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  1. We have a Roku and Apple TV as well as directv and ps4. Would these mini drivers be available for Roku?
  2. How/where do we find the icon gifs for quick links to say Netflix, ESPN, or other video services that would be on Apple TV, Roku or DirecTv? I noticed on some of the 3.0 videos they have quick buttons on the home screen for ESPN, Netflix...
  3. sonit has been initializing for about 3 hours. Stills shows this ...
  4. My dealer came to install the 584 today utilizing the previous cable to connect it to our HC800 (director) but the driver in composer keeps saying “system initializing” ? Anyone else experience this?
  5. So the NX-587E virtual keypad interface will not work as a connector between the NX-8V2 and the HC-800?
  6. What about the NX8 panel? Any V2 panel driver for this?
  7. Cyknight, does this driver work in a OS3 environment ?
  8. Just updated system to OS3 and downloaded/installed the Composer HE 3.0 when I go to connect to director it right away gives me the “unable to connect to director at ...” error? Running windows 7 Any thoughts or ideas?
  9. Will the older C4 Multi-Amp AVM-16A-B be ok in OS3?
  10. Does anyone have any success with integrating the IntelliCenter driver with their Pentair IntelliCenter control panel? We tried the driver last fall but could not get it to work
  11. Does anyone know of a driver that is IR based that would support Vizio HDMI 5 input? We currently have the TVs running IR for their commands
  12. Hello, we have some 4K Vizio tv’s that will only allow 4K through HDMI input 5 and the current vizio driver in our project only has up to HDMI input 4. Anyone else ran into this issue and know of a driver that will work??
  13. We have the IntelliCenter panel up and running. It is very nice and user interface works great. We also have it connected to the driver from Homeation. The driver is displaying pool heater status and set point and if pump is on/off. Now we just need to figure out how to connect to or add pool light features and show current water temp (right now middle of circle doesn’t show temp)
  14. Hello, We have one of the older C4 Multi Channel Amps feeding 8 zones of audio throughout the house. We have ran one of the RCA outputs from our C4 Leaf 6x6 HDMI matrix into the multi channel amp for audio. The issue that we have ran into is that we need to turn any given zone up to 80-85% volume to hear anything out of the speakers and when we have multiple feeds going (i.e. Apple TV in living room then Roku in Master Bed) the audio from the second feed will play in place of the audio from the first feed and the only way to correct this is to turn off the first feed (i.e. Apple TV in living room) and then turn it back on. Any thoughts, suggestions and best practices for this would be greatly appreciated!!
  15. Just spoke to my pool builder, he has a Intellicenter panel coming for our build! Keep us in the loop if a driver gets developed
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