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  1. As far as I know the hard button iOS volume controls no longer control volume in C4 app. They removed this feature a while back in 2.10 I believe.
  2. Email Paul at Hank’s Electric: paul@hankselectric.net For AVS Forum members, he has been providing great Lutron pricing to us for many years. His user name on AVS Forum is spiwrx. He is a fully authorized Lutron dealer for Radio RA2, shades, and Caseta. -D
  3. I also have a Lutron roller shade for a 6 foot sliding door and that was $600 but it’s huge.
  4. I got battery Lutron Triathlon cellular shades (similar to Serena but more color options) for my Radio RA2 system and they averaged about $400 each. Size is about 40” x 66”. So Serena should be even cheaper.
  5. I use both iPhones and an iPad with OS3. Haven't seen any issues connecting.
  6. Thanks but there are no settings like that. Plus this isn't a ramp rate issue (not volume up/down) but a discrete set volume command that gets set with the slider. You basically slide your finger and wherever you end up (say 40), the EA3 is suppose to send a discrete IP command to the sound bar for volume 40 (or in the case of my Sony, 20). -D
  7. Hi. I sent this to my dealer already, but I also wanted to post it here to see if others had any ideas. Here is the description of the problem with the volume slider for the Sony HT-ST9 sound bar driver (IP based). The sound bar uses volume range from 0-50, while the Control4 driver scales this to 0-100 for display purposes (i.e., the number displayed on the slider's button). Therefore, for any particular volume level set on the sound bar itself (for example 20), the Control4 slider will show 2x, or in this example 40. The problem is that when you go to change the volume, the driver then switches to use the Sony scale (0-50) so when I grab the slider to slide it from the currently displayed volume (say 40) it immediately tries to set the volume to the actual Sony level of 40, instead of where it should be starting at, which is 20. The result is the volume jumps up 2x momentarily until I can slide it down to 25 (again, as an example). When I finally remove my finger from the slider at 25, the Control4 UI will pause a second and then revert back to showing the 2x scaling. So the display will then jump up to show 50 for the volume level. This is obviously not ideal as you basically have to slide the volume to the left (down) even when you want to raise the volume, because of the scaling. I know this is long winded, and may be hard to follow. The way this would have to be fixed is to always use the 2x scaling (or 1x, just not a combination of the two) for both displaying and for setting the volume. The way it is coded now, the display is 2x, but the control or volume command itself is 1x (or 1:1 with the Sony setting on its front display). Please let me know if this makes sense. I've also attached a screen shot from my iPhone of the slider I'm describing. It's at the bottom of the screen. The iPad version also shows the same issue. Thanks, Dino
  8. iPhone version is available in US now. Just download.
  9. Can someone explain what is needed to get the Mockupancy function working on my system? I work with a great remote dealer (Neil) and was wondering what I need to ask him? Is it just adding a driver and the rest is controlled by the user? I have Composer HE if that makes a difference. Also, my lights and shades are Lutron Radio RA2, which is already integrated with Control4. Does Mockupancy work with the shades as well? Thanks, Dino
  10. Do you have the 900E or 900F?
  11. I have the 49" XBR-49X900E and it works perfectly with IP driver.
  12. So my system is working fine with my Apple TV 4K and C4 with the "legacy" IP driver. No issues that I can think of. Is it worth having my remote dealer upgrade to the latest driver? Sounds like there would be some real-time interaction with him to get this working (app settings, etc.). Just not sure if it's worth the effort. Thanks.
  13. Also remember if you are putting your equipment inside a closed cabinet and further reducing sound with insulation, you most likely will be creating an issue of overheating for your equipment.
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