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  1. So the contact would be part of C4 and it would only be active on the times I set? Is that correct? If so that would be a very good idea. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a remote dealer from the Vancouver Island/Vancouver area or at lease same time zone.
  3. Ya, that does sound like a great idea. I was trying to figure out a better way then I had as I have to build new gates for that side of the house (wife orders). I will have to give it some thought as when its cutting in the back yard (where its dog house is) the gate can stay closed. When it has to go to the front yard I send it out in the middle of the night so it does not get run over as it has to cross the driveway to cut each side of the driveway. I will have to figure a trigger for when it goes to the front yard only. Alexa can send the mower out and Alexa can be bound to C4 so maybe there is way to tie it all together. Problem I have is if I have some sort of sensor to trigger the gate, it will be opening and closing all the time when the mover is in the back yard as it cuts right up to the gate itself. Maybe a sensor that is attached to the mower that is activated at dark only. Hmmmm.....
  4. Hey, thats a great idea. I have that exact issue. I have a Husqvarna 430x and I had to raise the gate so that the mower could go under it but of course small animals can too. Why don’t you have the mover live in the back yard so it does not have to go through the gate? I have a front and back yard so mine leaves the fenced back yard (where it lives) and has to go to the boulevard in the middle of the night to cut it. Let me know what you come up with. Why have it hooked to the C4?
  5. Sent you a PM.

  6. I figured out the switch had failed. I replaced it with another one I had. The new switch will turn the lights on and off but the other 3 keypads do nothing now. How do I pair the keypads to the switch. The switch also just shows green light top and bottom. It has all worked for 8years with no problem. Not sure why now but stuff happens.
  7. How do I figure out which one has failed? There are 4 on that light zone.
  8. I have a 3 bay garage that has three zones of lights. Zone for bay 1&2, zone for work bench and zone for bay 3. Bay 3 switches (4 of them) will not turn the lights off. Lights on the switches will change color from top to bottom when pressed but the garage lights themselves stay on for that bay/zone. All other zones work just fine? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I should have bought a brand name unit. It was for my garage so was not really concerned at the time, just went with the best deal. Not always the best way to go of course. The remote that came with the cable box (shaw cable) turns the tv on and off, you would think it would be simple for C4 to do the same. Seems ridiculous to have a dealer come all the way in for that. Shame.
  10. No, its a Haier. Sold by Costco. I guess I should have gone with Samsung. Lol.
  11. I just want to get the tv to turn on and off. Already a driver for the cable box in place.
  12. Can I do that with Composer HE?
  13. But if the driver does not know the command, does he use the TV's remote to teach the C4 remote?
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