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  1. Two good DMX solutions are: https://www.colorbeamlighting.com/ https://info.cb-na.com/guide/3rd_Party_Integration/Control_4/ and https://www.lumastream.com/ https://www.lumastream.com/markets/lighting-controls
  2. You can do all the above, except the last part of bypass when armed via C4, as you can'y access function keys from C4 to trigger this. Or at least I haven't found a way. The biggest limitation is getting events reported back to C4 from panel, such as seeing what zone triggered the alarm.
  3. Control4 is #48 on the Fortune's 100 Fastest-Growing Companies List 2018....just saying. The luxury home/individual as end user is only a small part of this growth. Commercial applications are much bigger portion, and that will always be a dealer/customer relationship and not threatened by Amazon, Apple, etc...
  4. Seems expensive if you need an annual subscription on top of purchase: Buoy Annual Subscription ($17.99/mo) Buoy Labs $215.88 Ongoing access to the Buoy data service, including: Detailed, real-time overview of your water use Leak alerts sent to your phone Remote and automatic water shutoff to prevent leak damage Call a plumber on demand (in most areas)
  5. There are many many threads on this. It works. You just need to ensure everything is exact and then reboot the alarm several times. Try search for TL280 and you will get lots of threads. here is one.
  6. Thanks. Yes I have some zones set to push notifications when opened, but I have 70 zones or more total, so it’s not really a practical solution for all of them. All the other dsc alarm drivers provide this functionality natively without need for this workaround. It’s only the one for the IP driver that does not because of limitations with IP encryption and bindings. But I don’t think the serial connection on same board has these limitations. But that’s the million dollar question that nobody has seen to have tested to answer yet. Ok maybe is a $1000 question and not a million dollar one..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It seems the neo with the TL-2803gre has less variable options with IP driver. The TL also has a RS422 serial connection. So I’m going to test it with the Cinegration driver with a RS232 serial adapter. Fingers crossed. Below is what I currently have available for variable option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks. Where is it pulling this info from. That's really the basis of my question, as I can't find the data in the driver to insert in the push notification.
  9. Has anybody worked out how to include the breached zone in an alarm even notification with DSC neo driver? I'd like to know which zone was tripped when the alarm goes off.
  10. You also need the Hue Hub and hue drivers for all the above (non-dmx) options, correct?
  11. Well my connections have never come apart.....perhaps cheap generic parts are part of your problem. You could try these: https://www.environmentallights.com/18263-hipb-12-5.html
  12. I have found these guys to have good quality products and to be very helpful. https://www.environmentallights.com/
  13. Thanks that is really helpful and answers my question exactly. Two follow-up questions: 1. I assume I need a separate DMX box for each lighting zone so each can be a seperate channel on the DMX. 2. What are the actual advantages of DMX control over using the Jandy controls - is it just better ability to program and control color changes within C4, or are there other advantages?
  14. We are building a new pool. Preliminary designs call for 24 light fixtures and 39 LED fixtures. All is run through single transformer to pool control panel which will be Jandy Aqualink. The house is all Lutron RA2 on a C4 project. I'd like to have full integration of lighting scenes with C4. Will the Jandy interface accomplish this on a load by load basis or is there something else I will need? Basically I get the Jandy system controlling all the pumps and heaters, etc, but the landscape and BBQ kitchen area lighting seems like it should be on Lutron. no? Why is it so hard to find pool guys that understand home automation? It high time these two industries converge.....
  15. lol....can't argue with that. But we should really be talking about Josh not Alexa..... https://www.josh.ai/
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