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  1. 2deafears

    No sound from Blu-ray player

    In the Blu-ray setting, I tried both Auto and PCM, and Stereo and Surround last night. Neither one made any difference. Even though the cable box has been removed, I had to choose watch cable from SR260 remote before choose watch blu-ray to get sound. I'll take a look at the Marantz setting.
  2. 2deafears

    No sound from Blu-ray player

    I have Marantz 8802. I am not using Zone 2 and 3. Both video and audio (7.4.2) were working fine prior to removing cable box. After the cable box was removed, I had to select cable box before select Blu-ray player to get audio. If I just select Blu-ray player I only get video and no sound. The only thing I have not try yet is to connect Blu-ray player directly to Marantz.
  3. I had Apple TV, Sony X1000ES Blu-ray, and cable box connected to 8x8 Matrix. All 3 worked. Two weeks ago, I cancelled cable service. Apple TV works fine. Sony X1000ES has video but no audio whether from Blu-ray disc or streaming. Not sure what to do. Please help.
  4. 2deafears

    Nest Thermostat

  5. 2deafears

    Nest Thermostat

    I have 2 Nest thermostats. Currently, I am using Nest app to set the thermostat schedule. Both thermostats have been working great so far. I am just curious if there is an advantage for using Control4 app to do the scheduling. Thanks.