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  1. Just updated our pakedge router to os 2.0 and it’s asking for new passwords and when I update passwords I get the follow error … “dhcp range cannot contain pptp server range” I’m not an IT guy so I’m have a little trouble figuring this out
  2. Hello, is there or has anyone developed a driver for the WiFi connected Molekule Air Purifiers? Would be nice to have it ramp up the fan speed when away and lower when come back.
  3. Interesting, I just recently updated the JVC RS400U firmware to the most recent a few months back. I’ll make sure HDMI control is off, any chance the driver needs uninstalled and reinstalled?
  4. Crazy question, we have a JVC projector using the Control4 SSPD driver. While watching something on the projector (say roku) and we want to change to another device say Apple TV pushing “watch” button on the SR260 while something is playing will turn off the projector. However, if I click watch in the iOS app it will NOT turn the projector off? any ideas why the SR260 would cause this to happen but not the iOS app
  5. Any recommendations on a good dealer here that would do a small remote job like this for a reasonable price?
  6. Can a T4 be remotely added to a project or Does dealer need to be onsite?
  7. It appears to be a issue with the SR7010 Marantz. Looks like others have had this issue with cracking popping on these receiver
  8. So here is the part I’m still trying to figure out...... I can get a Apple TV & Roku 4 to both pass 3840x2160 60hz (non HDR) through the HDMI matrix but can’t get PS5 to pass anything higher than 1080p. Note when getting roku to do 60hz I had to force the output as auto detect settings would only do 30hz. I can plug the PS5 directly into the TV and get 2160p 60hz. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I don’t think the wires where originally reversed because the correct speaker would play during the audyssey set up. Now that I reversed the front right and front left both speakers seem to be playing audio fine. Who knows?
  10. Good call! I swapped the Front Left speaker wire for the Front Right at the receiver and now no popping or cracking. Would this lead you to think the issue could be with the speaker wire or receiver?
  11. Question for you all, we have some triad silver stats in a 9.2 set up running off a Marantz. When I run the Audyssey set up I noticed that front right and rear right speakers are very loud compared to the other speakers when preforming the setup. I then have this crackling from the front right when audio is playing through them. Is this a speaker issue or a receiver issue? Or both. thank you in advance!! IMG_7658.MOV
  12. Recently purchased a new in box T3 7” to replace old TS. Connected it to POE and it will not respond to touch. Dealer hasn’t identified it yet, but on the main screen it won’t even let me click the “identify” area. Could it be a defective unit or does it need to be identified to work?
  13. We have a C4 HDMI Matrix that runs into a Marantz 7010 and I can’t seem to get Dolby Atoms (UHD BluRay or Apple TV) to output through the Marantz? Any suggestions?
  14. Yes, I can get our Apple TV to push 2160p SDR at 60hz through the matrix switch as well as 2160p HDR at 30hz but still PS5 limits at 1080p
  15. Hello, We have a 6x6 LU642 and have our PS5 connected through Matrix and can't get 4K to pass through? We directed connected the PS5 to TV to make sure it wasn't the TV and 4K works find but when we put it into the rack and run it through the Matrix the best we get to 1080p. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Thank you in advance!
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