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  1. Does anyone have any success with integrating the IntelliCenter driver with their Pentair IntelliCenter control panel? We tried the driver last fall but could not get it to work
  2. Does anyone know of a driver that is IR based that would support Vizio HDMI 5 input? We currently have the TVs running IR for their commands
  3. Hello, we have some 4K Vizio tv’s that will only allow 4K through HDMI input 5 and the current vizio driver in our project only has up to HDMI input 4. Anyone else ran into this issue and know of a driver that will work??
  4. We have the IntelliCenter panel up and running. It is very nice and user interface works great. We also have it connected to the driver from Homeation. The driver is displaying pool heater status and set point and if pump is on/off. Now we just need to figure out how to connect to or add pool light features and show current water temp (right now middle of circle doesn’t show temp)
  5. Hello, We have one of the older C4 Multi Channel Amps feeding 8 zones of audio throughout the house. We have ran one of the RCA outputs from our C4 Leaf 6x6 HDMI matrix into the multi channel amp for audio. The issue that we have ran into is that we need to turn any given zone up to 80-85% volume to hear anything out of the speakers and when we have multiple feeds going (i.e. Apple TV in living room then Roku in Master Bed) the audio from the second feed will play in place of the audio from the first feed and the only way to correct this is to turn off the first feed (i.e. Apple TV in living room) and then turn it back on. Any thoughts, suggestions and best practices for this would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Just spoke to my pool builder, he has a Intellicenter panel coming for our build! Keep us in the loop if a driver gets developed
  7. Let us know what you find out on InetlliCenter as we are just starting our pool build. Looks like this would be the way to go over the basic easytouch2 panel. Anyone have cost yet?
  8. So here is the speeds directly connected to the fiber modem
  9. Yes. Pretty close as shown above. LAN directly connected to my iMac are 194 down/ 245 up and WAN standing directly under the Pakedge WK-1 were 165 down/ 230 up...... 🤔
  10. And here is test done on WAN standing directly under the WK-1...
  11. Yes, here is the LAN test I just ran...
  12. Even on the LAN side? We are only getting 200 Mbps on the LAN connection through the pakedge S28fe switch
  13. Yes updated them myself a few days ago
  14. Is that speed specific to wifi? It should still pass through 1000 Gbps correct?
  15. Hello, We have fiber modem (980Mbps tested direct from modem) into our Pakedge RE-2 connected into two WK-2 and one WK-1-O access points then networks through a pakedge switch to the home. When we test speeds over wireless we only get 30-50 Mbps download (iPhone 7) and 100-110 Mbps upload. Direct Lan connection on iMac produces 200ish Mbps download and 210ish Mbps upload. During Lan test the meter ramps quickly then flatlines at the 200ish Mbps and stays there for reminder of test. There is a Cat 6 patch panel that sits between the pakedge switch and some of the LAN connections. Any help as to what could be throttling the network would be greatly appreciated!!
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