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  1. While running a wifi scan, I noticed that my two Roku devices are each broadcasting their own wifi network, and each network is being broadcast on the same 5GHz channel as the access point in our network that is closest to the Roku devices. After some googling, I gathered these were the Roku Direct Wifi Networks associated with each device, and that the Rokus are designed to broadcast on the same channel as my own network and to match the signal strength of the nearest access point broadcasting that channel. I found this design kind of head-scratching, so maybe I am missing something. My question is: Does this create interference on that particular 5GHz channel of our network? And if so, is there anything I can do about it? My googling suggested that changing the AP's channel will just cause the Roku to switch to the new channel. (My Rokus are both connected via wired ethernet, and I used IP control via the Control4 driver to control them.) Thanks
  2. I do the same thing. I won't claim that my code should be the "best-practice" example, but here is how I do it. For each HVAC zone, I have a variable that counts the number of open windows/doors. Every time a contact in the relevant zone opens, the zone open windows/doors variable gets incremented by one. Whenever a contact closes, it gets decremented by one. (I have a safeguard in the code that prevents it from dropping below zero, just in case C4 misses an opening.) When the variable changes values to something greater than zero, it restarts a 5-minute timer -- if the timer is not already running. When the variable changes values to zero, the timer stops and the Ecobee is set to auto mode. If the timer expires, it sets the Ecobee to off. I hope this helps.
  3. Yeah, as much as I love my Ecobees when they work, I share your frustration. Fell off again last night and I had to relink. Had to do the same last week. It's been a pretty rough couple of months. The Ecobees are so versatile that I have automated the heck out of them, but that makes it even more maddening and inconvenient when they keep getting unlinked.
  4. Thanks a lot. Is there a difference between an HDMI Extender and a balun? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Do you use the announcements feature with the C4 Sonos driver? If so, you'll get better announcement functionality with the Port -- you no longer are forced to put your announcements in the favorite list for them to be pushed to your Sonos device. Not exactly a headline feature, but it's worth something, if you're almost on the fence about it anyway.
  6. We have the Yale Zigbee locks with physical buttons, and they have all been very reliable and durable. I think the Yale locks with the touchscreens (not the physical buttons) are a little more prone to failure. One other non-C4 related tip -- most of these Zigbee/Z-wave locks have pretty crappy (i.e., easily picked) physical locking mechanisms. We had a locksmith replace the cylinders inside all our Yale Zigbee locks with more secure physical locks. It was quick and easy to do; he didn't seem fazed by the electronic components. Plus, if you have a bunch of locks, you can put them all on a single key in this step.
  7. OMG, I wish I had gotten that advice 3 years ago, when we were doing our remodel! Dealing with baluns has been a huge pain.
  8. I don't have a video matrix, but I had this same problem with active HDMI cables and my Roku Ultra. Is your Roku set to "auto detect display?" If so, try changing it to a fixed display type. That solved my problem. As an aside, I did have a similar "in and out black" problem with my Oppo UDP-203 and my active cables too. I solved it pretty much the same way. Active HDMI cables are kind of a pain, but the Key Digital balun they replaced in our house was an even bigger pain. That thing never passed HDR signals properly, even though Keystone tech support swore up and down that it would. But I digress....
  9. DLite


    Happy to echo @time2jet's enthusiasm. I have a Nucleus+, along with a full Sonos system (12 zones). The iPad and PC/Mac Roon app interface is like nothing else I've experienced -- imagine flipping (virtually) through the pamphlets in each of your CDs, if those pamphlets were fully linked to music reviews, musician bios, and Wikipedia entries. You can get pleasantly lost in all of Roon's interesting reviews, bios, and other content -- it really helps bring the music to life. Roon also has very useful tagging and bookmarking features to help you organize your collection however you like. It also integrates your local library with albums you favorite from Tidal and Qobuz -- it's easy to switch among different album versions, and to tweak the meta data right from the app, if you are as OCD about that stuff as I am. In addition, Roon's recommendation engine is really excellent. It does a great job suggesting new Tidal and Qobuz releases that you might be interested in, as well as other albums related to the one you are listening to at any given time. Roon also plays nicely with a variety of non-Sonos types of gear. For instance, I do have one non-Sonos zone, which is a ProJect DAC high-resolution streamer. It's cool to stream Tidal Masters and Qobuz high-resolution files to that unit. As a related matter, if you like playing with detailed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) features, Roon makes this process pretty intuitive and powerful. The zone grouping issue mentioned above is a bummer, but @time2jet has made some progress on this with the powers-that-be. Maybe we'll finally see a fix to that. For me, this is really the only negative. My dealer gave me a Nucleus unit to test out, and I was hooked within 24 hours. If any of this intrigues you, give it a shot. You can download the Roon software and install on a PC, Mac, or iOS, to try it out. If you like it, the Nucleus hardware significantly upgrades the experience by giving you always-on functionality and Control4 integration. (If you are running multiple grouped zones from Roon, you'll probably need a Nucleus unit to handle all the processing, but I'll defer to the experts on this technical issue.)
  10. I have the Nucleus+. I bought it because, in theory, the Nucleus is limited in the number of simultaneous zones it will support. I don't remember the limit, but just that our 12 zones were above the recommended limit. Also, if you have set up Roon to a lot of digital signal processing, the Nucleus+ may be more reliable. I suspect, however, if you are using pretty straightforward DSP and playing to a few zones at a time, the Nucleus is just as snappy as the Nucleus+, but this is just a guess.
  11. DLite


    Nope! It is always the first thing I check whenever I see an update, and I am always disappointed.
  12. The short answer is "yes, but." We have 12 Sonos zones along with a Roon Nucleus. We also have the Roon C4 driver set up. And, yes, the Roon driver allows you to browse and interact with your music catalog, Tidal, and Qobuz, all through the C4 Touchscreens, and play to Sonos zones. However, there is a bug in the Roon C4 driver that causes it to break whenever you join two or more zones together for multi-room playback. Roon has known about this bug for at least 18 months, but no progress has been made. I have lost hope they will fix it. This really is a shame, because Roon would finally bring back full integration with Sonos and C4. On the plus side, I am still happy with my Roon nucleus. The Roon app works flawlessly with Sonos, and the app itself will make you mostly forget about using a C4 touch screen to control your Sonos. It is really unique -- like thumbing through a virtual LP collection -- and makes it so much fun to browse and play music. All that said, I wish they would just fix this multi-room playback bug and make it truly perfect.
  13. Wow. Mine is already unlinked again.
  14. Just checked, and the problem now seems to be resolved. Mine is linked again.
  15. I have had a recurrence of this problem since last night -- account is unlinked, and I can't generate a PIN code. Anyone else?
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