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  1. Pool Automation

    Do you have a part number for this integration module so I can purchase and add to my C4 and programming when they are reconfiguring the install on my outdoor patio?
  2. IP portion sounds super interesting as I have a pretty commercial grade router that might distribute the ip traffic! Again not very knowledgeable on the topic and local C4 expert would have been super helpful in making the system more lean with better programming!
  3. Last year from eBay separately both BNIB, it was a great deal!
  4. Any installer/programmer here in Orange County CA that might be able to assist/quote?
  5. I also figured the new c4 can also control the pentair pool pump, jacuzzi, light, etc thru my intellitec controller box, I probably need an interface between the c4 and the intellitec?
  6. I wish I knew enough to understand and figure it out on my own but lacking the tools and patience as I'm going with what my installers Magnolia from best buy here in Costa Mesa ,CA are telling me [emoji51]
  7. Do you have a link for this template and the io extender? What is the cost of the extender as I was able to buy a brand new C4 and remote for a total of $450
  8. That is great to know, how many devices can one C4 control? With the addition of the patio TV I will have the following devices: Living Room TV Main A/V Zone 1 Main A/V Zone 2 (outside) DVD (for Living Room and For Kids Room) Sonos (for Zone 1 and Zone 2) Apple TV for Living Room Kids Playroom TV + New Patio TV Main A/V for the Zone 2 speakers That is quite a few devices, would love to hear that 1 C4 will be able to control all of them
  9. I was not looking to gain any power nor it is as simple as az to ir or io extender to the current 250 C4. I really think adding the patio TV, AV, Music requires the second C4. Current 250 C4 controls my main living room, tv, AV, Sonos, DVD as well as the kids playroom DVD hence it has exhausted the number of devices that can be controlled.
  10. Hi Matt, Thanks for the feedback. The controller I have is only 3 years old hence not sure if I would need to upgrade it (but it might need a softaware upgrade based on my control4 website information) but the Patio TV and music is an addition hence does require the new Controller in other words is not replacing the existing C4. I am glad to know that is does come with a home license that I do not need to purchase as additional.
  11. You are correct I meant IR. I figured I might go with the HC-250-BL instead of the HC200 for future additions.
  12. Sorry if I was not clear on my post. I do currently have a site license where I am able to control my existing system with both with several iPad, iPhone and SR-250 remote control. The new system HC-250-BL + SR-250 remote I have purchased is for the new outdoor patio TV and music addition. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. I am in process of adding an outdoor TV to my system but since the current C4 has used up all the ports I am forced to purchase a new C4-HC250-BL but am wondering if I can add it to my existing home license as I want to avoid a new license for $499 just to control my outdoor TV and sound? Thanks for your expert feedback and advice.