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  1. 4sight connection

    reboot when got home and all is well...who knows why but glad its nothing more
  2. 4sight connection

    thanks for checking. not real sure where to go from here. maybe the trusted reboot
  3. anyone having trouble connecting to their system this morning. I am not able to access system remotely with 4 sight access. And yes my subscription is still good.
  4. Estimate for structured wiring runs

    Don't forget speaker wire. I ran all the wire on our new house myself so my "if I had it to do over list" is ...... 1. your rack/home run room needs to be bigger. 2. run the wire after your house is roughed in by the electrician to avoid electrical interference. 3. buy quality wire as above 4. run an extra cat 5 and leave tails longer. 5. run some wire to an outside box for future projects even if not on your plans now those are a few of my notes....good luck
  5. SR250 issue?

    Neither of the remotes have anything showing on the LCD screen. One of the remotes will do the fading light for about 5 sec once you add batteries, the other one nothing. The one that fades has been tried to add to the mesh but won't. Just seemed odd that two remotes about the same age would die at the same time. They weren't misused, dropped, etc. I should add that I have been in touch with C4 and they have been extremely helpful. Very impressed with their customer support.
  6. SR250 issue?

    In the last month it appears I have now had 2 SR 250's just die. I have tried the take out the battery and hold the red 4 and 0 and the reset and nothing works. Really frustrating to have 2 go bad and they are just over 2 years old. Any other ideas on how to reset or fix or can it be some other issue?
  7. Picture No Sound

    directv tech had never seen or heard of issue before and whoever they call didn't help either. he unhooked all the connections going to C4 amp and integras and was still able to recreate the problem. replaced all the receivers with HR 24's and issue was resolved. He took my old box home and couldn't get it to repeat the problem but he has a different switch or connection (swim) than mine. He says they will hook it up the same way and attempt to create problem. I will say the newer receivers seem to work better, ie faster as far as changing channels and reacting to the C4 remotes.
  8. Picture No Sound

    my integras are 2 years old. this is a real pain in the ass. directv coming out tomorrow so will let you know what they tell me...
  9. Picture No Sound

    okay well now this is very interesting....I turned on one of the dvr's this evening and when I changed channels there was no sound so I turned off the dolby digital per your suggestion and I had sound....yeah....changed to another channel and oops, no sound so I adjusted back to dolby digital and the sound came back on....I have to think Directv changed something or my switch or LNB are going out....I suppose it has to be a Dtv issue..
  10. Picture No Sound

    no, when it's out it's out everywhere. almost has to be receiver issue but seems as though would affect picture as well as sound
  11. Picture No Sound

    all my receivers are in one media closet. satellite feeds all 3 and then Control 4 lets me pick 1 of 3 to watch in any location. I have a man cave with 3 tv's for over the top sports viewing. The sound goes from directv to C4 amp or 2 integra's that feed man cave and den (surround sound) Control 4 amp feeds other rooms with wired speakers. I am not getting any sound from receivers or is intermittent. Tightened connections and the % look good on the sat setup.
  12. problem with Directv sound

    sorry....it goes from directv receiver to C4 amp or to 2 integra receivers. the audio loss occurs whether being pushed thru the C4 amp or the integra's. I;m also not getting any sound to the tv if I bypass the C4 amp (have hooked up both ways)
  13. Picture No Sound

    having the same issue, have directv. I called directv and scheduled an appointment but and asked if they were forcing an update. I can usually change channels once but after that no sound
  14. 3 dvr's hooked to directv dropping audio. When I reboot the receivers they will have audio but if change channels once or twice they will lose sound. sometimes it returns and often requires a reboot. have rebooted controller (1000) and amplifier. anyone have any similar experiences. All 3 receivers started acting up yesterday.