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Help w/ 16 Channel Amp


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Hi everyone -

Can someone please help me! I changed my router and my 16 Channel Amp has stopped working. One zone has no audio and another zone has audio but I cannot change the audio. I noticed that the 16 channel amp was on static IP and I changed to dynamic and its back on the system now.

But before that I have gone to the input and output settings and changed some things. I have changed nothing on the project settings. Can someone just walk me through what are the default settings on the unit? Do I have to pick the output for each input???

For example, if I stream music and change output manually on each input music shows up. But I think the system is suppose to change it based on what you pick right? If someone can call me or email me, I would truly truly appreciate it. I am also willing to pay a small fee via paypal if needed.

Thanks so much.



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