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  1. +1 on these. Didn't they have something like this back in the 1.7.X days of Control4?
  2. If only I spoke Italian! Some videos of the chime and T4! Would really love a side by side comparison of a T3 and T4 (speed, ergonomics, etc.). Unboxing the T4: Unboxing Chime:
  3. Would be cool to have a "Guest Mode" in the Mobile Apps. So when guests come over, they could download the control4 app and get temporary access to the house (or parts of it). For example, when family stays over and wants to control things in the guest bedroom from their phone. Or if you own a short term rental, you could give guests temporary access to the control system while they are staying there - but revoke it when they leave.
  4. Kind of short but hoping to see more of these types of video “walk throughs” of Chime and T4.
  5. Mine has disappeared again (it did show this morning after I updated the app) ☹️
  6. Thank you! I am going to give this a try this weekend!
  7. Anyone know of 3rd party / customer/ dealer reviews or hands on videos of the Chime doorbell or T4? I think the chime has already shipped (?) - and pretty sure the T4 has not shipped yet, but maybe when it does someone can post one. Looking to get a sense of the look and feel (maybe a demo the speed of a t4 compared to a t3, ringing a chime doorbell and how it pops up on the phone / T3, reviewing the snapshot / recording history in the history agent, etc), pros and cons, maybe an unboxing ?
  8. After re-reading it - agree there is no use for scheduling on an air purifier. Would be cool to have feedback though.
  9. - Add Thermostat, Security/Alarm System, and history agent to the OSD (e.g. when watching TV at night, sometimes its easier to pull up that interface vs go to a T3, pull out my phone, etc.) - Update history agent to track lights on / lights off, TV on / Off, Thermostat events - not sure if this requires a history agent update or the driver to be written to use the history agent to log this? - Ability to send a notification to all Navigator UI's. For example, from my iPhone I want to send a push Notification to all other Mobile devices, OSD/T3/T4 popup, NEEOs, etc. with a message "Dinner's Ready!"). Also would be cool to have the ability for the T3/T4 to chime, have the message text scale to fit the screen size. - On my T3 Screensaver, I currently have it setup to custom (Time, Temp, Date, Media). If no media is playing, there is a large section of unused screen real estate, with temp + date + time stacked on one side of the screen. Would be nice if when no media is playing, it could fill this unused space with the time (and stack temp + date), then when media starts playing - display the cover art + song info and stack the (time + temp + date on one side).
  10. Home Appliance Proxies / Control4 Interfaces - washer /dryer (see status from a C4 Touchscreen, notifications) - Coffee Machines (to use as part of a wakeup agent, notification when coffee is done) - refrigerators (notifications when a water filter needs to be changed, announcement if the door was left open too long or door open and the room has been unoccupied for period of time, for ability to view / adjust temperature from a the TS) - Home networking (ability to see wifi clients connected via touchscreen, what WAP they are connected to, program events off of when a device comes online/offline, when a networking device falls online, etc.) - Irrigation (ability to see / modify schedule from C4 to tie in with other events, could be cool when a camera pops up to have an irrigation zone toggle displayed for zone(s) that camera can see - kind of like how the lights / door lock work when a doorbell rings). - Air purifier (tie the on/off into a scheduler, notifications of bad air quality / change filter, etc.) I realize this is probably dependent on a manufacturer providing an api to these devices, but having a control4 proxy interface designed for these use cases would cool. To me, the convenience of being able to bring this all into a single app vs disparate apps with varying levels of control / usability, having to setup each app on every family members device, etc. is why its on my wishlist.
  11. Found an interesting video of the T4 - notice its running some stock android launcher vs the C4 app.
  12. I was thinking this too. Too bad they don’t have a trade in to bring the cost down.
  13. Interested in the Chime, but haven’t seen a price yet. I was ready to upgrade my 6 T3s because they are becoming noticeably sluggish, but the price of the T4 (x6) turned me off.
  14. I have had something similar happen to one of my EA1's. I tried restarting it, changing out the HDMI cable, etc. and nothing worked. I forgot about it for a few weeks (its in a room we don't use much) and just checked now and its back to displaying the whole screen. Im on OS 3.1.3 for reference.
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