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  1. I haven't seen the lockup issue yet (I'm on the latest firmware) but if I do, how do you go about resetting the remote?
  2. I’m looking for a C4 compatible zone amplifier to drive a pair of deck speaker. I see some options on eBay but not sure which legacy C4 products are compatible with OS3 and my EA-3 controller. Thanks, -D
  3. I’m not sure where all the hate is coming from. If you don’t like the remote, then don’t buy it and don’t waste your time talking about it. I, personally, like it. The backlighting of the buttons is the only feature I miss. When a new version comes out that adds new features, I’ll sell this one on eBay and buy the new one. That’s just my opinion and what I would do.
  4. Maybe it’s not “user” replaceable but instead can be sent back to C4 for replacement? Just a guess.
  5. It was 9:52PM so I don’t think so.
  6. Just an observation, but why is the time shown as 09:52 with the leading zero? Just looks weird, not sure why they have it shown this way.
  7. Well, I'm going to try a used X1000ES from eBay first. That one has a certified driver, so I'm hoping it works reliably. If IP doesn't work well, I can always switch to serial control.
  8. No it is the regular X800, not the M2. Like I said, it works for a while after I power cycle the player but then IP control stops working again. Power on always seems to work, probably since it uses WOL instead of discrete power on command.
  9. So I decided to purchase a used X1000ES from eBay. Hopefully control for that will be solid, but I’m wondering if I should connect via IP or serial. Anyone have experience with either on this unit? I have an IO Expanding sitting in my rack so serial control would be easy to hook up. Thanks.
  10. Hmm so maybe it’s an X800 thing. It’s basically unusable since C4 control stops working after a day or so and I have to power cycle the unit to get it working over IP again. Even when IP doesn’t work, the Sony IR remote always works.
  11. Any follow up to this? My X800 consistently stops working with the generic Sony IP driver. I’m thinking of switching to IR control instead.
  12. I like my NEEO so far. I would love it, however, if it had backlighting on the hard buttons. I have a dedicated basement theater that is totally blacked out, and it's been a little challenging to control the hard buttons in the dark. It's been getting better after some muscle memory, though.
  13. I thought I tried that. You sure it works? I’ll try again, thanks.
  14. Just got my NEEO remote (thanks Neil!). Still too early for full review, but so far quality of hardware and UI is very good. I was just trying it with Apple TV and new Disney+, and I'm not understanding how to fast forward or rewind the movie. Maybe this is a problem with Apple TV/Disney+ app and not C4 or NEEO as I just recently installed Disney+ app, but using the NEEO onscreen FF or RW buttons, or even skip forward/back, isn't allowing me to scan through the movie. Anyone else seeing this with Disney+? I tried quickly with Netflix and it seemed to work OK. Thanks, Dino
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