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  1. On mine, the up/down does work to change the volume, but the volume slider feedback doesn’t reflect the changes.
  2. I’m also seeing that the volume slider in IOS doesn’t update to reflect changes made with the up/down volume buttons, or from volume changes made from another navigator.
  3. The volume appears to be fixed, but now the mute is not working correctly for me. If I press mute, the sound mutes, but the icon doesn’t update to show the slash through the speaker. Then if I press again, it does not un-mute. I have to adjust the volume to get the sound to come back. Mute works perfectly on my T4, just having issues with IOS app.
  4. I am on the latest firmware now, I’ll have to check when I return home in a few days.
  5. Is this a new feature? When I first got my Chime earlier in the year, when I attempted to display on the EA-1, I got a resolution not supported error, or something like that. I remember at least someone else reporting the same. I’m not at home right now, so can’t try again.
  6. Either that or hold out for Neeo 2.0 😁
  7. We use the Neeo in our dedicated basement theater. So use is like once a week for movie night. I have never developed good muscle memory because of the minimal use. And my theater is totally pitch dark with the lights off. So yeah, backlighting is sorely missing for me.
  8. I ordered my Flo directly from Moen last Friday, but hasn’t shipped yet. Hopefully soon, but not sure why it’s taking so long.
  9. I have both so I can still use the Jandy app and web interface.
  10. I guess I’m lucky I went with the serial control, even thought the cost for the adapter was crazy. Works locally and doesn’t need cloud access.
  11. I also had to switch to IR for my Sony X800. IP control would work for a bit then stop. Needed constant power cycling to get it working again. IR has been bullet proof.
  12. If you move scenes to C4, the lights will not execute in tandem, but will sequence on one at a time (popcorn effect).
  13. Yup same issue for me with iPhone app controlling Sony sound bar via IP. Works fine with T4.
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