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  1. Gunnar Vingren

    Piano controled by control4

    @GoGo Delicious Is there a driver for DiskLavier? I have a client that wants to integrate his piano with Control4. Can you point me to the right direction? First time having to deal with a piano integration. Thank you!
  2. Gunnar Vingren

    Rainbird LXE irrigation module - Control 4 support

    Any luck with that? I also need to know if there is a way to integrate RainBird LXE with Contorl4. Thank you
  3. Gunnar Vingren

    C4 Items for sale, amp16, 7" in wall TP, HC-300

    is the AMP still available? if yes, price please.
  4. Lol... It is kinda funny to see how this post went from bad to worse.
  5. Gunnar Vingren

    Yale touch screen lock mystery auto lock?

    Can you program a custom button on a touchpanel to enable or disable the auto-relock ? Just in case I have friends over and I want to keep door unlock without having to go to settings. Thanks
  6. Gunnar Vingren

    Xfinity X1 IP Control

    +1 Not reliable at all !
  7. Im looking for one satin nickel Yale Key Free Deadbolt (Zigbee). Please PM me the price an condition. Thank you!