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  1. The connection is made locally over WiFi. I don’t think you need an Alarm.com account or central monitoring, but I don’t know for sure since I have both setup with mine still.
  2. Yes Neil I was able to set mine up as an end user. I have Surety as my Alarm.com dealer, and they work exclusively with DIY folks. www.suretyhome.com
  3. Scroll to the bottom of this page for details: https://qolsys.com/iq-panel-2-plus/ By the way, Ari integrated my new IQ Panel 2+ with C4 a few weeks ago, and it's been working great!
  4. You want the IQ Panel 2+, which as you said comes in 3 flavors. Each one supports a different "legacy" frequency mode for sensors. I was upgrading from a 2GIG system, so I chose the 345MHz one, so I didn't have to replace any of my wireless sensors. The 345MHz version is also compatible with Honeywell. The other flavors are for DSC (433MHz) and Interlogix (319MHz). All 3 versions, however, support the PowerG encrypted sensors. If you are starting from scratch, you could really pick any of the 3 versions. Hope this helps.
  5. So no new hardware announced? That’s disappointing.
  6. I didn’t realize you were asking about the look of the sensors. I’m not sure if any company makes better looking ones, after all they are supposed to be bland to just blend into the wall or ceiling.
  7. Take a look at Qolsys IQ Panel 2+. I just installed and the hardware and interface is top notch. Integrates great with C4. It’s also wireless, but I believe they also have a wired to wireless interface module you can use.
  8. That is bent. Mine is perfectly straight.
  9. I think he’s saying he lost a job because of what he thinks are old, outdated looking Control4 keypads. That’s my take, but I could be wrong.
  10. I have a wall mounted iPad mini running C4 app in guided access mode. I would seriously consider changing out to a dedicated C4 panel if they came out with a new version. The iPad mini is ok, but takes seconds to connect and does not provide all functions of the touchscreen as noted above.
  11. Just changed my Lutron shade batteries after about 4-5 years, so not really an issue for me.
  12. dinom

    NEEO wish list

    I love mine. Only thing I wish for is backlit keys. In my blacked out theater, it’s still awkward to find the correct hard button to press.
  13. I just installed a Q2+ panel yesterday, and plan to have it integrated with my C4 system soon.
  14. I had to send it back under warranty. The new one I got is working fine now.
  15. Why wouldn’t you use IP though? Just wondering. IP provides real time feedback for power state and input selection, for example.
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