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  1. I have had Honeywell TotalConnect and Ecobee thermostats. I found the Honeywell thermostats to respond to complex programming much less reliably than the Ecobee. This is especially true if you are addressing many thermostats -- we have 7 different thermostats in a zoned system. The Honeywell driver may have gotten better, but this is based on my experience with it about 2-3 years ago. I also find that the Ecobee "comfort mode" paradigm very convenient for programming, because you can essentially set up 3-4 "scenes" for each of your thermostats and then switch among them programmatically. Plus, it's easy to edit the "scenes" on the thermostats without having to redo or unwind all your programming. I agree that the cloud service can be a bit of a drag; I find myself reconnecting every couple of months.
  2. Paul, I just want to check to make sure I understand. Would the following work as the routine way to close the blinds programmatically: If blinds are not fully closed: Then close the blinds; Else: 1) inform blind of up/open; and 2) Close the blinds. Will this code work fine even in the case where the C4 state is "fully closed" and the blind itself is indeed fully closed? I assume in this case, the RF "close" command is issued by the Somfy Urtsi but then appropriately ignored by the motor -- is that correct? Thanks! Again, this is a very cool feature.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. I was hoping there was a clean solution, since the old-school (V1) Somfy shade driver didn’t have this issue. It is a bit mystifying to me though, as I don’t see an obvious downside of issuing an RF close command in the “fully closed” state — worst-case is that the shade motor ignores the command.
  4. We use the Cinegration Somfy driver with a Somfy Urtsi to control our Somfy shades. We also use the Somfy shade remotes, and this causes a problem I haven't been able to fix. If the Cinegration driver thinks the shades are closed, then programmatically issuing a "close" command has no effect -- i.e., there is no "close" command actually sent to the shade motors. This causes problems whenever someone has previously opened the shades using the Somfy remote, instead of using C4. Is there a way to force the driver to issue a "close" command, regardless of what it thinks the status of the shade is? Is this a problem with the Cinegration driver? Would switching to the Domosapiens driver solve this problem for us? (A workaround is to issue "open" commands before a close, but this becomes incredibly annoying, since sometimes the shades are actually closed to start with.) Thanks!
  5. Is there a variable or some other way to program against Control4 losing its linkage to the Ecobee network? I always end up discovering it by chance, but it would be nice to know when it happens, if possible. Thanks!
  6. Well, seeing as how our kids rarely remember to turn off the music when they leave a room, we can easily have 6-7 different streams going simultaneously, especially on a weekend! We are an all-Sonos household with one Sonos unit for each zone in the house.
  7. Got it. Thanks for the helpful advice!
  8. Do the Smart Bridge Pro and RA2 Select Bridge just require a plain old ethernet connection to my network? Or do I need a serial connection running directly from a C4 controller?
  9. We are replacing a set of Somfy motors that are about 7 years old. We have not had a terribly great experience with the Somfy motors; they have required about 1-2 service calls per year, and they are louder than I expected them to be. I was thinking of moving to Lutron, because I've read (mostly on this forum) that their shades are extremely quiet and reliable, and work well with C4. Does anybody have recommendations on which Lutron motorized shade lines I might investigate for our context? Are there any concerns with Lutron that others have run into? Thanks!
  10. DLite


    I see. I don't know the answer to that question. What you say makes sense -- only the simultaneously playing streams may matter -- but I don't know enough about what is going on under the hood to do more than guess. In any event, I hope you enjoy the Plus as much as we have!! It is very nice to have Sonos integrated into C4.
  11. DLite


    As far as I know, the Roon C4 driver requires a Nucleus and will not work with any other Roon server configuration. I dimly recall my dealer saying that the Nucleus could handle 3 simultaneous streams with DSP going, but more than that requires the Plus. I am not super confident about my recollection though. @time2jet may be able to give you a better answer to that question.
  12. Yes, exactly. I should have been clearer. Plug the POE injector into power. And then run a (presumably short) ethernet cable directly from the POE injector to the T4. At no point does this need to be connected back to your network. Then put the T4 on wifi, and you should be set. I used this exact setup for a few days while I was waiting for my electrician to run a new ethernet cable to my T4, and it worked fine.
  13. I assume you must be referring to an in-wall T4, since the tabletop T4 is AC powered only. If so, you don't need an actual ethernet connection there. Get a POE injector, plug it in (or get power to it however you like), and then run an ethernet cable from the POE port of the injector to your T4. That will provide power to the T4. Next, select wifi access in the network settings of the T4 screen, and that will give it a network connection.
  14. DLite


    We have a Nucleus+, because we are powering 12 zones for Roon and wanted C4 integration. If you aren't doing multi-room streaming to many different zones, you don't need the Nucleus+. And, if you aren't doing C4 integration, you don't even really need a Nucleus. In that case, you're much better off running Roon on an existing computer or on a dedicated (but vastly cheaper) box that runs Roon. The Roon forum features a bunch of people who've put together their own inexpensive boxes to run Roon -- if you want to go that route, I would ask for some ideas there. However, I would probably first just try it on your MacBook and see how it goes.
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