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  1. Hi VINCELdUB, It's not about how to use a driver but a issue about how to develop a driver. anyway, thanks for you reply.
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. anyone can help me, many thanks to you!
  4. How to build communication between master and child drivers?
  5. Thanks, I almost go through all of the video training course, could you tell me the specific training number?
  6. not what I want, thanks
  7. Hi, I developed a serial driver and can communiction with one device successfully, but it can't binding to same EA3 serial port when I try add one more device ,how to handle this issue?
  8. I created an "action" which name is "time" in "config/actions" and added a parameter: "second" with RANGED_INTEGER, How to get parameter "second " value when I pressed the "time" button´╝č
  9. I've solved this issue, thanks.
  10. Thanks your you feedback, If I don't try to identify this device, the driver would have problem that it displays "gcon is not init", I check the driver code and found that the serial port was not initiated for the "function OnBindingChanged(idBinding, class, bIsBound)" not be triggered.
  11. Hi, I'm developing a serial port driver for a motor, but when I add the driver to composer and add the device to the list, but it can't be found in "network", I'm a little confused that the "Network" only shows with IP, zigbee and Z-wave, but no serial, how can I add this serial device and "identify" it successfully. I'm a newer with Control4 driver development .and thanks for your help!