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  1. One reason this can happen is that the Roku is sending the wrong resolution to your TV. Try rebooting the Roku, and after that, go to settings/display type. Choose auto display type and go through the steps to confirm it. Or, if auto is already selected, choose a display type that your TV definitely supports and confirm it. If the problem was indeed one of resolution, this _should_ get your picture back.
  2. I got the same unhelpful reply from Bromic. They also sent along some documentation, but it was not clear how to relate it to C4, and Bromic could not provide any follow-up. We are currently planning to install the Bromic heaters with on/off control via C4 using this device: https://www.elkproducts.com/product/heavy-duty-relay-contactor-9200/ The ELK relay gets wired to the heater and to your main electrical panel. On the other end, it can connect to a C4 wireless outlet or a C4 switch. I should note we haven’t gotten to the installation stage yet, so this is just a plan so far.
  3. DLite

    HSIM Vista 20p

    Huh. That might be an issue, because ADT pulse might remotely control the security panel using the same connection method that TotalConnect does. Anyway, maybe give the new driver a shot and see if it helps.
  4. In case anyone else was ever experiencing this problem, I wanted to share an update and resolution. This turned out to be a bug in the new HSIM driver that affected those of us who use Honeywell TotalConnect alongside Control4. My dealer reported the details to Control4 back in January, and I'm happy to report that the latest version of the driver fixes the issue. Yay, Control4!
  5. DLite

    HSIM Vista 20p

    Out of curiosity, are you also using Honeywell TotalConnect to control the panel remotely? I ask because we've had an ongoing issue with Control4 failing to properly update zones, because we also use TotalConnect with an HSIM and our Vista 128BPT panel. C4 is aware of the issue and agreed it was a bug that needed to be fixed in the driver. This might be a moot point by now -- I am still on v115 and am waiting for my dealer to determine whether our bug is fixed in this update. BTW, it looks like the latest version of the HSIM driver is v118, so you might see if updating to that helps you.
  6. We use the Cinegration driver to control our Somfy shades. We also have in-wall Somfy remotes installed. Thus, the open/closed status tracked by the Cinegration driver frequently gets out of sync. This is not a problem for us, since we don't rely on the driver's status in any way. However, it becomes a practical problem when issuing commands. For example, every bedroom has a C4 keypad button called "bedtime." Among other things, the "bedtime" button lowers all the blackout shades in the room. However, if the driver thinks the shades are already closed, it just won't issue the "close" command to Somfy, even though the shades might very well be open. Is there any way to get the driver to issue open and close commands, either without tracking the shade status or irrespective of the status? Thanks
  7. Other than changing our passwords, are there any other precautionary steps that would be helpful to take?
  8. Me too. Also, I engrave the C4 light switches with the exact names that I use with Alexa. That helps everyone in the family remember the voice commands.
  9. I was wondering the same thing. Seems like the fingerprint scanners show up on their global website, but not their US website. Just speculating, but maybe it is not available in the US? Would be great to hear I am wrong!
  10. I currently have a LiftMaster garage door opener integrated into C4 with a CardAccess wireless controller. It has been very reliable and works great with C4. However, we will soon have to replace our motor, because we are remodeling and insulating our garage, requiring a heavier duty motor. I'd like to integrate the new motor using native C4 equipment and without going through the cloud -- kind of like my existing CardAccess setup. Am I correct that the Smart Garage Door Bundle is the only way to achieve that goal, or are there other approaches? What garage door brands work best with the Smart Garage Bundle or similar alternatives? Thanks a lot
  11. Sure. In that case, only restart the timer if the door opens between 7p and 8am, and you should be set.
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