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  1. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    How could I update the driver?
  2. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    it is 221 version. I wondered what I could have on WEB GUI, it seems to be complicated and I did nothing on it. Is it the same as D2S properties on driver? All I need is just a video calling and unlock Baldwin door lock from its keypad.
  3. diversitie

    Apple TV (4th gen) wake up TV and unable to turn off

    Not yet, where is this menu? So if I disable I still able to turn off tv when room off?
  4. Did anyone have this problem? Apple TV (4th gen) wake up TV automatically and when turn off by pressing room off, it is unable to turn tv off. I did not connect with HDMI ARC.
  5. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    The system is 2.10.3 and D2S firmware is (press updated firmware already). Actually, I can see video calling since the set up and then few weeks after I showed to client how it works, it was gone. Already restarted D2S, EA3, auto config pressed...
  6. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    Ah.. yes I just found that need to press ke button after user code. Thanks! Now I have another problem that video not show when someone press call button. The sceen showed on touchscreen but no live video. :(
  7. diversitie

    DSC PC1832 and IT100 with EA3

    It is new setup, already power cycled DSC board and EA3. a) yes, i did this cable b) it is blinking every 1/2 sec as mentioned in IT100 datasheet c) I blinded it to serial 1 port as connected with cable d) I tried to arm or key in number in touch screen but nothing happened. On DSC keypad hardware, I can arm and got siren alarmed normally.
  8. diversitie

    DSC PC1832 and IT100 with EA3

    I used DSC PC1832 board with IT100 card and Control4 IT100 driver with DB9 straight through cable to EA3 serial 1 but it appears on touch screen as offline. Anyone has a suggestion?
  9. Can we import Philips HUE scene setting in its app to Composer? Or is there any additional driver needed?
  10. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    I entered user code in properties already and then program when pressing user code one, unlock the door, but nothing happens
  11. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    Thank you! I found it but when I programmed it is not working. For calling to touch screen and iPhone, do I have to set up SIP or any configuration? (I added communication agent) For user code, do I have to set up something else?
  12. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    Hi, I am a newbie and looking a programming guideline when I want to unlock the door with user code and set up intercom call on Control4 D2S door station. Can anyone advise on this? I used to set up DoorBird but here is a bit different. What should I go to set up via Web GUI or Composer?
  13. We have Shairbridge driver on EA3 updated to 2.10.2 but always get the issue that unable to play music on AirPlay. Our solution is to delete and re-add the driver. Any has a suggestion to work out with it or what is the root cause?
  14. Thanks anyway msgreenf. I got a solution from old post by SergeyM: Copy libeay32.dll from c:\Program Files (x86)\Control4\ComposerProXXX\Broker\ toc:\Program Files (x86)\Control4\ComposerProXXX\Broker\node_modules\x.509\build\Release
  15. On virtual system, I did not connect to any controller (I would like to create the project before load to controller). How could I know which version I choose?