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  1. Multiply same devices driver

    Hi VINCELdUB, It's not about how to use a driver but a issue about how to develop a driver. anyway, thanks for you reply.
  2. Multiply same devices driver

    anyone can help me, many thanks to you!
  3. Multiply same devices driver

    How to build communication between master and child drivers?
  4. Multiply same devices driver

    Thanks, I almost go through all of the video training course, could you tell me the specific training number?
  5. Multiply same devices driver

    not what I want, thanks
  6. Hi, I developed a serial driver and can communiction with one device successfully, but it can't binding to same EA3 serial port when I try add one more device ,how to handle this issue?
  7. I created an "action" which name is "time" in "config/actions" and added a parameter: "second" with RANGED_INTEGER, How to get parameter "second " value when I pressed the "time" button´╝č
  8. How to Identify Serial Device

    I've solved this issue, thanks.
  9. How to Identify Serial Device

    Thanks your you feedback, If I don't try to identify this device, the driver would have problem that it displays "gcon is not init", I check the driver code and found that the serial port was not initiated for the "function OnBindingChanged(idBinding, class, bIsBound)" not be triggered.
  10. Hi, I'm developing a serial port driver for a motor, but when I add the driver to composer and add the device to the list, but it can't be found in "network", I'm a little confused that the "Network" only shows with IP, zigbee and Z-wave, but no serial, how can I add this serial device and "identify" it successfully. I'm a newer with Control4 driver development .and thanks for your help!