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  1. Thank you @C4SouthAfrica- Exactly the kind of commentary I have been hoping for!
  2. Curious to see if anyone has found (or would be willing to post) some demo's of the t3 vs t4? And maybe a live demo of the chime being answered on a t3/t4 (curious to see PQ, audio quality and any lag, etc.). I've seen the marketing videos, but interested in real world performance.
  3. Actually still using this one in a guest bedroom - have expanded my C4 system quite a bit since this post. No problems so far (other than it being dropped and shattering the screen - see here).
  4. Just thought of another one: Some way to display more information about the house on screensavers. so when I’m walking by one, I can quickly glance and get an overview of what’s going on in the house. EG - if an exterior door or window is open, lights on around the house on, AV zones on, etc. Maybe more broadly - the ability for developers to build screensavers for the OSD / T3 / T4 interfaces.
  5. +1 on these. Didn't they have something like this back in the 1.7.X days of Control4?
  6. If only I spoke Italian! Some videos of the chime and T4! Would really love a side by side comparison of a T3 and T4 (speed, ergonomics, etc.). Unboxing the T4: Unboxing Chime:
  7. Would be cool to have a "Guest Mode" in the Mobile Apps. So when guests come over, they could download the control4 app and get temporary access to the house (or parts of it). For example, when family stays over and wants to control things in the guest bedroom from their phone. Or if you own a short term rental, you could give guests temporary access to the control system while they are staying there - but revoke it when they leave.
  8. Kind of short but hoping to see more of these types of video “walk throughs” of Chime and T4.
  9. Mine has disappeared again (it did show this morning after I updated the app) ☹️
  10. Thank you! I am going to give this a try this weekend!
  11. Anyone know of 3rd party / customer/ dealer reviews or hands on videos of the Chime doorbell or T4? I think the chime has already shipped (?) - and pretty sure the T4 has not shipped yet, but maybe when it does someone can post one. Looking to get a sense of the look and feel (maybe a demo the speed of a t4 compared to a t3, ringing a chime doorbell and how it pops up on the phone / T3, reviewing the snapshot / recording history in the history agent, etc), pros and cons, maybe an unboxing ?
  12. After re-reading it - agree there is no use for scheduling on an air purifier. Would be cool to have feedback though.
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