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  1. Trash is strong word and I don't agree. I own both. While the Davis Vantage Pro 2 is nice its also a maintenance nightmare. Specifically the rain gauge and keeping it operational. The birds and spiders love that thing. The davis does not contain all of its sensors on the weather station itself and it requires that you run a control panel that looks like its from the 90s. You have to buy another device if you want it to work over wifi. The tempest has lightning detection which the Davis does not. Overall, I'm likely going to remove my Davis soon since the Tempest has been pretty close to the readings on my Davis.
  2. Awesome, Thanks. It sounds like they might be changing their marketing to not say that it can be powered by the garage motor.
  3. Konnected is dropping a version of RATGDO that is powered by the opener. I have a pre-order in. https://konnected.io/products/smart-garage-door-opener-blaq-myq-alternative
  4. The traditional Roku remote doesn't contain a channel up and down button. Its cool that Youtube TV and some other apps support it. You can fix this on your own by repackaging the Roku driver. Inside the C4Z (unzip) you will find an XML file. In that XML file will be a section that determines which buttons to show. You can modify this to show the buttons you want. Control4 tried to match the buttons that a traditional Roku remote shows. @RyanE
  5. Hell No, the M series laptops are the best laptops I’ve ever owned. I’ve owned an MBP m1 and m2. It’s the best battery life of any laptop. From a developer perspective they blow away a windows laptop. I run compose on parallels with my m2 without issue.
  6. I can program off pico buttons. I’m using the leap driver on the non pro hub. make sure you look at the events side of programming. You can program off press and release on any button push.
  7. I still have two remotes at most of my watching locations. A neeo and a halo. The halo just doesn't work sometimes so I have another remote to reach for. It has gotten better but its not as good as the sr-260 or neeo.
  8. Location in the Control4 project. You can change your location in your project and the driver will work. However, that location is used for a lot of other things so I'm not sure you want to do that.
  9. My driver works in programming so I would check a specific weather driver to do a cloud conditional check. My driver works anywhere in the world and having an API call to some global weather service would be tough.
  10. I have a new driver that calculates solar position that you might be interested in. Looking for some testers. It calculates it right on the driver and doesn’t use an api.
  11. Halloween overloaded the system. Calls don't work to mobile when the system isn't overloaded
  12. https://www.djtelectricaltraining.co.uk/downloads/50Hz-Frequency.pdf
  13. I wrote a sun positioning driver that I need help testing. Driver allows you to trigger events in Control4 based on the suns location. This is great for shades and allows you to mimic control like Lutron's Natural Light Optimization. Driver calculates the sun position based on your project location and timezone. This driver does not require an outside API and all calculations are done on the driver itself. Below are the variables that you can use for conditionals. Driver fires an event on every calculation of the sun position. Sun Interval: How often the sun position should be calculated. Azimuth: Direction of the sun as compass coordinates. Altitude: Angle of the sun in degrees. (Positive - Sun is above horizon | Negative - Sun is below horizon) Season: Current Season based on Location Trending: If the Sun is going UP or DOWN Last Event: Day, Night, Civil Twilight, Nautical Twilight, Astronomical Twilight, Solar Noon, Solar Midnight If interested in testing, please DM me your email and I'll send you a beta trial. Thanks
  14. Did you check for them? If you do have them can you tell me the version you are using.
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