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  1. I have the OmniPro II but the power plug (which is huge” says Elk on it, does Leviton own Elk as well? are you running automation through your alarms or just basic sensors and alarm functions? Hate knowing I spent $2k on an alarm that appears to offer no more than a $59 SmartThings hub
  2. what does you alarm do independent of Control4?
  3. Two years ago I had my house remodeled and wired for surround sound, internet, and was planning on getting C4. I've since gone the SmartThings route which I'm pleased with, but a bit confused on my alarm. The installer installed a Omnipro II, which wasn't cheap, and I did not know was a "automation system" on its own. Since we were planning to do Control4, I'm confused why I would want an alarm that can do lights, thermostats, etc., when we were going to have the C4 brain do all that? So curious what C4 users are running for their home alarms in parallel with their C4 units?
  4. Thanks for the link, I’ll have to study to learn more about a lot of the technology. In general, does adding EA1’s to an EA3 add horsepower, or simply put a GUI on additional screens? I wish I could just get three EA1’s and be done, as I’ll never need to control an area away from room I’m in. but I read that isn’t possible you need a EA3 or EA5 for multi room? My basement is not finished yet so worst case I get an EA3 in main area (family room) and if it’s undersized I move that to basement when done and end up with EA5 in family room, EA3 in basement and EA1 in master
  5. thanks. I guess I’m confused why anyone would buy EA5 when they can save $1k on EA3 then add a switch for more zones right? Why did my installer imply number of switches, cameras, etc would require me to upgrade from EA3 to EA5? If it’s just audio streams, I assume most people are like me and want GUIs all around, seems like EA3 would be more popular? I’m sure some just say “give me the biggest and the best.” I’m looking on eBay and here at used prices, if I can grab an EA3 and a EA1 for a good price, the move to C4 is a lot more palatable
  6. Thanks, other than streams any other measures of capacity? My installer implied too many devices would overload a smaller system, not sure what is used to measure the “horsepower” of one of these, since the only limitation I’ve read is audio sources? If I did the EA3 and (2) EA1, my understanding is it’s not expandable, in that I don’t now have 5 streams to use all over, rather two single streams and one triple stream, make sense? Lastly, if I’m running a Sonos Play, since that runs somewhat internal/independent, would it count as a audio source? What about TV? Or is it simply streaming audio and not tv/cable, hard drive, DVD, etc?
  7. Does EA1 include remote? Asking how much?
  8. Still confused on EA3 vs EA5, and what exactly an audio sourde is defined as? If I have an EA3 in family room as my main, then add EA1 in master and EA1 in basement (id like to have GUI/Camera feeds on a TV for each level of house, what are my limitations. Other than audio, what are the capacity limits per controller? If I run Alexa, can’t I simply run lights, locks, etc through another hub and use C4 for mainly audio/video? Not ideal but a way to reduce total load on C4
  9. Tesla is very different, Tesla (the manufacturer) does all the repairs, very different than being forced to a third party dealer for repairs.
  10. In the spirit of discussing the merits of C4, I wanted to explore how they compared against other current dealer models. Plenty out there on Creston and Savant, but I don't see much online regarding Elan 8 and URC's Total Control 2.0 platforms. What little I did find showed Elan was higher end, maybe along the lines of RTI, and URC was lower end, TC 1.0 was a disaster, and they seem to have a less than satisfied dealership network. Any insight on why C4 is superior to these other platforms?
  11. I’ve been very consistent, I like C4, a lot, but I don’t want a dealer and will wait for the radical shift (DIY, cloud, price collapse, native drivers, working direct with C4, etc) I few is inevitable. If the C4 model was so great Apple, Amazon Microsoft, and Google wouldn’t all be opposed to it. You know, the largest most successful companies in the world might know a thing or two, just a thought.
  12. I didn’t bring up the car comparison, but t actually helps my side of the arguement
  13. Exactly, far superior using a manufacturer (you know, the guys who engineered the thing from the ground up) rather than be forced to a Tesla certified mechanic who could be great or a disaster.
  14. WHat are you talking about, Tesla is the antithesis of C4, they are 100% retail direct for sales and service. The opposite model of C4, the last thing they want is third party middle men screwing it up, while C4 requires it. As for DIY repair, Tesla doesn’t charge for software updates and sure as hell doesnt force their owners to pay a middle man hourly for such updates. I’m sure the majority of C4 owners would be happier with C4 doing repairs direct than being forced to source a independent on their own. You and I will never agree on this, you want to keep selling drivers forever with an outdated model, I get it. But I caution such biased views, given how much you appear to having riding on the continuity of the model. Both the Tesla model (manufacturer) and car model (DIY or dealer) are vastly superior for the consumer than C4 (requires third party, no DIY, no manufacturer).
  15. Because car and tractor dealers don’t block their customers from DIY repairs like C4 does, and force the customer to spend of dollars with unreliable dealers, only to have to find another independent (you) randomly online with a new cost to fix the problem.
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