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Hi all! My first post, oh boy!

I've had my system for maybe 6 months and I think I have a decent handle on programming the basics (in my opinion anyways lol). I have been a bit stumped lately though. I use permanent hold on the C4 thermostat instead of vacation mode (I know it has its own vacation mode, but using permanent hold is easier to verify through the iphone app) and for a few other scenes as well (using the condition "if thermostat hold is set to permanent, then..."). What I'd like to do is have it run the program that should be running at the time I turn off permanent hold. So lets say I turn on permanent hold at noon, when the temps are set at 74/68. At 5pm the next program should switch those temps to 72/69, but since permanent hold is on, it won't run that schedule. So the temps remain at 74/68. When I get home at say 5:30, turn permanent hold off, I'd like it to run that last program that should have run, in this case the 72/69 switch. Now, it would be easier if I used that hold at the same time every day, but I don't. So the last program to run won't always be the same.

I'm thinking some kind of variable programming will be the answer, but that's where my programming knowledge is lacking.

Have any ideas for me?

Thank you!

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