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  1. What mujtaba is saying is that the switch can't directly dim / color change the low voltage LEDs. The low voltage LEDs needs to be controlled by their own power supply/controller, and then C4 controller uses a driver to communicate with the LED controller. The C4 switches would send commands to the C4 controller, which would send commands to the LED controller, which would control the lights. Some examples of this are Philips Hue (C4 controller -> Philips Hue controller -> Philips Hue LED light strip) and DMX (C4 controller -> DMX controller -> LED light strip.) This allows dimming control and color change control. But this is only if you need dimming capability or color change capability. If you don't, the easiest solution is to have a Control 4 wall switch (SW120277) turn the LED power supply on / off. The LED power supply is what converts high voltage to low voltage. This is the solution I'd recommend unless you're set on dimming or color change.
  2. Yes, it should be the outer 2 relay terminals. You don’t need to use the center (normally closed) terminal on the relay. Then program the DS2 to activate the relay on button press; this is configured in the device settings.
  3. From what I read, it no longer works in BlueIris after the Nest firmware/security update a few months ago.
  4. That method no longer works because Nest removed the RTMPS URL that Blue Iris was using. To my knowledge, Control4 doesn't support RTMPS anyway.
  5. I switched off the main breaker for about 20 seconds and all of the Control4 switches in my house were normal after I turned it back on. The cause of the problem seems to be near instantaneous power cycling (i.e. power flickers.) Slow power cycling is the fix.
  6. If you need an extra lower mounting bracket, let me know. They only come in 5-packs and I only needed 1. This is for the Mini; not sure about the non-Mini.
  7. If you're doing a conversion from surface-mount to flush-mount, you'll need a new flush mount backer box and a new flush mount cover. I also needed an extra internal mounting bracket for my DS2 Nini (a.k.a. 2N solo) conversion. I read somewhere that the conversion parts are not available through Control4 but not positive about the that. I ordered the 2N equivalents (2N makes the C4 Door Stations.) I got the part numbers from the 2N website, did a google search, and ordered them from an online from a distributor. 2N is an Axis company and multiple distributors sell the parts; if it's a low volume part it will likely drop shop directly from 2N. Useful links: 2N intercoms (find the one that matches your DoorStation and read through the website and PDFs.) https://www.2nusa.com/en_US/products/intercoms 2N product catalog (lists all parts): https://www.2nusa.com/en_US/documents/22902/2219714/residential_catalogue_en_lq.pdf/9c0ebbc2-a0dd-4d82-9a50-b3ea5f6f0df9 I hope this helps. Good luck!
  8. I figured it out. The new C4 driver generates a random password that is shown in Composer. Details are in this post:
  9. I'm trying to logon to the DS2 web interface to configure the relay to ring the doorbell, but I'm not longer able to log on. I keep getting "invalid password." Any ideas? I have the latest driver. Did that cause the password to change? Update: "Effective January 1st, 2020 California regulations require devices to change access passwords on first use, to accommodate these new regulations Control4 has modified the firmware of the DS2 Door Station to conform to these regulations." The username is still "admin". The password is randomly created by the latest driver. The new password is shown in Composer (System Design) Device Properties. The API password shown in Device Properties is also the Web IU password.
  10. I can no longer log on to the DS2 web interface. Did the password change?
  11. This is based on the original post. Better the dealer you know than the one you don’t. “The dealer did a fantastic job and we have continued to do business with them both monthly security monitoring as well as new equipment and feature requests. I have been very happy with all the services provided by our dealer.”
  12. I wouldn’t switch dealers, but I also wouldn’t pay for the quote. They’ve done right by you so far. Tell them the problem and give them the opportunity to solve it. If they don’t, then start looking.
  13. That's the most concise and useful summary of Lutron products I've ever seen! Their website doesn't do a great job explaining how similar products are different from each other. Fabric selection and pricing is also confusing. This search page is the best for narrowing down Triathlon fabrics if you don't have a fabric sample book: https://www.lutronfabrics.com/search
  14. Here's another alternative: https://www.electroniclock.com/utopic-r
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