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  1. As per title, please let me know how quickly you can do this, PayPal would be preferred / easiest payment method.
  2. Hi all, anyone else using this combo as a remote. On my android phone with exactly the same version of control 4 app, dedicated mode works, but on the kindle Fire, the button is greyed out. Anyone have this experience? Anyone with different android tablets able to get dedicated mode?
  3. Yeah. 100% worth it. Loving being able to change custom buttons and play with Alexa.
  4. Programming Echo

    Use custom lighting scenes. I found you you need to be on the control4 website and have Alexa app open and have composer home and then you start to hum. As mentioned Alexa control 4 skill and device refresh. My workflow is: 1.) create new custom lighting scene with the name I want to say 'Alexa turn on [Custom lighting scene name] 1.a) code the scene for lights and then actions on invocation of the scene. Test and be happy it's doing what you need. Publish updates to all navigators. Also I have taken to having custom group button in that room called 'Alexa turn on' and the scene name as the button Helping train my family on what to say to Alexa through navigator 2.) go to Alexa part of customer login on control4.com and see if your scene is there. I am finding sometimes 5 minutes to several hours before scenes show up here. 3.) once they show in customer portal in Alexa app discover devices under home automation tab. Things usually work from here talking to Alexa.
  5. Thanks everyone. Got a remote Canadian dealer to do it for me, the year of 4sight extra made it pretty cheap for just software. And your right. Wife is much happier I can update, change, rename custom buttons. Got Alexa working and custom lighting scenes allow me to end user configure system to do anything through control4 from Alexa! Happy man - thanks!
  6. Sonos Compatibility

    Works. Kind of. If you put your current MP3's / collection in the cloud and create playlists all seems to work fine. BUT! There is a Sonos / Microsoft bug that means tracks skip to the next song at random. Usually 30-90 seconds in the track stops and next one starts. Sonos forums have been working on it for 6 months. No fix yet.
  7. Thanks everyone, might try a couple of other dealers in Australia, if list is $149, exchange rate would at worst mean $250, so dealer is making some extra there.
  8. Hi folks, thanks in advance for any advice two questions, I am new to my system installed at Christmas and after already having Sonos, Philips hue and harmony remotes before, feeling a little flat about what I can and mostly can't do to change things in control 4. Have door station, door strikes, hc-800, 5 x Sonos, a stack of lights (hue) and blinds (Somfy RTS controller). I want to tinker with scenes and have some control myself. My dealer tells me $350 Australian for composer home edition and it won't do much for me Question 1 - worth it? Given I pay $85 an hour for dealer to do things, even if I can fix macros and do some changes to my UI layout and lock timers etc, $350 is quickly paid for doing it myself Question 2 - can I get it cheaper elsewhere or can you only have 1 dealer. I see some people advertising to do remote dealer work, can you buy software / licenses off others or are you locked into one dealer at a time? thanks