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  1. I have had something similar happen to one of my EA1's. I tried restarting it, changing out the HDMI cable, etc. and nothing worked. I forgot about it for a few weeks (its in a room we don't use much) and just checked now and its back to displaying the whole screen. Im on OS 3.1.3 for reference.
  2. Had another one: Better readability for the text on the lighting page of OSD. Right now - against most of my backgrounds, its really hard to read the text. Also, make use of the extra screen real estate and have both Lights + Scenes on the same page (I think something similar was done on OS 2 IIRC). Maybe something they can push out with their new update mechanism (NEEO / T3 / OSD) ?
  3. Love that @C4SouthAfrica is keeping these wishlists going! Off the top of my head: 1) Open / published native C4 REST API (ability to query device status, set device params, etc.) 2) (I think this one was on my original OS 2.8 list) Open up the DriverWorks SDK - it will only benefit everyone to get C4 enthusiasts such as myself trying to push the envelope with the system. It could fill in some gaps that might be lower hanging fruit for other driver developers (e.g. I would love to write my own LG Soundbar IP Driver). 3) End User Release Notes - I can get the highlights from my dealer, but would be nice to have them (or certain sections of them) published on the customer portal. Also for NEEO, T3, OSD, etc. updates. 4) Two Way Control / feedback from the Apple TV Driver (realize Apple might be the reason on this one). Would be nice to know what specific video content is playing in what room. 5) Native Siri Control (again probably an Apple thing at the moment) 6) New Lighting Page UI - where instead of a list view, lights in the room are displayed on a floorpan and I can tap on the light to turn it off / on. For example - Left Lamp and Right lamp are sometimes confusing depending on where you are in the room - but if I could upload a PNG and "position" the lights onto that, it would be much easier to see what I was turning on / off. Could even have the ability to press and hold to adjust the brightness. 7) NEEO Beep to locate (I know its got a beep functionality, drove me nuts every time I docked it) 8 ) iOS app that switches what project I am in depending on my location 9) Geofence events for all mobile apps registered to the account - e.g. when "Dad's iPhone" leaves home: If garage door is open -> Send "Dad's iPhone" a push notification. 10) Ability for experience buttons to have their own customized page (vs just executing or showing status). Kind of like what OS 2.0 apps were going to be, but through DriverWorks. 11) Ability to type code on the programming tab vs drag and drop. With autocomplete (e.g. start typing "If Living Ro" and in a dropdown "Living Room" shows up). Im sure ill think of more! Thanks again @C4SouthAfrica!
  4. Hi all - I have two LG sound bars and always wanted IP control of them (Specifically discrete volume control with feedback - so the volume sliders on my NEEO work). I found this on GitHub, and tested that it works with my SK9Ys. Any idea how hard it would be to write an IP driver for this? https://github.com/google/python-temescal
  5. Me too!! I wish after an update they would display a banner or something that says “Check out these new features”. Maybe spot under settings where they list out the new features in that version / past versions. also since the T3s and OSD are getting the same style updates, maybe a spot on those too!
  6. One thing I miss from my SR remotes is the ability to locate them with a beeping sound when they are lost. I know the remote can beep loud (every time I used to dock it on the charger), so hoping to be able to trigger that sound from a key / experience button.
  7. Yes. 3 available. PM me an offer if interested.
  8. Added some new things at the end of the list + pictures.
  9. Screens include the magnetic power box that the Ethernet cable plugs into. Does not include the back box (like c4-RWB57C).
  10. Clearing out my old inventory of Control4 gear. Make me offers on any or all. Shipping to USA only, PayPal only. (6) 7” Infinity Edge Touchscreens (C4-TSWMC7-EG-BL) (2) Wireless Music Bridges (C4-WMB-B) (1) HC300 (C4-HC-300-E-B) (1) HC-300C (C4-HC-300C-E-B) (2) HC-200B (C4-HC200B-E-B-NR) (1) Home Theater Controller (AVM-HTC1-B-230) (1) Speaker Point (AVE-RAA1-B)l (1) HC250 (C4-HC250-BL-1-BX) with licenses (2) SPARE PARTS HC250 (e.g. one wont power on, the other powers on but flashes and never comes online - one of them is a -1 with a site license ) (1) iPod Dock (C4-IPDKTT1-E-B) (3) SR250B (with light sensor) (2) SR250 (without light sensor) (1) Honeywell Vista ICM (was using it in 2.10 to link my Control4 system to my Vista 128FBP - upgraded to 3.0 and removed it) Including some pictures. Additional pictures on request.
  11. So I have two Control4 systems on my iPhone (mine and my parents). I use the homebridge driver on both of them, and the iOS Home app automatically picks which home to display based on my location when I launch the app. I find it really useful and since I know there are some Control4 iOS devs on here, wanted to pass on a feature request: Have the mobile app use the phone/device’s location to automatically pick the right project to load up. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Looks like NEEO made it on 9to5toys.com article. He has an interesting take. https://9to5toys.com/2019/11/06/smart-home-remote/
  13. Agree it was underwhelming. Probably aimed more at dealers than consumers, of which were a pretty passionate group if I say so! Wish there was a part where they talked about / demoed the new features and maybe gave a sneak peak of what’s coming.
  14. Wanna take bets on Cedia surprises? -New controller(s) -New remote(s) (NEEO)? -New OS Update (3.1)? -All of the above? RyanE is out of course 😊
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