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  1. So we can refresh the navigator? Can you please advise how to do it?
  2. Correct, one villa one controller. And yes, we use one tablet for 1 room like the above picture. We have run the system since 2012 until now. The problem only occurred end of last year, since firmware updated to 2.9.0. Controller that still use firmware 2.8.0 still running normally without any problem, we can just synchronize to any room we want to dedicate it. About the navigators we always consult with our dealer here.
  3. we try update to 2.9.1 still not working,
  4. Good afternoon , We have some problems with the control 4 in the Villas. 1. We have 4 unit villas and each villa has 1 head unit control 4. For each villa with details 2 units of HC 250 with firmware ver 2.8.0, 2 units of firmware 2.9.0 and 2.9.1 2. With assumption each head unit for 5-6 tables (each tablet for 1 zone) · When we still used HC 250 we have once update the firmware to 2.9.0 moreover in terms of application we also need to update it. And the problem start from here after we update the firmware to 2.9.0. if we move the tablet from one zone to another zone, like for example tablet A for bedroom 1 moved to bedroom 2, we used to just synchronize it by removing the check mark/unhide the zone we wanted to re-synchronize. Without turning off/restarting the head unit. · But since we update to 2.9.0 if we have case like the above and we wanted to synchronize we have to turn off/restart the head unit first, then re-setting the tablet to the designed zone. Photo.. · Is there any solution for this case so we don’t have to restart the head unit everytime we move the tablet to other zone? Because if we do restart too often we afraid it will damage the head unit. Thank you for your attention and hopefully we can have solution for this as soon as possible.