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  1. Also, calling the Chime from the Intercom Anywhere app also seems to “kick start” the camera view in the main app. Hopefully this is a bug that is being worked on. I realize this doesn’t affect everyone, as my wife’s iPhone seems to work more consistently than mine.
  2. I also noticed the camera comes up quickly on my T4 every time, even when it’s “stuck” loading on my iPhone. What’s odd is that it seems that viewing on the T4 fixes the issue temporarily on my phone, as when I try again it loads quickly on my phone.
  3. Yup, seemed to have started a few days ago.
  4. Anyone else seeing issues with the IOS app showing the Chime in the Camera screen? Many times I just get the spinning hourglass thingy and just a blank screen. Or it takes forever to show the feed but it eventually does. Other times it’s pretty instant. This is all on local network so not sure what’s going on.
  5. I’m not sure, my original dealer added it. He said it was a free driver that was already in the library.
  6. You would need this adapter: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0039QEOBS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_QFEX92VFRF7T6JNTJAQS I’ve had it for so many years, I forgot how expensive it is. Maybe you can find a used one on eBay. Basically your C4 controller talks to this over relatively short RS232 connection, then the Jandy adapter talks to your Aqualink via some proprietary serial bus, which can be much longer (mine is probably 75’). You could probably use your existing CAT6.
  7. Even tough I have iAquaLink too for the app, my original dealer recommended the direct serial adapter that hooks in directly to the Aqualink controller. Works without the cloud, so it’s fast and reliable. Just thought I would mention it as an alternative.
  8. Yes, through the the intercom app I get sound, but I have to “call” the doorbell. Strange that the camera feed under security does not have sound.
  9. When I view my Chime in either the C4 app or on my T4, I don’t hear any sound. Is this normal?
  10. Yes, it was a different password that I used when I added the camera to my network initially. I followed the instructions that my dealer sent me. You would have to ask him for the password, but the user name is probably admin (the default).
  11. Is this the elusive HTML setting page that we've been asking about for months? Sure looks like it!! Why wouldn't someone from C4 have told us about this? Thanks for finding!!
  12. Does the wiring for the Luxor fixtures require certain polarity, or can you hookup either of the 2-conductor wires in any order?
  13. Yes, but going through my dealer I get integration and programming included.
  14. Which fixtures are you using? Snap AV only has a few options and finishes available, while the FXL website shows many more styles. Looking at path lighting initially.
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