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  1. Yup I see the same thing on my 10” T4. Must be a bug.
  2. Found it under “custom”, thanks guys!
  3. Weird, I couldn’t find it. I’ll look again now.
  4. Anyone know if the T4 can display the outdoor temperature on the time/date screen saver?
  5. I bought this one a few months ago and it’s been working great. I use it via the optical input, but it also supports 3.5mm. And it does not use batteries, power is via USB (either from your TV or a small phone charger). Yes, it has a cheap look and feel, but so far has been rock solid. Note that unless you have those special loss latency ear buds, there will be a slight audio delay relative to the picture on the TV. Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TLHRPDP?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  6. Hi all, Now that I’ve got my T4 installed, I’d like to add some dedicated buttons for Morning and Goodnight scenes. These scenes would control lights, shades, locks and alarm potentially. What’s the best way to do this that will look good visually? Are there Experience Buttons for this? Any other recommendations or examples are welcome. Thanks
  7. When I set my T4 to use automatic brightness based on ambient light, the setting doesn’t “stick”. If I go back to the settings screen a second time (sometimes after a few minutes), the button for automatic brightness is unchecked. Anyone else see this?
  8. I upgraded to Qolsys from an older 2GIG system, so I bought the 345MHz version so I wouldn’t have to buy any new sensors. I use this device on one of my hardwired smokes and it works great to integrate with the Qolsys panel. https://www.2gig.com/products/sensors/2gig-sds1-345-smoke-detector-sensor/
  9. I have the same problem. Can easily turn on/off TV and sources with C4 with Alexa, but can’t control the volume on my receiver.
  10. I received my 10" white wall mount last week, but it had a screen defect out of the box - see this thread: In any event, it works fine other than the "flex" I describe in that post above. But my dealer said my RMA replacement is on back order now, so looks like they sold out of the initial batch pretty quickly.
  11. Right, it used to be that you could return any item back to Costco at any time, even many years later.
  12. Yes, my dealer mentioned that the 10” T3s came with some type of adhesive pads (similar to what I was thinking) but there was nothing of the sort in the T4 box.
  13. So I received my T4 yesterday, and as soon as I removed it from the box had my first disappointment. The bottom edge of the screen, where the glass meets the plastic frame has a separation (behind the glass I believe) that creates very noticeable defect. I would imagine on the black version, this might not be visible. It's only aesthetic, but for $1300 my dealer agreed without any hesitation to issue an RMA. So at some point I'll receive a replacement and will send this one back. So then I hooked up the CAT6, mounted the power box and leveled it nicely. The T4 then h
  14. My Sonos speakers have a volume slider in the C4 interface. But I don’t have an ARC.
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