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  1. I just received my new August 4th generation, and although I don’t have any other smart locks to compare it to directly, I think the size and build quality is very nice. It’s no bigger that the door knob itself. I haven’t yet installed it though, so I don’t know how well it operates.
  2. Updating the Lutron Main Repeater firmware did not fix this. I would be surprised if this were a Lutron issue as Lutron integration with Radio RA2 had been rock solid with me previous RTI system. It’s possible it’s something with my C4 setup, but I’m not sure. I took a look in Composer HE and didn’t see anything out of place.
  3. Thanks, I just tried rebooting both the Radio RA2 Main Repeater, and also the Connect Bridge and still the same problem. I’m hoping someone else with Radio RA2 and Sivoia QS Triathlon shades can try this out. Before Control4 I had a full house RTI control system and this issue was not present. Next I will try updating the Lutron firmware.
  4. I'm sorry to report I'm seeing yet another issue with my Lutron Triathlon shades. This time, it's not just an issue with the Neeo, but across all navigators. And it's possible this problem has always existed, but I'm not sure as perhaps I just never noticed before. Or maybe got introduced by a recent C4 update? Not sure. This issue is when using any of the C4 navigators to close any shade to 0% (fully closed), the Lutron system is not seeing the final feedback at 0%, and instead just continues to see the level set to whatever the previous level was set to. I know that description is hard to follow, but an example would be the shade is sitting at 50%. If I use the slider in the C4 GUI to change to say 10%, the shade moves as expected, and within both C4 and Lutron apps, the level shows correctly at 10%. But if I then attempt to close the shade all the way to 0% from C4, the shade will in fact close all the way down, but the level of 0% is not being recognized by the Lutron app, and instead still shows the 10% level that was set previously. This doesn't sound like a huge issue, but in reality it's a pain. Since Lutron is not seeing them at 0%, if I use my Lutron wall keypads to then open the shades, on the first press nothing happens and instead it then "registers" the 0% level, and the Lutron "closed" feedback LED, and the Lutron app, will both then respond with current 0% status. We then have to press the keypad button a second time for the shades to actually move up. Any thoughts? Anyone have a similar system to try and report back? You don't need Lutron keypads, just the Lutron app to check this out. Thanks, Dino
  5. What does the lock experience button provide?
  6. Thinking about getting the new August WiFi lock. If I integrate with C4 can I have it disarm my alarm when I unlock the door via Bluetooth or iPhone app?
  7. I know it’s a preference thing, but I never personally liked the industrial design of URC remote offerings. This is going back like 10-15 years, and the newest remotes still don’t do it for me. RTI has some nice looking handhelds in my opinion.
  8. Do you have a link to info on the new API and drivers? Does this apply to Radio RA2 or just HomeWorks? I already have the lights and shades integrated, but only at the individual level. I would like to recreate the scenes of my keypads, if possible.
  9. Is there a way for Lutron Radio RA2 keypads to show up in the C4 GUI without having to recreate the scenes in Composer software? I have keypads that control both lights and shades (some are combination of the two). Would be great to have these keypads show up as virtual keypads in the C4 navigator.
  10. I'm looking to upgrade my 2GIG alarm system to Qolsys IQ Panel 2+, which can be integrated with C4. The Qolsys panel also supports Z-wave smart locks and I would be able to lock/unlock through Alarm.com if I maintain that service. My question is can I control the Qolsys Z-wave locks through the integrated C4 driver or not? I'm deciding whether I should use the C4 ZigBee version instead. Thanks, Dino
  11. Anyone know if C4 works with the portable Sonos Move? Since the Move can disappear from the home WiFi (say I bring it to another location) what would the driver do if missing?
  12. Yes same comment about the NEEO sensitivity. I’ve learned to only pick it up from the lower portion. If I pick up anywhere near the screen I will inadvertently trigger a command.
  13. Sounds good Rbeard, thanks for the input.
  14. Thanks so much for the feedback. Sounds like it has solid integration after all.
  15. Anyone have experience with integrating C4 with Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ security panel? My I’m understanding is integrated features are limited right now, but hopefully it improves.
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