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  1. Thanks. Great to hear. Anything missing vs the Videostorm one? Seems like a no-brainer but curious if any negative to adopting/switching to this new one.
  2. That's great. Is it an official Control4 driver or third party? And free or premium? please post your comments on your first impressions.
  3. As somebody mentioned before, central distribution made a lot of sense when devices were bulky and expensive. Is it always necessary? A Roku device that costs a maximum $99 (often way less) that can offer access to pretty much any TV service needed, including core channels, live sports (using for ex YoutubeTV, Sling,...) and obviously all movies and TV series streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Apple TV, HBO Max,...) with minimal limitations of concurrent streams. They are tiny and perfectly controlled by Control4. Most users don't play DVDs anymore and don't need access to a Satellite or
  4. Thanks RyanE for the feed-back. Unless I am missing something, my preference would be to use a simple cable from my Control4 receiver to the control system (vs RF or other as easier and more reliable). I think some control systems can be connected that way (all I need is on/off), especially as some of them can be controlled via a low voltage wall switch. Specific systems recommendations would be great or what to look for/check when deciding on control systems. Not stuck on Real Fyre but like their logs... Thanks again
  5. I am about to install a gas fireplace that would be right behind my AV cabinet where my Control4 controller is. I would like to control this fireplace via my Control4 system and ideally manually too (sometimes easier and more convenient to do that use Control4 remote control or even keypad. WAF...). I have a few free contacts/relays free on my controller I could use to connect. What is your system recommendation for a gas fireplace and how do I make sure the one I buy would be controllable by Control4. I did research but it is quite confusing... I am leaning towards Real Fyre and their c
  6. Just get some velux windows installed and they have solar powered motorized blinds built in. They are controlled by remote controls that can be connected to “some” home automation systems (HomeKit for sure) via the Velux Active kit. Does anyone know if they can be controlled from Control4 and if it requires a specific version of Velux Active. Thanks a lot.
  7. Very excited for you Neil. But a big loss for many of us and the broader Control4 community. Your talent and attitude will be missed by all of us who have interacted with you over the years. All the best for your new role and I have no doubt you will do incredibly well.
  8. By the way, Baldwin lock works great. Very reliable and batteries last months. And you get warnings when batteries run low.
  9. Have you looked at the Monoprice HDMI switches? Cheap and in my experience, have always worked well. I know they have 5x1 HDCP 2.2 models. https://www.monoprice.com/category/adapters,-switches,-&-splitters/audio-video-distribution/audio-video-switches A good installer will program your Control4 quickly to enable full control via IR.
  10. Hey Alan, thanks for taking the time to reply. I reached out to Audioquest and here is their response All our HDMI cables are capable of carrying signals up to 18 Gbps as per HDMI 2.0 specs.That includes UHD/4K – 30 Hz – HDR (with Chroma set to standard 4:2:0). With passive HDMI cables these values can be stretched a bit, with active cables (10 meter / 30 ft and up)these values are pretty strickt. Which AQ HDMI cable and which length do you use? The usual suspect for ‘bandwidth overload’ is the Chroma setting. Please check if the Nvidia unit is set to 4:2:0. Also, is HDMI p
  11. I am waiting for my IRUSB to be able to control my new Nvidia Stealth. But I have hit a wall on connecting it to my TV via my Denon X220W receiver. After some extensive troubleshooting, I have come to the conclusion that the HDMI from the receiver to the TV is the culprit, even though it is successfully passing a 4K 30Hz HDR signal from my Roku... Basically, the unit boots and I see the Nvidia logo on the screen for a few seconds but then a black screen and no signal error message when it moves to a higher resolution and normally shows the Android logo. Immensely frustrating... The
  12. Can you provide more details on the changes/additions and how to get them. Thanks
  13. Thanks. Very helpful and good to know. Now the issue is to find a Shield Pro. They seem to be out of stock everywhere... I will return my regular one to Amazon and I hope it gets back in stock soon. Curious if anyone know where I can find one. Actually two. Thanks again!
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