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  1. I need one OA LS64 outdoor speaker and a few small spikes. Will also consider LS44. Let me know if you have any extras kicking around. thanks david
  2. Hi...I sent you a PM last week on the (2) Z2IO - zigbee to IO modules...please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Sold....Thanks.
  4. Besides RoomME, are there any options to have music follow me around from zone to zone?
  5. I use Chawmain's notifications and driver to this with still images via Pushsafer. I have not tried with clips, but might work: http://server.chowmain.software/Control4/Chowmain - Pushsafer Driver Installation Guide.pdf
  6. i'm a bit late to this party, but here are my pool controls for my pump and heater using lutron RA2 switches. Same would apply for c4 switches with simple 120v relays in a waterproof enclosure. They are not connected right now for some pool renovations but worked solid for several years.
  7. V1...but its brand new.
  8. I think it is controversial/offensive in this specific forum because the dealers that are here are all very good at what they do and are ethical and reasonable people. So selling C4 hardware at the price they are contractually obligated to sell it at (i.e full retail) even if that is above their cost is a reasonable business model. This is common in many trades, as has been pointed out, and is routine and normal. So people get offended if you call them on it and consider it a bit absurd to ask them to breach their dealer agreement to sell at a discount. My issue, is with the dishonest installers that mark everything up, well over normal margins out of greed because the average homeowner has no clue of the cost of a balun or 50' pull of speaker wire. It seems from this thread that these two maybe are being a bit conflated and that is likely also offensive to some. Just some thoughts. if we could buy direct from C4 vs from a dealer, it would likely be at full retail anyway, not dealer wholesale.
  9. The entire model of secret dealer only pricing is sooooo outdated and just leads to greed and gouging. Like one local integrator who hung a TV for me and tried to charge me $125 for a $12 Monoprice HDMI cable thinking I wouldn't know. Its really sad. Like OP I don't mind paying reasonable markup and never mind paying for skill and knowledge, but most of the time with HA the markup is just way too muck....Pakedge is a perfect example. Lutron RA2 switches and shades are another. Gordon, PM me and I'd be happy to chat about how I got all mine done.
  10. The AV Pro has been rock solid. Love it. The Altona is for sale if anybody needs one.
  11. I have a brand new in unopened box EA3 for sale. Has latest firmware installed by C4. Full warranty. $850...plus shipping from Los Angles.
  12. Yes...my bad. I meant the Power Series Neo and Power Pro boards. Sorry.... The IT-100 IS compatible with the following PowerSeries control panels: PC1616 6-16 zone control panel PC1832 8-32 zone control panel PC1864 8-64 zone control panel Power432™ (PC580) 4-32 zone control panel Power632™ (PC1555MX) 6-32 zone control panel Power832® (PC5010/5015) 8-32 zone control panel Power864™ (PC5020) 8-64 zone control panel But not any boards that start with: HS2* or HS3*
  13. USG isn't dead. It is still perfectly fine for a small home network and with the UDM-Pro just being released there will be a good supply of used USGs and cloud keys available in coming weeks. So good opportunity to save a few bucks.
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