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  1. If I understand you correctly, this sounds like one of the many, many custom programming tasks that is easier with a macro. Make a new macro in macro agent "Motion Temperature" and in programming tab you can set it's effects. Then all the sensors call the macro and if you ever want to update the effect you only need to change programming in one place. You can more easily make conditional macros, as well, like in the macro you can say "if night, do this, else do that", of if the variable "away_mode" is true, do this, else send a push notification that motion was detected while the house is in away mode. With a macro you can apply these behaviors to all your sensors at once, and it makes the system run better.
  2. I keep re-reading my original post, and I can't figure out how any of you think this has to do with a relay. I'm talking about using a IP power controller (like snap's wattbox or pakedge/C4's PDU) to reboot the EA-1 if it locks up or falls offline. The EA-1 is Wi-Fi connected, so I was looking for info on 'hacking' the unit to use the eth port to give internet access to the power controller or failing that, to respond to power controller's pings to confirm it the C4 os is still running properly. I understand that from within control4 software, there is no way to do this, but since the EA-1 is a device running linux at the most basic level, it certainly IS possible to make this work somehow, by someone more knowledgeable than myself. In any case, I agree with EngineerIsaac that the only reasonable way to do this would be with a Wi-fi bridge, but for one device it seems overkill to introduce another point of failure to a system. I wouldn't trust a Linksys Wi-Fi bridge to connect the EA-1 to the system, for example, over the built in interface, so adding one for the power controller is likely to result with the EA-1 being rebooted when it was actually online the whole time, defeating the purpose. Thanks for the feedback, though! I would take the opportunity to complain that the EA-1 has no relay as well, but the new zigbee I/O device that replaces Z2IR, Contact sensor AND relay devices is at a great price point and has worked flawlessly in the systems we've used it.
  3. The question is can I take an EA-1 that is connected via Wi-Fi and make a bridge through Ethernet port to connect the power controller to the network, or failing that, get the Ethernet port setup static IP so it would respond to a ping from static IP power controller.
  4. This may be a "Workaround" as opposed to "Pushing Limits" but it's definitely outside normal use. Using an EA-1 in a location where hard wire network is not achievable. Good Wi-Fi environment, so solid connection to system. I want to take advantage of a self healing power controller (I.E. it pings the device and reboots outlet if the unit falls offline or freezes). Is it possible to configure the eth port on the EA-1 to respond to these pings while utilizing a Wi-Fi network connection? The Linux parts of the OS SHOULD allow me to configure these devices as a network bridge, but even a static setup where the power controller could get a response would be acceptable. We have the backup plan of installing a wifi bridge with a switch to allow them both full network access. But a proper setup should allow me to eliminate additional parts (and places to fail). Thoughts?
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