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Samsung Commercial Diplay


Samsung UD55E-b is the model. we have 20 of these to put in as 5 video walls. I am having a difficult time figuring out how to calculate the checksum. (Newbie here) 

was told there was driver for these displays and that the command protocol hasn't changed in 10 years on these devices. ANYONE? 

install is 15 days away. need to prove this works or SPLAT, Egg on my face 

attached is the command protocol from samsung. 

need only ON-OFF-HDMI 1-HDMI 2-VGA-DP-DVI-Discreet Volume if possible- 

Also looks like it can be controlled via ip as well. 


link is for entire doc and attached is the relevant pages




Pages from MDC_Protocol_2018_mdc_ppmxxm6x_protocol_v14.4c.pdf

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PM me your email and I'll send you a master list for ID#00-ID#9 control on these panels


00 controls all the Samsung panels regardless of ID# and everything after the first one on the RS232 link.

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