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  1. Krell S-1200

    Thanks Dave , do you have IR driver for S-1200 ? can you share it with me ?
  2. Krell S-1200

    Hello Everyone , i require Krell s-1200 Serial driver with control4 , dose anyone have created it already ? can you share any support with me please ? i really appreciate your support . thanks and regards Ibrahim
  3. Thank you very much alanchow for your best answer.
  4. I dont need business plan , i just need the possibility of doing what i am asking. And everyone free to reply my question or not .
  5. Hi msgreenf yes are right but integration between telecommunication service center and smart home system is not a popular thing , it is new and i am just asking if there is some gate way to providing an offer .otherwise we know how to install , configure and run our control4 system .
  6. knowitall....Thanks for your support ...
  7. Hi all Friends In order to hear your recommendation as per your experience in home automation technology I want to let you know that one of the Top mobile Telecom company in my region have requested us as a Control4 dealer to cooperate with them in their smart segment services. They don’t sure what they exactly want but they wait for us to tell them if there is some way to achieve some smart services along together so your support to clarify what we can have to achieve as smart business with mobile telecom company together. It is just similar to Win-Win business , we just combine some specific smart services with their telecom service center or whatever is possible . thanks for clarification and recommendation .
  8. Composer pro logging problem

    thanks you very much 9800PRO , I sued your suggestion and problem solved thanks .
  9. Composer pro logging problem

    thank you .thecodeman ..
  10. Composer pro logging problem

    Hi every body , please any help on my issue , i have a difficulty to logging my composer pro 2.8.2 . i tried with my correct my.control4.com account but still the same issue here , i have attached the related error message with image . thanks for help