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  1. My $0.02, the Toto Neorest toilets are amazing. I believe the remote is IR so would be simple to control with an IR blaster. I know that is not what the original post was about, but if you ever have one you will never have another house without at least one in the master.
  2. +1 for Bond Bridge and Chowmain driver. This is what I use in my house for our Real Fyre fireplace and it has been rock solid. For reference, I have the CHM1-30 logs with the G45-30-11 burner/remote. For what its worth, our friend that owns the store recommended we only get the on/off remote rather than the fully adjustable remote. She said that the only ones they have problems with are the fully adjustable units. For control I added a button on one of the keypads in the room. For safety, a single tap is off. So hopefully a kid playing around at worst turns it off. To turn it on it t
  3. Having the Samsung Frames made it super simple. That being said, when putting together a frame on their site, they do ask all the questions you would expect, side depth, surface or recessed, mount, etc. I would imagine that no matter the tv or mount, if you give them the info they will make it look good. See below.
  4. Bond Bridge and Chowmain driver will get you there. This is what I use in my house for fireplace and shades and it has been rock solid.
  5. I thought I would put a plug in for FrameMyTV. If you are looking to have your TVs framed, they are a great option. It was an easy ordering and instal process. We have the Samsung Frame TVs and couldn’t be happier with the fit and finish. I attached a few pictures. If you have questions just let me know. Also, for the dealers on here, they do offer dealer agreements.
  6. Seems the Rachio and the Hunter are the two favorite controllers. I am looking at getting one of the two. Does anyone have experience with both? Does Hunter allow you to use a PWS as Rachio does? Any pros or cons to each? Integration any better for either? The one note I would make for my system is that it will require more than one Rachio vs a single unit for the Hunter. Thanks.
  7. Sounds like Google Home is enough for you. As Eggzlot said, if this is all that is connected and you don’t want/need anything else, just do away with Control4. Unplug it and use the remote the owner left you.
  8. Plenty of options out there. Think virtually any handicapped entrance these days. You would have to decide if the cost was worth it. Here are the options at Grainger. Some cheaper options on Amazon as well. This would be pretty easy to accomplish, just might be pricy. Anything is possible with enough time and money.
  9. I just have to say, I read this thread over lunch today and very much enjoyed it. It reminded me of the dogs on Funniest Home Videos chasing their tales. I certainly can’t add any professional help, but my pic is my original system from 09’. It has grown to 24 individual audio zones and 10 individual video zones. We have 7.4 in the theater room, 5.1 in the master bedroom, 20+ cameras, lighting, remote blinds, keypads, sprinkler, etc. Lots of drivers and lots of programming. We have a CA-10 because I wanted it, though dealer said it wasn’t necessary. CA-10 is running the director and HC-80
  10. According to the spec sheets, the Bond Bridge is limited to 30 devices and the Bond Pro is limited to 50 devices.
  11. If you have an AppleTV or FireTV. Add the Photo Station App on the QNAP. Put QMedia on an AppleTV. Should be everything you are looking for. Lots of cool features in there for photographers, which will be what you want. Here is a link to a QNAP video that discusses some Video, photo and music capabilities. You can skip over to the Photo Station section (just before 18 minutes). I use this set up on a Samsung Frame to display pics of the family. Just have an “album” on the QNAP and the QMedia continuously cycles through whatever is in that “album”. Result is a giant 4K digital frame.
  12. Again, the biggest question I am not sure has been answered is what is your end goal. This may be more “control” than you are looking for, but here you go. The options are limitless. http://www1.lightorama.com LoR Christmas Videos - http://www1.lightorama.com/christmas-videos/ LoR Halloween Videos - http://www1.lightorama.com/halloween-videos/ LoR DIY Kits - http://www1.lightorama.com/build-it-yourself-kits/
  13. Get a Bond Bridge and the Chowmain driver. Rock solid.
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