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  1. +1 on the sticky idea. I made a similar suggestion a couple of days ago. Helping new Control4 owners navigate their new system is a no brainer. It would be good for everyone (Control4, installers, users and of course new owner!). I am sure it will be controversial but maybe reference a few (vetted) online programmers who would commit to a one-time fixed fee to transfer ownership of the system and offer basic training. Most people, when they buy a house with a Control4 system, have zero clue what to expect (features, cost, programing....). Having a place where you can get access to a few honest
  2. Personally been using a Honeywell (now called Resideo) Vista system for years with my Control4 system. Works perfectly well. Both standalone with Honeywell keypads and iPhone TC2.0 app, and within Control4. A lot of alarm companies install those and they are extensively monitored. I don't remember precisely (was some time ago) but you may need to add a module to communicate with Control4 and I can't remember if driver was free/native Control4 or premium. It has worked very well for me and additional sensors are cheap and quite easy to install.
  3. Welcome to the Control4 journey! You will enjoy the flexibility of the system and make your own opinion about the interface 😉 I am sure a number of the forum members (who are installers/dealers) have already reached out to you (via DM) to offer their help. Also check the "Looking for an Integrator" section. Some names will pop up with stellar reviews from end users. Don't be shy about creating a post where you explain your situation and what you are looking for. It will help installers get an idea of what you are looking for and timeframe, leading hopefully to compelling pricing for you.
  4. Coookie, as you can see, there are some incredible members on this forum, especially honest and knowledgeable dealers that will make you do things with your system you never suspected and at very affordable costs. By the way, (and I don't want to start another endless discussion about the dealer/install model), there is no doubt that having local dealers asking $600 to set an account for someone not familiar with Control4 is what leads to bad rep, systems pulled... Dealers have to make a living and best ones are priceless! But is it really good for anyone when a new Control4 user (typica
  5. gmilt, I suggest you post a list of all the Control4 equipment you have and would like to get rid of. There is even a section on this site for Buy/Sell. Unless your equipment is really obsolete (and even that should not necessarily be an issue), forum members will reach out to buy it from you. Make a quick list with item types/reference and number of units. It is very likely (if not certain) that all your dimmers, switches, locks, ... are Control4 specific and can't be reused with other systems. At least not easily/out of the box and not cost effectively. Your best bet is to sell them al
  6. I think I read somewhere that Control4 and Total Connect (TC2.0) can't work at the same time. In my case, I can control my alarm from either the Control4 app or the TC2.0 app. Did I miss something? Any change with the new driver replacing the "obsolete" one?
  7. Is there such a receiver that could process Bluetooth, Airplay/Airplay 2 and HDMI (out from TV) and connect back to matrix. I am finishing a home gym that will include a TV and a Peloton. I am thinking of adding ceiling speakers wired back to central/C4 matrix. Based on above, I would ideally have a small receiver/switcher that would connect to the TV, Peloton, streamer (Roku or Nvidia) and iPad used in the gym and send signal back to Control4 matrix (as feed) which would then redistribute to chosen speakers (especially gym ones). Maybe I am overthinking this and should just add a couple
  8. Looking to buy Venetian bronze Kwikset Smartcode 910 traditional reference C4-KSDB-Z-VB (99100-003). Feel free to DM if you can help. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Eric. Very helpful to know that. Surprising that the native driver does not include those. They seem to be as important features to have, not really nice to have. Is long press in both drivers? Working well?
  10. Eric, can you share with is better on Videostorm than native Control4. Would be great as it is unclear what functionality differences are. Thanks
  11. Thanks. Great to hear. Anything missing vs the Videostorm one? Seems like a no-brainer but curious if any negative to adopting/switching to this new one.
  12. That's great. Is it an official Control4 driver or third party? And free or premium? please post your comments on your first impressions.
  13. As somebody mentioned before, central distribution made a lot of sense when devices were bulky and expensive. Is it always necessary? A Roku device that costs a maximum $99 (often way less) that can offer access to pretty much any TV service needed, including core channels, live sports (using for ex YoutubeTV, Sling,...) and obviously all movies and TV series streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Apple TV, HBO Max,...) with minimal limitations of concurrent streams. They are tiny and perfectly controlled by Control4. Most users don't play DVDs anymore and don't need access to a Satellite or
  14. Thanks RyanE for the feed-back. Unless I am missing something, my preference would be to use a simple cable from my Control4 receiver to the control system (vs RF or other as easier and more reliable). I think some control systems can be connected that way (all I need is on/off), especially as some of them can be controlled via a low voltage wall switch. Specific systems recommendations would be great or what to look for/check when deciding on control systems. Not stuck on Real Fyre but like their logs... Thanks again
  15. I am about to install a gas fireplace that would be right behind my AV cabinet where my Control4 controller is. I would like to control this fireplace via my Control4 system and ideally manually too (sometimes easier and more convenient to do that use Control4 remote control or even keypad. WAF...). I have a few free contacts/relays free on my controller I could use to connect. What is your system recommendation for a gas fireplace and how do I make sure the one I buy would be controllable by Control4. I did research but it is quite confusing... I am leaning towards Real Fyre and their c
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