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  1. Adding C4 to my theatre room to start, and adding a remote in my family room as well. Not sure which remote to go with, really comes down to how long the batteries last. Theatre room makes sense for the charger since there is an outlet on top of AV cabinet to easily access the charger, and I will probably use this room the most. in family room, I'm torn, since the kids and my wife use the TV all the time, and I know they will be terrible about opening the cabinet to use charging base. But curious how long batteries (each version) tend to last while used and sitting idle? Any performance or other items to consider?
  2. what's the issue running AVRs for multi zone? What is the alternative, I assume pure streaming amp or C4 Triad type product? what sucks is I did not home run my system, so AVRs are a great solution
  3. I understand, just curious how you would feel about a used controller, reliability, etc.? Also curious what the difference between V1 and V2 is?
  4. so an installer has to install drivers/devices, but then I can control automation/routines, etc.? i.e. installer adds my Lutrons and sensors, but I then do "If sensor triggered porch light goes on?"
  5. My installer quoted me $1,100 for EA3, and $529 for EA1, used on Ebay selling for ~$500 and $200. I hear they are reliable products built to last years, so buying used seems practical, I just always buy new, so torn on if its worth considering?
  6. Considering upgrading from SmartThings to C4, mainly due to lack of AV control (ST has been perfect for lights, locks, etc.). I currently have Denon receivers powering my whole house audio via HEOS, 7 zones: AVR 1 = Family Room + Kitchen AVR 2 = Back Yard + Living Room AVR 3 = Master Bed + Master Bath HEOS Amp = Front Porch Will C4 be able to use what I have so I can control HEOS through C4 app, as I do with HEOS app now?
  7. I have 60 Caseta, four Schlage locks, and 8 Reolink cameras, do these require unique drivers or just hourly? Any guess on number of hours?
  8. What is reasonable rate for remote dealer? I see on eBay $75 packages to buy dealer software, I assume that’s not all it takes?
  9. Thanks, and how much is Composer Pro? I have two of the Denon AVRs in the same cabinet, even though they have unique names, and different model numbers, it’s impossible to control them independently with my Harmony Elite, i.e when I choose “power on” for “living room AVR” they both turn on. Will Control have this same issue?
  10. Each AVR is 2 zones, so I can play two different streams per AVR How much are drivers? How does C4 still charge for drivers 😬
  11. thanks, I'm kind of getting it. my current situation now is I have: Basement = TV + AVR, 2 HEOS Zones (Theatre, Pool Table) Family Room = TV + AVR, 2 HEOS zones (kitchen/family room) Living Room = AVR, 2 HEOS zones (living room, patio) Master Bedroom = TV +AVR, 2 HEOS zones (bedroom, bathroom) Front Porch = HEOS Amp So I don't have a home run, 9 HEOS Zones, four AVRs, and three TVs....Other than Controllers (EA-3 as director in family room, EA-1 in basement and master for GUI on TV), would I need anything else from Control 4 to control Audio/HEOS?
  12. Looking into C4 again, and am very confused about AV equipment they offer. The catalog has a "Amplifier and Receiver" section, but I only see Triad amps...Its my understand the amps are only good for powering audio (speakers), and a Reciever would be needed for video (TV), which is why we have AVRs for each TV in our home already. What "Reciever" does C4 offer? I then look at Matrixes, which appear to distribute Audio and Video, but do they also distribute the power needed? Lastly, when looking at Controllers, I get the EA1, EA3, EA5 can handle 1, 3, and 5 audio zones respectively, but how then do you have matrixes deliver 8 or 16 unique audio feeds?
  13. For some reason I can’t upload my diagram, so I printed and took a pic, hopefully this will work
  14. Here's my poor man's AV setup sketch... AV Zones.pdf
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