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  1. I think 2 days without network access would cause a bloody revolution in our household. 😀 And, wow, I hadn't ever seen that Unifi LTE Failover device. It looks cool! Unfortunately, the only other option we have for a failover service in our area is DSL, which hardly seems worth the trouble. I might give that Unifi device a try instead. Thanks for the tip!
  2. While my experience with Unifi has been fine, this thread prompted me to order backup units of my Unifi USG, Cloud Key, Unifi POE switch, and even my Netgear cable modem! 😮 I will say it feels pretty good to have those brand new, unopened boxes sitting in my office closet.....
  3. Same here. The touch screen wake-up alarm triggers a macro that plays a Sonos favorite -- we use a Pandora station -- and gradually increases the volume every 30 seconds. After 5 minutes have passed, the black-out shades go up and the lights come on. It works great, and it saves me from having to harass the kids every morning!
  4. Yes. Use the "Snapshot" driver. It should let you do exactly what you need.
  5. Yes, with some caveats. You will be able to select and play music using Roon from the C4 app, but the Roon C4 interface is a lot more basic than the Roon app on Mac, iOS, and elsewhere. And, the Roon C4 driver is still a bit buggy, so you might experience some navigator crashes from time to time.
  6. If you go with Sonos, the voice-activated music functionality you described above does not require investing in Josh.ai. You could achieve it with a bunch of (super cheap) Echo Dots integrated with your Sonos network. Granted, you may want to avoid Amazon devices for other reasons, but the integration between Alexa and Sonos is very tight. Not sure how old your kids are, but my tweens love controlling Sonos via voice as well, and Alexa works well for them.
  7. I had a similar situation. We have a zoned system with 7 Ecobee thermostats and 2 furnaces. We installed 2 Aprilaire humidifiers earlier in the Fall. Originally, I had asked my HVAC guy to tie them to our Ecobees. He said that was technically possible, but he discouraged me from doing it. He said it would work better to base the humidifier's operation on a probe inserted into the two plenums running from each furnace -- I assume this is the current setup you are describing. In retrospect, I am glad I listened to his advice and did not tie the humidifier into the Ecobees. Humidity meas
  8. Same here. We use it religiously in every bedroom, but with my own macro for controlling music, lights, and shades. On my wish list would be for them to expose the wakeup time as a variable to program against. I would love to pre-heat the house exactly 1 hour before wake-up time, for instance.
  9. @mindedc1Which zoning board you use that supports continuously variable blower speeds? I am curious because the ones I've seen all seem limited to 3-4 stages only. Thanks!
  10. Ah, I see, sorry about the confusion. In that case, you might find Roon an occasional source of headaches, at least until their C4 driver gets fixed up a bit further. (Moreover, without the Roon app, I think the advantages of Roon lessen considerably.) On the other hand, while the Sonos C4 driver is quite reliable, you're limited to favorites and playlists only when using C4 navigators.
  11. We have a Roon Nucleus+ with 12 Sonos zones and one hi-res Roon audio zone. I love the Roon app, and the Roon C4 driver allows control of Tidal, Qobuz, and local music library with C4 Touchscreens and Navigators. However, while the latest release of the Roon C4 driver is a big improvement over the prior version, it's still a bit buggy. E.g., the driver will crash my touch screen every fourth or fifth time while scrolling through long lists of music. Due to the imperfect stability of the driver, I would be reluctant to rely upon Roon as the primary means of integrating your audio zone
  12. I would love to understand this. I have an all-Unifi network, but I too have been led to believe that a C4 video matrix won’t work with a Unifi network featuring VLANs, allegedly because Unifi doesn’t support PIM Multicasting. So, that’s a myth?
  13. Yes, that's right. Not sure if this is what you are asking, but Sonos audio endpoints do show up as Roon endpoints in the Roon app as well. (I don't have any Triad or other C4 audio endpoints, in case that is what you are asking about.)
  14. I guess I am a Roon Lover who integrated Roon with C4. 😀 You are right that Roon's interface is the big draw, and I use the Roon app very often. However, the Roon Nucleus plus C4 driver also allows you to browse your music library, Tidal, and Qobuz on C4 touchscreens, and play the results to any of your Sonos endpoints. So, even family members who don't care much about the Roon interface -- e.g., my kids -- are happy about getting improved C4 integration with Sonos. (As an aside, the C4 touchscreens show the same info for Roon as for anything else, so you don't get all the metadat
  15. Sorry, I should have clarified everything. First, "HOLD_MODE" is one of the driver variables. Program off a trigger where HOLD_Mode equals "Permanent." Next, in programming, go to the thermostat you want to control and choose Set Hold Mode to Off. That will clear any existing holds and put the thermostat back on its regular schedule. In theory, there is a device specific command in the driver that allows you to choose whether the Hold Mode is set to permanent, until next, for 2 hours, etc. However, this device specific command has never worked for me, on any version of this driver.
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