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  1. I thought Control4 was no longer supporting 3rd parties who use reverse engineering to create drivers. I remember reading about the fiasco with the Liftmaster MyQ driver. Not true?
  2. Glad he was able to help you out. Yes, he is a great guy, knows everything about Lutron and has great pricing.
  3. Mine is on reserved IP too and works fine.
  4. Does the Intrinsic driver rely on any sort of reverse engineering of a proprietary AppleTV control protocol? Or is it based solely on a released API?
  5. I’ve had my IQ panel integrated for over a year and have never once seen that issue. Not sure but how good is your IQ panel WiFi signal?
  6. Yeah the opener was $200 at Home Depot and was pretty easy to replace. Plus it’s much quieter than my 12 year old Liftmaster.
  7. I wouldn’t replace with MyQ since it is no longer supported by Control4. I just installed a Genie with Aladdin technology (their version of MyQ) and it has a free driver that works great.
  8. So back to the original topic of this thread 🙂 Any rumors of new remotes coming down the pike? Hoping for an update to the Neeo with backlit buttons and perhaps more hard buttons.
  9. Are you saying tvOS15 will support direct app launching with mini apps like Roku?
  10. I thought the issue with degradation was for WiFi connection only.
  11. My Lutron dealer posted this picture, but believes it’s just a prototype wall plate right now.
  12. Did this just start happening or did it never work reliably? What are your sources exactly, and are they all IP controlled? I would start by rebooting your controller if you haven’t tried already.
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