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  1. Looks like NEEO made it on 9to5toys.com article. He has an interesting take. https://9to5toys.com/2019/11/06/smart-home-remote/
  2. Agree it was underwhelming. Probably aimed more at dealers than consumers, of which were a pretty passionate group if I say so! Wish there was a part where they talked about / demoed the new features and maybe gave a sneak peak of what’s coming.
  3. Wanna take bets on Cedia surprises? -New controller(s) -New remote(s) (NEEO)? -New OS Update (3.1)? -All of the above? RyanE is out of course 😊
  4. Just an update... I deleted the control4 remote and hub from the iOS Home app, restarted the Apple TV, and then repaired with the OS 3 app (initially set it up on a 2.10.x control4 app) and it seems to be working again. Worth a shot if your having issues.
  5. Yep I can’t connect either. Was working I til until today’s tvOS beta dropped. Will investigate when I get some time. Edit it to add I have an ea3 on latest OS 3, Apple Bridge driver and Apple TV 4K
  6. @Joshua Pressnell any chance you plan to add support for shade control? Just picked up 6 AXIS gear and going to have them linked into control4.
  7. Thanks for the response Joel! Glad to see more C4 employees on the forum to answer these kinds of questions. Hope you guys decide to bring it back to iOS!
  8. Working great in OS 3 for me! Really is a Rock solid HomeKit integration.
  9. Having the same issue. OS 2 app worked fine with the same VPN.
  10. Also how can I get light levels and thermostat control back to the TV OSD?
  11. Fair enough. Too bad because I can tell that put a lot of work into the watchOS app (and I’ve written them and know what a pain they can be to get right). I think if people experienced the reliability (such as the native HomeKit app with homebridge) they would start using it. Would be nice to have it cover areas the HomeKit app falls short on (mainly simple AV control and non doorbell security cameras) - could be a big hit!
  12. Has anyone tried using the 3.0 app over vpn w/o 4Sight? Can’t get it to work...
  13. Will it come to 3.0? I do have to say I tried it on my 2.10 system before I upgraded today and noticed how much better it was! Great work!! Now that I’m in 3.0 it’s not much use, but if it can be ported over I would definitely use it.
  14. Looks like they updated the language on the site to remove “available now”.
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