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  1. Alexa Troubleshooting

    Derrick, any suggestion when we're not able to re-enable? That happened to me during the high load period.
  2. Integrating ceiling fans into c4

    So would this allow control of the light as well as multi speed control of the fan? Does this require any hardware to be installed?
  3. Integrating ceiling fans into c4

    Actually, i think my fan remotes are RF based. Im assuming these drivers wont work then. In this scenario, I'd have to invest in c4 wall switches/fan controllers, correct?
  4. Hi all. I have craftmade "dumb" fans (with lights) in all bedrooms and living room. They're controlled by wall switches as well as IR remotes. If i want to integrate them with c4, what's the most cost effective way? Is there a driver only option? If c4 hardware is required, do i need a c4 switch or fan controller? Thanks
  5. Alexa Troubleshooting

    eastern for me
  6. Alexa Troubleshooting

    That makes sense. As I edited above, the customer.control4.com website is now loading immediately after login without any delay.
  7. Alexa Troubleshooting

    Customer.control4.com is what was responding sluggishly all last night (and several times throughout the last week). As another poster mentioned above, it does seem that the slowdown and lack of Alexa communication occurs around the same time of night (approximately 9-11 pm eastern). I can eventually login but loading the account after putting in my email account and password literally takes minutes. That's why I thought something was affecting C4's servers and preventing communication with AWS? The mobile app was still working and allowing appropriate local control but without any Alexa integration. But then this morning, everything started working fine again. I was able to finally re-enable control4 integration through the Alexa app. And the customer.control4.com website is fast and snappy again, allowing me to login immediately. It's very weird. Does control4 do server maintenance or something like that every night at the same time?
  8. Alexa Troubleshooting

    Thanks so much for your help Derrick. I'm having a repeat of the issue that you helped me with last week, with the Alexa integration suddenly disappearing. The prior fix, resetting the controller, did not work this time. I tried disabling the c4 skill in the Alexa app but cannot re-enable it. I get this error:"an error has occurred while attempting to link Alexa with control4. Please try again later" I think it's something on C4's end because I'm even having trouble just logging into my account on the control4.com website.... It's very sluggish and takes forever to load. Any ideas?
  9. HI everyone This may be a dumb question but I couldn't find a definitive answer. How many licenses/devices am I allotted for my control4 account/system? I ask because I noticed that my android device keeps getting booted off the system and tell me that it's not recognized. I think licenses = number of devices that can be used to connect to and control the system?
  10. Alexa Skill won't Discover any devices

    I am in the US, yes. And I want to point out that all of my Alexa voice scenes for control4 were working fine up until last week.
  11. Alexa Skill won't Discover any devices

    I tried all the troubleshooting tips in this thread to no avail. I changed the name of one alexa scene through the c4 portal configuration and saved but this did not work. I then had alexa app forget all scenes. But when i had her rediscover, she only found nonc4 scenes like hue. None of the c4 scenes are being detected by alexa despite showing up on the c4 web portal.
  12. Alexa Skill won't Discover any devices

    Sounds like I'm having the exact same issue as others have described in this thread. Any workaround?
  13. Hi all, Hoping to get some help. My alexa voice scenes for c4 stopped working today. When i ask alexa to activate any c4 voice scene, it says the scene "is not responding". I checked my c4 portal and alexa is active and all my scenes are enabled. I reset alexa and had her rediscover devices but for some reason, all the c4 scenes are "offline" I reset my router and modem and still no go. Control4 is working fine via manual control through remotes and touchscreens. Alexa itself is working normally with regards to nonc4 commands. I hhave made no changes to my c4 project or to alexa itself recently. Any ideas?
  14. No go but thanks for the suggestion!
  15. The extender card has an ac adapter so i don't think it has a battery?