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  1. Light meter on security cams or an ambient light sensor would do it with some IFTT programming.
  2. Yes, i have also used them with relays to power on and off the heater and pumps. Works well.
  3. My wife and I are on teams and zoom all day long simultaneity while streaming music and never see more than 5mps throughput needs.
  4. also a big fan of Unifi and never had a problem over many years on large complex projects. Much of the Unifi criticisms thrown around are just baseless parroting from an old very narrow and mostly non-existent issue with multicast control that was long ago resolved.
  5. Sorry, but there are no simple answers for you. There are just too many variables. But let me see if I can summarize... You alarm panel communicates within its own system with sensors, keypads, sirens, etc....and does not need a communications card such as the TL280 to do this. If you want to communicate with third parties then you need the communications card. Certain ones are used for certain things. For C4 you need either TL280 ethernet card with power neo boards. There is a rumor you can also use the TL280 serial card, but I have not seen it actually done or had it verified by
  6. Yes it can be 3rd party monitored. You can also use the DSC powerG sensors with the Qolsys panel and get 3rd party monitoring, Alarm.com, and C4 all at the same time: https://qolsys.reamaze.com/kb/faqs-for-iqp2/how-to-integrate-your-iq-system-with-control-4
  7. https://www.alarmgrid.com/ is also very good for DIY, both they and Alarmsystemstore will preprogram the whole system for you in advance for a small fee. You then just install and pug it together. What you don't get is onsite testing and walkthroughs to QC it all. Note that with the Neo system there are limitations on what you get in your navigators for alerts and feedback. For example you can get notified of alarm events, but you cannot see what zone was triggered in the notification. You also cannot bypass specific zones when arming, etc... Its very stable and reliable though once
  8. Yw I have used Altona a number of projects, and then replaced them all with AVpro when they kept failing to connect....AVPro is a million times more stable. I have an Atlona AT-RON-442 for sale if you want to test one.
  9. Yes. Having EA3s serve as Roon endpoints would be ideal. I hear it’s in the works but no date for release yet. I’m also told I can 1) Use a USB bridge to connect the Nucleus directly to the SPDI input on the Ea3 and stream Roon through the controller that way so as to not reduce the audio resulition since otherwise Roon uses airplay to connect to C4 or 2) use a Bluesound Node SPDI out to EA3 digital In and same results but you loose the native steaming on the BlueOS but keep native streaming on the EA3. This may be best option vs Bluesound directly to the matrix.
  10. What is your audio source? You can put your matrix and amps anywhere on a network if they have a local audio source with them like an EA controller or Sonos Port etc. depends on what you are using and want to use.
  11. Thanks. Because I will have the endpoints connected to matrix amps, I won't be able to reliably use the Roon app and must use C4 navigators, unless I buy a separate endpoint for each zone.
  12. Only thing to add to above is ask them about the Origin Acoustic landscape speakers for outdoor area. They are a Billings times better than the Episodes and 1/2 a million times better than sonance in sound quality and build quality.
  13. I am currently running 8 zones of distributed audio using EA3 native streaming to 2 Autonomic M400 matrix amps. I also have a dedicated 2 channel system that is not on C4 project (yet) and a home theater that is via HDMI from the EA3 or other sources (APTV, Roku, Oppo, etc...) It works great and zone control all function well, but I hate the native streaming navigation. Its terrible and I hate how there is no persistent memory in navigators in iOS devices when listening to music, especially in Tidal. I mostly use Tidal, Pandora, and a local NAS. I also want to put my two ch system on the C4
  14. By far the BEST landscape lighting integration is the Luxor system by FX Luminaire, you can zone dim and control color with individually addressable fixtures and integration is seamless. If you limit the number of colored fixtures and mix them with non-color ones the cost is also very reasonable. https://www.fxl.com/products
  15. People always want to point the finger at Unifi. Its usually not the network unless you have some weird setup or multiple subnets etc. Logging is your friend. You need to log traffic and log C4 director activity to see where the hang up is. Its often a driver handshake or authentication issue.
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