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Driver development - power commands


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Hi everyone,

I have started writing a driver to control an NVR, based from a DVD proxy template using Driver Editor 3.

The NVR has an HDMI out that can be used to view the cameras on a TV.

I am trying to make the NVR show a less CPU intensive screen when nobody is currently viewing the cameras on a TV (like a standby page).

This way the NVR wont generate as much heat or use lots of power unnecessarily when not in use.

I have the stanby page setup and I have the commands all working to get to the standby page.

My question is related to how and when power commands are sent to the device.

When I push "room off" on my sr-260 remote, I can make the NVR go to the standby page.

When I select the NVR as a source from a room OFF state, the NVR goes back to viewing the camera it was on previously. So far so good.

When I change source on my TV to watch something else other than the NVR, the NVR does not go to the stanby page. No OFF command is being sent to the NVR.

What is the best way to get C4 to send an OFF command to my driver when it is not the currently connected source any more?

To go one step further, what if my NVR driver was connected to 2x TV's with an HDMI splitter, how can I make C4 send an OFF command ONLY if both the TV's do not have the NVR as the currently connected source?

I am wondering if I need to use API's like C4:GetDeviceVariables etc or if this feature is already built in and I am just doing something wrong in my driver or in the xml file.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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