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HAI Hi-Fi2 Control4 Driver with C4 metadata on keypads


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HAI Hi-Fi2 Driver

At Extra Vegetables we are all about extending the choices available to Control4 dealers and whilst there are many rack mount audio distribution systems that's not always the best solution. So we think that the HAI HiFi2 will be really useful in a number of situations. A major feature is the ability to display Control4 metadata on the HAI Hi-Fi2 keypads.

Wall Mount

The HAI HiFi-2 is supplied as a wall mount unit with an optional metal enclosure. It is an 8x8 system which can be expanded to 8x16.

Simple Keypads with feedback

One of the appealing features of the system is the optional simple keypads. These allow source selection and volume control. But what's really neat is the small OLED display screen on them.

From our driver you can send metadata to these keypads from the Control4 system. This means you can display now playing information from C4 Digital Music, any of our media player drivers like Sonos or iTunes or from radio tuners. It is not possible to select music from these keypads - it is display only. We think these are really useful in minor rooms where the customer wants simple control.

Other Features

IP Control

The HAI Hi-Fi2 is controlled via IP so it's even easier to install into a Control4 system - you just need a network connection to the controller with the Hi-Fi2 set on a static IP Address.

Discrete Volume Control

The Hi-Fi2 features discrete volume control and the volume % is displayed on the Control4 interfaces. If you change the volume on a keypad this will be instantly reflected on the Control4 devices.

Paging Function

The driver allows you to access the HAI Hi-Fi2 paging function. Commands are available to turn on the Paging (to Source 8) and then turn it off again.

Available Now

The driver is available now to Control4 dealers. As usual you can try the driver free on any system for 14 days by typing demo-yourEVusername into the driver Activation Key field.

You can find more details and, once logged in, download the driver and installation instructions at http://www.extravegetables.com/products/hai-hi-fi2.

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It's just a way of summarising Control4's recommendations for a system design an HC250 (or older HC200/300) is designed for around a 3 room system. Beyond that you need an HC800 (or older HC1000). Since the Hi-Fi2 is an 8 room amp it suggests that you have more than 8 rooms and are going to need the larger processor.

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