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  1. Samsung q80 with Atlona HDR-EX-70-2PS with a marantz 5014 and c4 video matrix. I see the inputs switch. I hear audio but no picture. Atlona shows it’s linked and receiving. It was working yesterday and day before. Today client tries it no good. Shows no signal input. Check for updates and firmware all up to date. Could be the Atlona is bad or matrix output? Just shows no signal out
  2. The programmer I hired keeps stating no connection. He bought the drivercentral driver. Now thermostats are set to autmation I have him the IP address. Is there anything I can tell him? The rate I’m going went threw 3 subs all lied sold me wrong stuff, went threw one programmer because he didn’t know crap. So can someone please help me to get him to finish and I can have my house normal
  3. Guess my topic not interesting lol
  4. I have American lighting led tape light dimmable white. Want to add more lighting under island. I have the American lighting power supply. What ballast will work with c4 to control threw touch pad. Can’t run wire threw house due basement finished and everything goes to media room. Any feed back will help thank you
  5. Brand new In box have handle also sold separately!! Asking 450 for the lock
  6. Ctsvnino


    Brand new ordered one to many $200 located nutley nj
  7. Hello everyone. So the house were working on is new construction and want to control the fireplace. As we all know c4 discontinued the fireplace switch. So been reading about and so far best option is a cardaccess relay. Since the electrician doesn't want to wire nor touch which I think they just don't their ass from their elbow lol. So since this is something I don't want cause problems or blowing it up. How can I know what to connect to fireplace to make this work? Will post link to model and manual. If anyone can help me please do.Fireplace link
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