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  1. I got this working today, and I'm impressed with the feature. It was a little more complicated of a setup than expected. The biggest issues were: The Netplay Cloud driver was impossible to find. The forum post above is the only place I can find for the link. Google didn't return anything. It wasn't clear that I needed to enable overlays. When an overlay notification was sent, my nVidia Shield switch to the Splash Tiles app and displayed the full-screen editor, which was really confusing. The setup instructions should state that app overlay permission must be granted to the Splash T
  2. I’m not aware of a default password. I suggest reconnecting it to your C4 controller and viewing the password that way.
  3. You don't seem to be interested in a constructive discussion about how this functionality could possibly be improved, but rather defending the existing confusing functionality that you and others have apparently had to explain numerous times. Unfortunately, Google has not yet adjusted their algorithm to prioritize results based on your documentation of this functionality. The other 4 top Google results, which are all on this forum, are still awaiting inclusion of this insight. I fear I should not further my participation.
  4. I'm surprised by the snarky replies. This question has been asked multiple times in multiple threads. None of those threads returned in my search provided this information, so I decided to document it for the next person searching for the solution. I don't see why this is deserving of contempt. As far as how this feature could be better implemented, literally any other approach would likely be better. Dragging an object to an unmarked UI target at the far left side to get that object to nest under the target (and toward the right) goes against pretty much every basic rule of UI design. A
  5. For anyone else struggling getting Commands to nest below Conditionals, there is a trick to doing this. You have to drag the Command Statement (Green Arrow) to the Blue Question Mark *ICON*. You must drag to the ICON itself and not the text beside the icon. (If you drag the Command Statement to the text beside the Blue Question Mark Icon, you will not get the "right arrow overlay" nest option. Dragging Commands to the Conditional text gives only the option to reorder the Command above/below the Conditional. This is very bad UI design by Control4 in Composer.)
  6. My nVidia Shields are showing up as new network IP devices in Composer, indicating IP control. Hopefully this will allow me to retire the semi-annoying VideoStorm dongle and driver.
  7. Another vote for a Fing driver. I have Unifi but I use Fing for monitoring the devices on my network.
  8. SOLD I purchased this for a project but never used. Somfy SDN Non-Plenum Control Cable - 1000 ft. Condition is New. Shipped with UPS Ground. Features and Benefits Somfy composite control and power cable 14 AWG power pair 22 AWG 3 conductor shielded triad for control Extra thick jacketing for durability and pulling NEC rated CL3R, RoHS II compliant 1000 Foot spools standard Applications Somfy systems control
  9. The best gate controller I’ve found is the iSmartGate Pro. And it integrates with pretty much everything...except Control4. I contacted them about sharing the API to create a Control4 driver and they said they would “share that info with their dev team.” As others have mentioned, something that is controlled by relay contact closure is the best for C4. I would consider iSmartGate Pro as a secondary add-on control option. https://ismartgate.com
  10. I’m glad to see it’s POE. I’m using an on/off switch for now as the C4 fan controller wasn’t compatible with my DC motor fan. I’ll probably wait for the Pro version to add fan speed control.
  11. It was more of a challenging process than anticipated, but everything is working now. Hopefully the feedback will lead to improvements to make it easier for others in the future.
  12. I also want to help VS succeed. I know how hard it can be for small technology companies. Yeah, the out-of-box experience wasn't ideal. I eventually looked on the website when I got around to installing the Control4 drivers, but that wasn't until after the "ghost key press issue" presented itself. I'm guessing I'm not the only person to ever experience this. Even if full instructions aren't in the box, there should at least be the warning message about not plugging it in without first downloading the app, and also a link to the full online instructions.
  13. I understand that the IRUSB app is required for the IRUSB hardware to function. It's an Android limitation. That was never in question. I don't understand why the IRUSB hardware continuously sends key commands that make the Android host device unusable before the IRUSB app is installed. I also don't understand why there aren't better instructions the the box stating "Do not install IRUSB hardware until IRUSB app has been installed from app store. Android device will not function properly if IRUSB hardware in installed without IRUSB app first being installed." Better yet, the hardware sho
  14. Yeah, but the other video storm apps are for distributed video and digital signs, which are not features that would ever be used if you're just after IP remote control. BTW, the IRUSB hardware without the IRUSB app is a disaster. The dongle makes the Android TV unusable due to continually sending button presses every 2 minutes that cause apps to continually exit. Who thought that was a good idea?
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