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  1. sgresham

    Recommend a Security Camera?

    Lilin has been recommended to me by quite a few installers. I am actually speaking with an installer here tomorrow about replacing my current cameras with them.
  2. sgresham

    WiFi Solutions

    I used to have google wifis all over my house for wifi, and a Verizon fios router for all of my hardwired connections, and just last week I had my installer bridge the fios router and use a luxul for all of my routing, and I also had him install ruckus access points in 4 locations. There is no comparison in the two solutions. I have 500gb internet, and with the google wifi, I was maybe getting 100mbs over wifi. Now on speedtest, my wifi connection, pretty much everywhere in the house is 300-450 mb down and 350-350 up. In addition, control 4 is buttery smooth and extremely fast now. You will have to pay a bit more, but depending on how much you have going on in your house, it is well worth it.
  3. sgresham

    FS: Controllers, Remotes and Google Home.

    would you sell the SR260 and SR250 separately?
  4. sgresham

    Meridian Sooloos and C4

    Thank you so much for looking for me. I do not know if I have this driver on my system or not. I only have composer HE, and I can see Sooloos, but nothing about drivers, etc. I have the Sooloos Media Core 200. It's really weird at this point. I can tell control 4 I want Sooloos to play, then I can go into the Sooloos app and start playing a song in a certain room, but there is no output.
  5. Hi guys, I have been lurking for a bit trying to research my question, but I have been unable to find an answer, so I figured it would be best to just ask. I have a decent control 4 system in my house, but the one item that has never worked quite right for me is sooloos. I purchased sooloos about three years ago with the promise that it would integrate well with C4 by my installer, but he was never able to make it work quite the way I wanted for whole home audio. It just seems fairly clunky. In order to play sooloos, when it does work, I have to tell C4 I am going to use Sooloos as my source, then back out of the control 4 app, go into a sooloos app, and play from there. Does sooloos integrate any better with control 4 when done right, or is that it? I am at the point now where I am just about to purchase a bunch of sonos connects, and hook them in as sources to my C4 matrix. Please help me with what I should do, and thank you guys so much!