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  1. I could get you one for cheaper if interested. PM me.
  2. Thanks for the reply Alan, I saw this note in the documentation of the driver which prompted me to dig a bit. Version #20200522 - 22-MAY-2020 ⦁ Added Enable Alert Processing option in Properties tab to reduce controller load on systems with a large number of cameras The driver isn't creating bindings like it should for me. I have a newer Hikvision camera so I'm not sure if that is the reason. I turned on logging and noticed it checking for events every second which looked like polling to me. I wasn't aware that some websocket had been setup. The Hikvision does support a webhook which should remove the need for the websocket and probably remove some complexity. I have attached a screenshot of how the official hikvision driver builds the connection back to Control4 for event driven notifications.
  3. This driver seems to poll for events on the camera which can be tasking if you have a lot of cameras. In the most recent version they allow you to turn this off. Hikvision supports the ability to do webhooks that notify the controller when one of the actions has been triggered (motion, line crossing, face detection). Is this something that would be added in the future? Hikvision does seem to document it well but their official control4 driver uses it. Unfortunately, the official Control4 driver doesn't support snapshot I've colleted some notes around the webhook process and willing to share if need be.
  4. I'm looking for a set of rack ears for the HC-800. Thanks
  5. Looking to trade out a Yale Zigbee module for a Kwikset one. Thanks -Dan
  6. If they have an app they have an API
  7. First, which Hikvision NVRs are supported by the certified hikvision driver? Second, is there anyway to do send a snapshot from a hikvision camera to a push notification or does that require a 3rd party driver (Chowmain). Thanks
  8. Just confirming this is still working on 3.1.0 with a Sony BDP-S6700. Tested today.
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