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  1. Here is a link. Scroll down to installation guide and instructions are there. Works like a charm for me and has for quite a while. Hope this helps. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/ifttt
  2. I have geofencing setup in my system using Alan’s IFTTT driver and it works awesome. Rock solid. Entire family uses iPhones. Been using it for a very long time, ever since Phil’s follow me driver stopped working. I recommend it.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I ordered a Gen2 flirc and I will give it a try sometime this week or on the weekend.
  4. Yes I knew the 800’s can be used in OS3 but have no GUI. In our house we use the GUI’s a lot. Our current system does everything we need. One day I will update the hardware and migrate to OS3 but for now we don’t see the need.
  5. The new(ish) driver only works on systems running 3.0+ My system is running 2.9.1. I have a lot of HC800’s in my system and lots of IE touchscreens and I don’t want to switch out all the hardware just to upgrade to 3.0. My system works great on 2.9.1 and there are no features in 3.0 that I “need” that justifies swapping out all the hardware.
  6. @Thepritch88 how well does this solution work with your FireTV in your Control4 system? Are you happy with it?
  7. Shipping to Kitchener Ontario Canada.
  8. I would have no issues buying them direct from video storm but the shipping price alone is $63 USD. That’s a complete rip off for shipping for something so small that could go in a padded envelope in the mail for a couple of bucks.
  9. I’m looking for 2 IRUSB’s. If you have a couple you would like to sell please PM me. thanks
  10. Yeah a phone call would be great! Haha A simple pop up window warning would be nice for such a major change. Imagine if you updated your Control4 system and then after the system came back online the system was now Creston and all your passwords were no longer good. I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t proceed with the upgrade had they received a warning message, that’s all I’m saying.
  11. I second this. An advance warning would have been nice. Lots of people don’t read release notes in advance of updating.
  12. I have 2 Control4 amplifiers in my system and they have worked great for years. Today I woke up to one that is no longer powering on. It emits a slight buzzing noise when plugged in. When I unplug it the buzzing goes away. The buzzing comes from the amp itself, not through the speakers. I have not removed it from the rack yet or done any additional troubleshooting. I’m assuming it’s the internal power supply. The amp is model number AVM-16A2-B. It also has a tag on it that says AVM-16A2-BX. My question is can someone tell me the correct part number for a power supply? I assume one could be purchased on Amazon? What is the difficulty in swapping them? Does it require soldering internally or do they unbolt to swap out. I’ve never opened the case. Im hoping I can simply swap out the power supply easily rather than purchasing a new amp. your help is appreciated.
  13. Something strange going on here too. I’ve been experiencing issues with pushover in my project the past two weeks as well. I use location services and pushover with Alan’s IFTTT driver for geofencing. I noticed none of my geofence events would trigger about two weeks ago. I re entered my pushover credentials in the driver section and things started to work again. Then again this past Friday I noticed they stopped working again. Entered the exact same pushover credentials again and it started working again. Prior to this they have been working perfect in my system for the past few years.
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