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  1. You have to provide your driver a url for the movie stream. I would take a look at the AXIS template driver that is part of the DriverWorks SDK & Documentation. It has a function that gets the mpeg url.
  2. negativesir

    2.5.3 AXIS Cameras

    I figured it out. Appears to have been the way the url is crafted. The Axis device must have &camera parameter first in the URL string. Who knew! I spent hours trying to figure it out. Axis developer API web service on their devices really sucks, but at least now I have working cameras.
  3. negativesir

    2.5.3 AXIS Cameras

    I tried the new 2.5.3 software update for Control4 and was happy to hear that they improved the camera situation, because before there wasn't even a camera template for DriverWorks and there was all around poor support for cameras. I have an AXIS P7214 video encoder, that has 4 cameras. They all use AXIS API v3. I modified the AXIS camera template driver for the proper URLs to work with my video encoder. I verified that the urls that it is putting out are the proper urls through ComposerPro. I press the Get URL buttons in the properties for the driver and it gets the proper URL with the proper camera number. Everything works on that end. I paste the urls into a browser to make sure that they pop up the right camera image, etc. The problem I am having is that when I go to view the cameras on one of my devices, say an iPad or an iPhone, all the cameras only show the first camera's image. At this point I think it is a bug in Control4's software on these devices, maybe they haven't been updated with the latest and greatest improvements? If anybody has any solutions or anything I can try, I'd be more than willing.
  4. negativesir

    My SMTP client driver

    I have moved the latest version to https://github.com/nmoinvaz/c4-drivers which fixes a bug.
  5. negativesir

    Upgrade to 2.5 stalled for 12 hours??

    I had a similar issue. I was able to connect using System Manager. Then I had to manually turn on the director service and a few other services as well.
  6. negativesir

    My SMTP client driver

    I only tested it with 1 SMTP server. I don't really have the time to try and debug and fix it.
  7. negativesir

    My SMTP client driver

    I think you may be right. I probably just misread this post: http://www.c4dealers.com/viewtopic.php?pid=96559#p96559
  8. negativesir

    My SMTP client driver

    I created this driver before the pushingbox driver was released. Pushingbox also has usage fees where as this driver there is no usage fee if you use ISP smtp server or something like that.
  9. negativesir

    My SMTP client driver

    Thanks. This is just a basic SMTP driver. SSL support could be added for the controllers 2.X, but I never got around to it. Also more authentication types could potentially be added. Another idea I had would be retrofitting this driver for POP3 so it would check to see if a message existed on the mail server. You could program something like if you got a certain e-mail message it would blink the living room lights on and off. After working with ComposerPro development tools I can say it sucks. I don't have a spare controller to develop on so it is even sucks more. I've had this SMTP driver working for probably at least 6 months so it has been through a lot of testing. So I thought I would finally share it with the community.
  10. negativesir

    My SMTP client driver

    If it meets the requirements give it a shot. I only mentioned Jango because it is free and it is the one I used to test with.
  11. This driver I wrote allows you to send e-mail through an SMTP server. Now you can send e-mail alerts without having to purchase a 4sight subscription. The SMTP server should be NON-SSL and should support LOGIN authentication. The service I found that worked the best was Jango. You can sign up for free and when you do it will limit you to 50 e-mails per month but you can request them to bump it up to 200 e-mails per month all at no cost. After that it is like $7 for 1000 e-mails. 200 should be enough for anybody unless your like my cousin who thought it would be funny to use it to send an email to text to everyone whenever he turned the volume up that said, "I just turned the volume up and that shit be bumpin". E-mails get sent through the SMTP server and arrive in your inbox like magic. I have included some screenshots which sort of show how I have it configured. When programming you have to select the driver and there is only one command and that is to send an email. Example usages might be, if you have the kwikset lock, you could have it send yourself an e-mail whenever there is a code lockout and somebody has entered in the incorrect code x number of times. Or you can send an e-mail for whenever your project loads, which will notify you if the system ever went offline or that it is back online due to a firmware update. Thanks, Nathan Donate: 18nzhZQmu5M4iGVVesKQJzY2XNSFPYjfgL
  12. negativesir


    Here is an excellent article on Android. 20% of the developer's time will be wasted due to the fragmentation of the platform. That is 20% that could be spent elsewhere in the Control4 ecosystem. http://www.neowin.net/news/developer-says-android-is-unsustainable
  13. negativesir

    how hot is your Control4 box?

    My HC-300 also gets pretty hot. I think the material that encases the hardware was meant to act as a heat sink. Could be wrong. My guess is that the HC-800 won't run as hot.
  14. negativesir

    Recommend NAS Box for Control 4

    Synology is really good! I have one and it has a ton of features! Worth the money I spent on it. http://www.synology.com/products/product.php?product_name=DS411j〈=us Check out their DiskStation Manager: http://www.synology.com/dsm/index.php?lang=us They have a demo of it too.
  15. negativesir


    iOS platform is better than Android hands down. The Android platform is VERY fragmented. It makes supporting applications on it a complete nightmare. You'll always be trying to reproduce some error that somebody had on some obscure android that they don't even make anymore. If you have a problem or there is a bug on your Android handset, good luck waiting 6 months for your handset maker or phone carrier to provide you with a firmware update. I know many people who have gotten Android phones only to have bugs pop up with-in the first week (the kind of bugs that cripple major features). For some reason it doesn't seem to matter how fast a processor an Android has, the menus lag. Speaking of the menus, they change all of the time and they even change from phone to phone!! Compare that to the iPhone where Apple controls both the hardware and the software. The firmware is controlled by Apple, so you don't have to wait for your carrier to deliver you an update. Also, the support cycle for an iPhone is longer than an Android. Apple still sells 3GS! With most Android phones, the carrier's stop supporting phones once they no longer become available on their site or the newer models come out. And when the carrier or handset maker will no longer support the phone after the initial 10 months of the phone's launch, then your left to root it and mod it. Whenever I hear an Android user talk about modding their phones, I'm like "Oh no, here we go again!". The whole reason why they (excluding enthusiast modders) need to mod their phones in the first place is because it isn't working right or it is unsupported or it is a complete lagmiester. You know an Android user is about to shit can his phone when he talks about modding it. The iPhone has its jail breakers as well, but that is mainly enthusiasts that do that. Nobody jailbreaks an iPhone because it is having problems but everybody ends up rooting their Androids when they experience issues and can't return their phone. When you go to sell your iPhone you always know it will still be worth some good money because Apple products hold their value. The iPhone just works. It has a very consistent interface across a majority of the apps. All the icons are high quality. One thing that bothered me about the Android was that the icons were so ugly as sin. They weren't even color coordinated. I look like an eighth grader made them. Most of the apps are higher quality than what you find on the Android. And that is because developers will spend the extra time making the app look good if they know they can make money. The free apps on the Android all eventually get abandoned because the developer's have nothing to lose by letting them go. I think Apple has done a lot better job keeping the crap out of the AppStore than Google has with their Android Marketplace. Now speaking of the Control4 iPhone vs Android app. It looks like they spent more time developing the Android app than they did with the iPhone app. And this to me is COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSHIT. A slap in the face to existing iPhone users. If Control4 would have made the Android app to par with the iPhone app I wouldn't be complaining, however they one upped it. They should reduce the cost of the iPhone app because it is rubbish (actually always has been). It's true that the iPhone was their first mobile app and I heard that they had lots of problems with the iOS developer they were working with. Control4, I give to you today a new directive! Your iOS shit stank. If Steve Jobs were still alive he would have pulled your app by now! Anyways, I could go on..