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  1. I thought I tried that. You sure it works? I’ll try again, thanks.
  2. Just got my NEEO remote (thanks Neil!). Still too early for full review, but so far quality of hardware and UI is very good. I was just trying it with Apple TV and new Disney+, and I'm not understanding how to fast forward or rewind the movie. Maybe this is a problem with Apple TV/Disney+ app and not C4 or NEEO as I just recently installed Disney+ app, but using the NEEO onscreen FF or RW buttons, or even skip forward/back, isn't allowing me to scan through the movie. Anyone else seeing this with Disney+? I tried quickly with Netflix and it seemed to work OK. Thanks, Dino
  3. But the remote has a back button, right? What am I missing?
  4. For folks that have been using this for a while, what are your thoughts? Reliability? How quick does it respond to first button press, anything else?
  5. I was told 11/12 by my dealer in USA.
  6. I’m actual pretty excited about this and I have a long history of using some pretty cool touchscreen remotes from RTI. Using your phone is completely different. With my iPhone I have to wake it up, let the app connect and finally it allows me to send a command. When all you want to do is mute the sound or pause the movie, this is a terrible user experience. An instant on remote should make for a much better experience with almost immediate access to touchscreen or hard buttons. My dealer is going to get one of these on day one and is going to give me feedback on how it works.
  7. Is it possible this could get added to a future upgrade?
  8. Is volume level feedback shown on the display for devices like receivers with IP or serial drivers?
  9. Ryan, how quickly does the NEEO connect over WiFi once it goes to sleep? Meaning, if the remote hasn’t been used for hours, will it connect and issue a hard button command relatively instantly? Or does it take a few seconds to connect and recognize the button press?
  10. I think a touchscreen like this is better for whole house control or dedicated theater space. Not so much for channel surfing. I may get one for my dedicated theater.
  11. Similar wood grained backdrop in this touchscreen picture from C4 website.
  12. For my dedicated theater, yes I’ll buy this new remote if it works and integrates well. Better for getting feedback to the screen in a darkened room. I’ll keep the SR-260 for living room channel surfing.
  13. Yes it was the black “Pro” version, which I think looks better than the white one.
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