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  1. Yes, it went into 'Public Beta'. If you are a dealer you have to apply to get access to the agent.
  2. It does not look like it made it out yet.
  3. I think if I was to show my implementation to the general public they would call it a hack. Wires that I soldered to a remote It works great, I have no complaints. The point I'm trying to make is that Control4 does a really good job of integrating with the biggest brands in the home and there is a gap when it comes to LM.
  4. I never said "authorized" anywhere. A lot of the integrations that use the mobile apps API are open source. You are welcome to go look at them on github.
  5. Like most of the topics on this forum. This topic is back in the spotlight with the myQ upgrade to the v6 of their API. This broke a lot of the open source integrations as they deprecated their v5.
  6. Because they have a partner website where they tout their integrations. They partner with much smaller players like Clare Controls (Now owned by Snap). Everything points to C4 and MyQ not agreeing on terms.
  7. If you read through this thread you'll see many of us have implemented alternative solutions. However, it would streamline things if there was an integration and allow customers to embrace Control4 easier. LM has the majority of the markeshare in the US.
  8. So Control4 does want to find a middle ground on this? It sounds like they have abandoned talks on it. I'm assuming it comes down to money. Its either Control4 is not willing to pay the price that myQ has requested or MyQ has no interest in integrating with Control4. I doubt the latter is the case. If offered the choice, I think some customers would pay annual fee to integrate. MyQ used to have a model for premium integrations (IFTT, Google) and they abandoned it. Not sure why.
  9. I wish Control4 could find a middle ground on this. At least provide an integration that the customer can purchase. I get why Liftmaster wants money as it cost money to run their API.
  10. I'll second the TCL Roku integration from Black Wire. It can't be beat. Flawless.
  11. Other Cons around controlling the navigator and locking to rooms. You can’t do that with the mobile app. I use mine as a security panel and the mobile apps won’t do the chime or go to the security screen when I open the door.
  12. Go under programming and when motion is detected go to Navigation. You can then pull up a live view on the touchscreen for a period of time.
  13. I've seen it happening with new remotes as well. It's not a "bad stock" from what I've seen.
  14. Sucks they are stopping this program as I feel remotes that are replaced today will also fail. Snatch up a sr250 as those seem to be fine.
  15. That's fine, I'm assuming these keypads run on low voltage and they may end up making a low voltage version.
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