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  1. Revoking it will probably require an update the shield as well. It will probably be a while.
  2. Because Nvidia forgot to encrypt the driver. Their private key was exposed in the driver package. It will be up to Nvidia to decide a path forward now that their key is out in the wild. Will they revoke it and push an update? We will see.
  3. This is very cool and I might pick up a firestick to test it. I was looking at doing something similar with NeTV. https://www.adafruit.com/product/609
  4. I do as well, on my roku the right and left of the four way are the skip buttons. Holding it down goes in FF/Rew. Works great.
  5. This really isn't a SnapAV branded item. You have two options for interfacing with a Honeywell panel. 1.) HSIM module which snapAv gets from here: http://www.alarmdecoder.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/1/products_id/31 2.) 4232cbm module. http://security.honeywell.com/product-repository/4232cbm Both have free drivers in Control4. The HSIM module uses a slightly different communication method that can potentially have delays. The 4232cbm is what I recommend as it emulates an AUI kepad and has instant updates. You can find the 4232cbm pretty cheap on ebay.
  6. I run all Unifi gear from Ubiquiti without issue. I think the C4 warning is about their edge products which are older. Sonos, which also runs on a broadcast network functions fine on Unifi gear.
  7. Yes, the Honeywell driver does work with this panel. I would recommend having a dealer re-add the driver for you and download all the zones. There is a bug in this driver that it needs to be re-added tot he project to get new zone information.
  8. The remotes have a switch on the back. switch it to the 1. In the bond app there is a pairing method where you hold the power on the remote. If you keep them on 0 you will have issues with multiple fans using the same frequency. However, its great if you want two remotes to control the same fan.
  9. Upgrade the firmware. The firesticks need a new firmware to support this new driver.
  10. I have two button but not in the right color. If you want those, let me know.
  11. I'm curious how this works from a refreshing standpoint. I know the stand alone app needs to be refreshed every time I open it. If you leave it open does it stay updated?
  12. @lippavisual The global line-in driver doesn't work on sonos sound bars
  13. I figured out how to get 2-way feedback working with the RokuTV Ip driver. You have to set the room in the driver itself and it will turn the room on if it detects something playing. Works really well.
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