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  1. A growing company in the Muscat, Oman is looking for a Projects manager for a home automation company based in Muscat, Oman. The below are the Roles and responsibilities: Have full technical knowledge of all products the company has to offer. Find opportunities for business growth with new customers. Meet potential customers. Site visit for potential customers. Setup Design, costing estimation as well as Proposals for Clients. Establish effective communication with customers. Setup project plan and execution plan (cable design, routing and termination) Plan product procurement. Follow up on all Project progress. Support technical team with project execution. Systems programming Conduct end customer training. Manage stock inventory. Follow up on Invoice payments. Recommend solutions and improvement methods for installation procedures. After Sales customer technical support. Maintain technical knowledge and skills that involve architecture, network design, troubleshooting. Recommend correct measures of network addressing systems, layouts and configuration devices. Interested candidates can send thier CVs to Info@idsoman.com