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  1. Mine also says it’s up to date but the driver is only showing 20200326
  2. I use Alan’s Driver in my system for geofencing but nothing more. I want to set up an outbound command so that when I push a custom button it will send a command to my Rachio to activate a zone. I understand I need to use webhooks but can someone tell me exactly how to set up the outbound command from Control4 so it will go to webhooks? Step by step? i created the custom button. In programming, under button press, when I go over to device actions I select the IFTTT driver and I have the option to check device specific command and then sub menus are event, value1, value2, value3. If I expand the driver device actions I could choose conditionals under last title, last message, last title (number), last message (number) last title (float) and last message (float). I’m confused how to send out a command to webhooks from Control4. My apologies in advance as I am not an IFTTT user so I’m not familiar with it. I would greatly appreciate your help.
  3. If you could please reach out to me when you start beta testing I would love to participate.
  4. I got it working. My initial setup was correct. What did it for me was actually unplugging the router. All this time I was rebooting the router through the Pakedge GUI after making changes, but apparently that doesn’t do the trick. At least it didn’t for me. Trunks were not required, just a hybrid port between the router and switch like I originally had setup. I added a bunch of other devices to my VLAN2 after I got the test camera working and all are working perfect. Now on to separating all the equipment out onto separate VLAN’s. A big thank you to all who chimed in on this thread and offered help and support. It’s greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! One question I have. I’m going to put all of my media players on a separate vlan. Should I put everyone’s ipad’s and iPhone‘s on the same vlan as the media players? The reason I am thinking this would be a good idea is because the kids are always streaming content on their phones and iPads. What do you think?
  5. According to Pakedge it’s supposed to be set as a hybrid port but when I get home from work I will try it as a trunk instead and see if it makes a difference. Will let you know the outcome.
  6. My end goal is to use VLAN1 for management only. It has always been set up for everything on 1 VLAN since day one but once I figure out how to get everything to talk (my test camera working) I will end up setting up 6 different VLANS for all of my different equipment. I wish I had set up separate VLAN’s right from the start but hindsight is 20/20. Lesson learned. zone bonding is enabled.
  7. I can remove 18 and 19 from hybrid that go to the switches below. I tried removing the dhcp res for the camera and resetting. The camera will connect to 10.0.1.x and works fine.
  8. Test camera changed to and still can’t access it.
  9. My router is connected to the switch on port 24. I previously watched the video you attached above Multiple times. according to Pakedge instructional videos, zone bonding should allow wireless devices connected to access points on VLAN1 to talk to devices on VLAN2.
  10. Ports 20, 21 & 22 on the switch are the access points and I made them hybrid ports (see pic in above post). Should this not allow the wifi on LAN1 to communicate with devices on LAN2?
  11. I’m not sure what you mean by tag my ssid’s to my wifi. I tried plugging my laptop directly into the switch But still can’t access the camera
  12. I thought I was allowing traffic from VLAN1 to VLAN2 by making port 24 hybrid. I’ve now made 18-24 all hybrid ports (see attached) and I still can’t connect to the test camera at
  13. Hello I am having an issue with a multiple VLAN setup on my network and I’m hoping someone here with Pakedge experience can provide some help and let me know where I have gone wrong. I have been using my Pakedge router, switches, 3 AP’s and network controller for over 2 years with absolutely no issues with only VLAN1. Now I want to separate some of my equipment out to separate VLAN’s for a better network reliability but I can’t get the VLAN’s to talk to each other. I added a separate “test” IP camera to VLAN2 for testing purposes but I can’t see the assigned IP address to the camera and I can’t access it. I set it up with a DHCP reservation of in the router. I have the following equipment and connected as follows. RK-1 router - WAN1 connected to ISP modem, LAN1 connected to port 24 of the SK24 switch SK-24 switch - port 20, 21 & 22 connected to Pakedge access points. Port 18 connected to S26e switch 1, port 19 connected to S26e switch 2, port 23 connected to NK-1 network controller, port 24 connected to router NK-1 network controller S26e switch #1, all ports connected to multiple computers, Control4 equipment and IP cameras, etc S26e switch #2, all ports connected to NAS’s and Control4 equipment, etc My main VLAN1 has DHCP range of - and has always been this way (and always worked fine). I use DHCP reservations for all my wired and wireless equipment. I enabled VLAN2 and “enable zone bonding” is checked. VLAN2 has an IP address of On my SK-24 switch I set port 9 to VLAN2 and all other ports are VLAN1. Under port assignment I have set hybrid to port 24. On my router I set a DHCP reservation for a test camera to and I plugged that camera into port 9 on the SK-24 switch. When I try to access the test camera from my computer, it can’t find it. Says not available. My computer is connected to the access point which is on VLAN1. When I look at the router status it shows all of the DHCP leases at 10.0.1.x except it does NOT show the test camera at Only 10.0.1.x leases are listed. Are you able to tell my why I can’t access VLAN2 devices? I would eventually like to set up separate VLAN’s for all of my equipment to clean up my network but until I get one test camera working I don’t want to mess with the others. I have attached a couple pictures for reference. I hope they help. Please note when I took the picture of the switch screen I had the test camera unplugged so that’s why it’s showing as a black port and not white. When I plug the camera in it turns white like the other used ports. I’m hoping someone here can help. Thanks in advance.
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