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  1. How did you "integrate" an N64? Is C4 just switching to its input source on your receiver/TV?
  2. And another shout out to Neil. I recently upgraded a bunch of equipment in my dedicated theater room, and Neil did a great job getting all the new drivers setup and working perfectly. Thanks Neil!
  3. I think maybe jakblak simply posted the old driver by mistake.
  4. Weird, it did for me on my unit. Sorry to hear that.
  5. Just had my dealer load this in for me. Works perfectly now! Thanks again, you really came through!!!!
  6. I did try early on with the first set of commands that were suggested, but when I pressed execute nothing happened and no response (good or bad) showed up in the output window. Maybe HE is crippled this way.
  7. Cartnj just curious if you were able to run those tests with HE? Or are you using Pro?
  8. Awesome work jakblak! I’m actually working with my dealer tonight on an unrelated upgrade to my system. I’ll let him know about this so he can update my driver when you have it ready.
  9. Maybe the sound bar only supports step and not dB. In the output above I see this is the Lua output: DEV_MSG.systemvolumedisplay(), value = STEP
  10. Correct, the scaling is happening for the display feedback, but not for the volume command being sent. So it’s working properly in one direction only.
  11. So the Lua command window is present, including a button to "execute", but that command sequence doesn't seem to do anything. One interesting tidbit I learned from within Composer HE, there is a "virtual" remote control I can use to control the Sony sound bar, and it has a direct volume control. I can set this to any value from 0 to 50 and it commands the sound bar to the exact same value. So doesn't that indicate that the driver is setting the volume 1:1 and not scaling by 2x?
  12. I only have Composer HE (I’m and end user). Will this work in HE?
  13. I just double checked and the volume is definitely getting set 1:1 with the slider setting. If I set the slider to 10, the volume in the Sony goes to 10. Same for any value 0-50. Anything over 50 just keeps the last volume set as the Sony doesn’t accept a value greater than 50.
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