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  1. Hi, We'd like to install Zigbee lock on two outdoor gates. We have Yale C4 Zigbee locks throughout our house, but I assume these can't be used outdoors. Does anybody have any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks
  2. Very interesting. Would you mind sharing which brands have this feature? And, is it controlled by the zone board or the furnace itself? Thanks a lot.
  3. I have used Honeywell RedLink in the past, with Carrier equipment. In my case, it supported only a limited number of discrete speeds -- I think it supported 3 speed levels -- but not the continuously variable speeds that a Carrier communicating thermostat would support. The same is true for the Honeywell zoning board, which supports (I think) 3 speed levels. However, I've never used Amana, so I'm not sure if Honeywell is uniquely capable of getting true continuously variable speeds from it. And, I agree it would be great if these manufacturer thermostats would integrate more closely wi
  4. We have a similar situation -- 2 furnaces/hvac units with 7 zones total. IMHO, Control4 integration is tightest with Ecobee's or Control4 thermostats, and much less tight with manufacturer-specific thermostats. And, as I understand it, you won't get the most out of a manufacturer-specific zoning system unless you use the manufacturer's thermostats. On the other hand, manufacturer-specific systems give you more HVAC features. So, it's a trade-off without a perfect solution. We ended up using a Honeywell zoning board, which is manufacturer-agnostic, with 7 Ecobee's, but that has its own
  5. @Gary Leeds UK, Does 3.2 break announcements for other Sonos equipment, apart from the Move? We have announcements working on all our Sonos Amps, Connect:Amps, and Play:5's right now -- would hate to lose that.
  6. How about this plugin ZigBee Chime: https://www.axxind.com/smarthome/plug-in-chime/
  7. Unfortunately, Alexa can't control shades via Control4. The only way to make Alexa control shades is to use a different Alexa-compatible integration method. It might be possible for you to add the Vera skill to Alex and then control the shades using that skill. I'm not sure of the details, because I don't use Vera. However, I do something similar with my Somfy shades. They are integrated with Control4, but I also have separate Somfy wifi modules that integrate with Alexa for voice control. In your case, voice commands would -- in theory -- be issued by Alexa to Vera directly.
  8. Is there also a POE model of the Chime? It's actually relatively simple to run ethernet from our main POE switch to the front doorbell location. So, if POE is possible, it sounds like it might be very simple to bypass the old Nutone system completely, by using POE at the doorbell itself and then installing a ZigBee chime indoors?
  9. Thanks a lot, that is very helpful. Would something like this Axxess Zigbee Chime do the trick if we wanted to go the Zigbee route?
  10. Thanks. Does that mean we'll also need to install a new doorbell chime, or will it trigger the Nutone chime once it has power?
  11. Hi, I've seen several posts where people mention they were able to replace an existing Nutone Door Chime with a Doorbird, DS2 or other video doorbell. I'm curious if someone can explain what needs to be done in order to make this happen, and specifically how to make the video doorbell trigger a standard door chime inside the house. We have an existing Nutone Door Chime, along with an old-school Nutone Intercom system that we don't use anymore. When I attempted to wire a Ring Doorbell to it, the existing chime didn't sound when the Ring was pressed. Is there a way to solve this probl
  12. Portability is a nice feature -- could see using that when out for a run or a bike ride. Does the Atmotube collect data continuously, or only when you run a reading?
  13. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I assume 1=True and 0=False.
  14. If I'm understanding you correctly, you could achieve this as follows. First, define a boolean variable called, e.g., "SunriseBlinds" Next, define a scheduler event executing at midnight that sets SunriseBlinds equal to zero. Third, I would execute the following code in your wakeup alarm: 1. If sunrise is true, then open blinds; 2. If sunrise is false, then set the value of SunriseBlinds equal to one. Finally, set up a scheduler event that executes at Sunrise. In this event, run the statement, "If SunriseBlinds=1, then open blinds."
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