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Video & intercom integration. Possible?


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I am currently going down the design stage of a C4 installation with one of their dealers with whom I feel comfortable.

However, I have requested that the 23-year-old intercom flush mounted wall stations in eight rooms, be replaced with touch screens with ability to control the C4 as well as communicate within the house, release the front gate striker, and monitor six CCTV cameras.

At the moment it seems to have been put into the ‘too hard basket’ for the installer and I am pushing to have it working as one system.

Any suggestions on a solution?



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Thanks Kirill,

Integrated audio input-output seems like an obvious feature to adopt in future releases. Unless there is a third party integration option, at this stage I may just hold out on the install.

Functionality and a compact visual install are both a priority.

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There seem to be a lot of obvious features that could be added to Control4. Seems to me a third party method would require an additional screen/speaker/microphone device be added to each room you wanted the intercom feature.

I wonder if the touch screens (mini and 10.5") have the CPU power to encode/decode live video and audio. To send live video or audio over the wire or wireless, the video would have to be digitally encoded for transmission. I guess a digital signal processor could be added for the encode/decode but that would not help existing touch screen users.

I know that the mini touch screen have a microphone and speaker built in (non-functional at this time) and can be an audio zone (it has line level out).

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