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  1. We have a 5 year old that likes to sneak out and watch tv. We have tried hiding the remotes but eventually forget a remote here or there and bam kiddo up in middle of night 🙈 Is there any way program to limit access to watch scene during specific times or create a code that grants access to watch scene?
  2. How does all the above apply to Amazon HD lossless music
  3. What is the highest quality of bit steam that the HC800 Connected into AVM16A1-B would support?
  4. Any AppleTV driver recommendations for HC800 as director with AppleTV in a Leaf HDMI matrix.
  5. All, is there a good list of all video doorbells now supported in the intercom anywhere app after CEDIA? Any pluses/minuses not going with DS2 vs a competitor?
  6. We have a Roku and Apple TV as well as directv and ps4. Would these mini drivers be available for Roku?
  7. How/where do we find the icon gifs for quick links to say Netflix, ESPN, or other video services that would be on Apple TV, Roku or DirecTv? I noticed on some of the 3.0 videos they have quick buttons on the home screen for ESPN, Netflix...
  8. sonit has been initializing for about 3 hours. Stills shows this ...
  9. My dealer came to install the 584 today utilizing the previous cable to connect it to our HC800 (director) but the driver in composer keeps saying “system initializing” ? Anyone else experience this?
  10. So the NX-587E virtual keypad interface will not work as a connector between the NX-8V2 and the HC-800?
  11. What about the NX8 panel? Any V2 panel driver for this?
  12. Cyknight, does this driver work in a OS3 environment ?
  13. Just updated system to OS3 and downloaded/installed the Composer HE 3.0 when I go to connect to director it right away gives me the “unable to connect to director at ...” error? Running windows 7 Any thoughts or ideas?
  14. Will the older C4 Multi-Amp AVM-16A-B be ok in OS3?
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