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  1. WTB KA120wh (10)

    I think you are looking for c4-ka-wh ? They are auxiliary keypads made for 3way control, Retail is 45.00 approximately. You can call walts and order over the phone 480-968-4999 for 40.00
  2. WTB control4 EA-3 OR EA-5

    I am looking for a used or new ea-3 or ea-5, either will do the trick for me. Don't care about cosmetic condition, just want to get a decent deal! If any dealers have a used or stock you want to unload send me a price. Thanks for your time guys.
  3. Looking for a new version audio matrix for my c4-amp108. Would like the newer version that looks like the newer amp104 and amp108 but open to the 2nd generation P.M me if you are able to help out.