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  1. The one o the first link are $35-150K, depending how you configure them, but the second link run $10-12k. The Hora's are in the $8k range.
  2. Its really hard to find good artistic speakers in the price range he is looking because its expensive to get good sound out of them vs conventional drivers and boxes. He might want to look at some midrange horn speakers like from Avantgarde Acoustics or similar. These are inline style wise but over budget: https://www.avantgarde-acoustic.de/en/products/trio-series/trio-classico-xd.html But they have a whole range of horn speakers that have multiple configurations and colors. Thire low end sets are mix of conventional and artistic but may be in his range: https://www.avantgarde-acoustic.de/en/products/uno-series/uno-fino-edition.html also look at: https://www.axjet.co/ http://horns.pl/en/speaker-sets/ https://www.hora-audio.jp/coco.html
  3. I have been using Flume as an alternative to Flo. No integration, but its been very reliable and very accurate for past year. https://flumewater.com/
  4. Can someone point me in the right direction for integration of a Lutron RadioRA 2 Visor Control Receiver RR-VCRX-WH for garage door automation in C4. I don't see a Lutron driver for it specifically. Do I just use a light switch driver for each door and then run these as relays with the generic garage door driver? Also using NYCE tilt sensor for door state monitoring.
  5. Lutron works pretty much the same way but uses a different radio frequency (Clear Connect) and is not mesh. Their garage door access controller is similar to a Z2io, but has 4 cc outputs, and several inputs, and will then show each door on my system as open/closed just as a light will show as on/off. Same process to solder the CC outputs to a remote control board. No API support either.
  6. yes, NYCE sensors x3. But I also need 3 relays for 3 doors. So two Z2ios....which is getting expensive. I may just go the Lutron route with a single visor control instead since lighting is a all RA2.
  7. Ok, so for 3 doors and one Ea3.... If I buy a LiftMaster 893 Max remote and bust out the soldering tools, what else do I need.? The EA3 only has one contact switch and one relay...Z2io only has 2. ?
  8. so if I am replacing my openers and throwing the LiftMasters in the trash what should I buy that does work and will keep working with C4?
  9. see comment above on the polling limits. Shouldn't much of an issue of you use c4 exclusively. Its only an issue of the Jandy interface is used (directly or through native programming) to change system state.
  10. No sir. I had both native Alexa/Jandy and C4 working for some time. It was a later API update that broke it.
  11. True, but Home Edition will allow DIYers to do tons for their own tweaking and updating and there are tons of people here and elsewhere who can assist through remote programming for the changes you can't do with HE. So in the end, it is decently DIY friendly. Replacing depends on your budget. You could simply upgrade the controller to an EA3 and take over the system with your own HE account. See ow that goes for a while and then decide. You can always sell the EA3 if you decide its not for you. This will solve many of the issues you listed. You also should not need to switch breakers after an outage. Just reboot your router and then the controller. Everything else will come back up fully once the ZigBee network reconnects.
  12. Is anybody here using a Weatherflow tempest weather station with the Blackwire driver? Interested in feedback and nothing came up in a search but one three year old thread....
  13. API has been fixed and C4 notified. Just waiting on driver updates.....
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