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  1. We have Shairbridge driver on EA3 updated to 2.10.2 but always get the issue that unable to play music on AirPlay. Our solution is to delete and re-add the driver. Any has a suggestion to work out with it or what is the root cause?
  2. Thanks anyway msgreenf. I got a solution from old post by SergeyM: Copy libeay32.dll from c:\Program Files (x86)\Control4\ComposerProXXX\Broker\ toc:\Program Files (x86)\Control4\ComposerProXXX\Broker\node_modules\x.509\build\Release
  3. On virtual system, I did not connect to any controller (I would like to create the project before load to controller). How could I know which version I choose?
  4. Unable to access Composer by connecting to virtual system, it shows as attached photos. I tried to use different Composer version but still got negative result.
  5. diversitie

    KNX Driver Issues

    Where can I download this driver? Right now I cannot access to dealer forum.
  6. diversitie

    KNX Driver Issues

    Can you fix this problem? I have this issue as well, KNX network driver showed 'connected' while using Composer control light is ok. However, if start using C4 touchscreen, Andriod app can use only a while then not work at all.
  7. I can't find the driver of Square Dual Load Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer (C4-SDAPD240-N) from online database. Does anyone have it?
  8. diversitie

    LED on buttons respond very slow

    I never look at reporting set of lighting scene. Can you advise?
  9. diversitie

    LED on buttons respond very slow

    How can I measure packet loss on the devices? Can you advise?
  10. diversitie

    Can I configure dimmer to show as On/Off toggles?

    Thanks Crustyloafer. That is new thing to me. I still wonder why the driver is available for non dimmable load. I am unable to change non dimmable loads as they were installed before. Can you suggest if I can disable dimming capabilities from the control interface on dimmable load driver as those loads are unable to be dimmed?
  11. diversitie

    LED on buttons respond very slow

    The LED on buttons responded very slow (> 10 sec) although the zigbee signal strength are excellent and routing network look normal. How can I check and improve it? I noticed that there are some scenes containing a lot of load (> 15), are there relevant to the issue?
  12. diversitie

    Can I configure dimmer to show as On/Off toggles?

    Yes, I used square dual load keypad. You mean I can connect dimmer driver to non-dim light load?
  13. I found a short circuit problem on light switch from using non-dimmer driver, so I tried to change driver to dimmer driver then the issue was fixed. All loads are not over maximum wattage. I have no idea why it works. May I configure dimmer to show as On/Off toggles on Control4 app? My point is to not make confusion to customer because those LEDs are not dimmer.