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  1. Btran

    Reconfigure Temp. Display Driver

    I ran into this same issue with a thermostat controlling a water heater temp. It wouldn't display any temp over 119F. My work around was to change the scale to C.
  2. Btran

    Euro cylinder door lock

    Thanks dcovach, so the vera would be used as a bridge for any z-wave device. What about the Danalock ZigBee (http://shop.danalock.com/products/6-poly-lock-cylinder/117-danalock-v3-zigbee--cylinder/)? Shouldn't this be able to work with C4 directly?
  3. Does anybody know of a C4 compatible door lock for a euro cylinder? I’ve read about the Danalock v3, and see that they have a zigbee version for sale, but haven’t seen an available driver yet. My exterior doors all use the euro profile key cylinders so the products by Kwikset, Yale, Baldwin, Schlage won’t work. Thanks in advance.