty it. Go with what your HVAC installer knows. (FYI, my local Trane HVAC company switched from Trane to Aprilaire thermostats and zone controllers for these and other reasons.)
  8. I would assume that it has a secondary lower resolution stream that would display on standard monitors. Maybe/most likely horizontally compressed. The secondary substream resolution is 704x320 @30fps. Not sure how C4 would handle that.
  9. Has anyone tried Announcements with the new Sonos Amp and API? Is the feature in the Sonos Driver for C4 yet?
  10. It looks to me like the Dresden Electric is only 4 channels, so not true RGB+Tunable White. For Tunable White you need 5 channels: RGB+WarmWhite+CoolWhite. I like the idea of using the Hue driver for this. I'd give up on the RGB (that you'll probably never use) and do 2-channel Tunable White (WarmWhite+CoolWhite). https://shop.dresden-elektronik.de/fls-ct-lp.html?___store=english&___from_store=deutsch I've been looking at these DMX solutions, but agree that it's overly complicated. This Hue-compatible solution looks like the way to go. Is it difficult to get shipped to the US?
  11. EDIT: I got what I need. Thanks. I need some standard/dumb Control4 wall switches. It's my understanding that these switches look like Control4 latest generation Zigbee dimmer switches, but are regular (non-smart) On/Off switches and are capable of operating in a 3-way configuration. I need 3x of the 10-packs in Snow White.
  12. I remember reading that C4 has released non-smart switches, but I can't find the article or any details on them. They are basically dumb on/off switches, but the style/design matches C4 smart switches. Are the available in just the single-light on/off configuration? Or do they also work in a 3-way switch configuration (2 switches controlling 1 light.) As I recall, they are only available in 10-packs? Thanks in advance!
  13. I also agree. The easiest way to fix the problem is to use a dremel tool to grind out the inside edge of the blot receiver plate in the door frame. I had 2 doors with this problem and fixed them in about 5 minutes.
  14. I had Leviton HAI Omni IIe in my last house. It's a very solid system that does security well and builds out from there. Unfortunately, it's starting to show it's age. Leviton hasn't done anything with it since the acquired HAI a few years ago. The e-mail notifier board is the only upgrade they released. For everything except security, C4 is better (lights, keypads, thermo, music, A/V, etc.). And for security only, ELK has a more capable and modular product offering. And I had to use several ELK adapters/accessories to get my Omni to do certain things. For the price, and due to the complete lack of updates, I had to move on from Omni despite being extremely programming and configuring the system.
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