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  1. Is there a way to print a report that shows all the various passwords input into composer including for all controlled devices.thx
  2. I can see the camera fine I just don't get the push notification when there is motion. I have the camera motion output connected to a motion device and have that sensing the push notification by programming when the motion is triggered. the push notification works if I execute within programming but nothing happens if I just walk in from tof the camera.
  3. Hello, can you share how you did this. I can't get it to work. Thanks
  4. Is there a bridge available to use tstandard Zigbee on a C4 system? I was hoping to get the Nyce motion sensors that sense humidity rather than the C4 ones the don’t
  5. Hello, I have C4 EA5 audio out connected to line on Sonos and can access the music streams fine in that room. However, I am not able to choose to choose to play that stream in other Sonos rooms. I know Sonos can play the line in from another Sonos zone I just have now way to add that. Although I have Sonos as a service on the system, I was hoping doing it this way would let me search for music within C4 app. Thanks
  6. Hello, is there a way to control an Alexa outlet from Control 4?
  7. Do I need a weather station for that or does it work off of ip?
  8. Hello, any suggestions on how to have outdoor temp trigger different variables for HVAC (ie, Winter, Summer? I've been reading through and seems like all the drivers that would do that have been withdrawn. I have a c4 system controlling Lutron lighting and Aprilaire thermostats. thanks
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