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  1. Do you have a sample programming to manage between this driver and motion sensor?
  2. I would like to do a programming for motion sensor to trigger the light in the night but still able to use manual light turning on/off by keypad. For example, if someone turn on the light by keypad, the light will not turn off because of motion sensor stop sensing. On the other hand, if no one turn on the light, when motion is detected, it still works normally. I do not want to buy a driver, so I tried to read from many forums but still confused as I am not sure what should I put the variable Boolean into.
  3. diversitie

    Video call on touch screen

    Thank you so much. I will try with this and update the result.
  4. diversitie

    Video call on touch screen

    Yes, it is table top touch screen 7". Did you success to adjust setting?
  5. I faced the problem that video call quality from D2S door station is not good, especially on door station side. I can hear on touch screen side clearly but at the door station can hear only some words. I tested on mobile app, 2N and Intercom Anywhere by calling to door station is very clear. Did anyone have any suggestion? - I set level of microphone, speaker of touch screen at 50 - Level of Wifi is 100% on 2.4 GHz band - Need to move microphone side up to be close to the mouth and speaker loudly but still can hear not whole sentences
  6. diversitie

    User code on C4 D2S door station

    How to create user code on C4 D2S door station without using Composer? If only web GUI, please give the details as I cannot find it from mine. Is it possible to create from dial pad?
  7. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    How could I update the driver?
  8. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    it is 221 version. I wondered what I could have on WEB GUI, it seems to be complicated and I did nothing on it. Is it the same as D2S properties on driver? All I need is just a video calling and unlock Baldwin door lock from its keypad.
  9. diversitie

    Apple TV (4th gen) wake up TV and unable to turn off

    Not yet, where is this menu? So if I disable I still able to turn off tv when room off?
  10. Did anyone have this problem? Apple TV (4th gen) wake up TV automatically and when turn off by pressing room off, it is unable to turn tv off. I did not connect with HDMI ARC.
  11. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    The system is 2.10.3 and D2S firmware is (press updated firmware already). Actually, I can see video calling since the set up and then few weeks after I showed to client how it works, it was gone. Already restarted D2S, EA3, auto config pressed...
  12. diversitie

    D2S Door station programming

    Ah.. yes I just found that need to press ke button after user code. Thanks! Now I have another problem that video not show when someone press call button. The sceen showed on touchscreen but no live video. :(
  13. diversitie

    DSC PC1832 and IT100 with EA3

    It is new setup, already power cycled DSC board and EA3. a) yes, i did this cable b) it is blinking every 1/2 sec as mentioned in IT100 datasheet c) I blinded it to serial 1 port as connected with cable d) I tried to arm or key in number in touch screen but nothing happened. On DSC keypad hardware, I can arm and got siren alarmed normally.
  14. diversitie

    DSC PC1832 and IT100 with EA3

    I used DSC PC1832 board with IT100 card and Control4 IT100 driver with DB9 straight through cable to EA3 serial 1 but it appears on touch screen as offline. Anyone has a suggestion?
  15. Can we import Philips HUE scene setting in its app to Composer? Or is there any additional driver needed?