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FM Radio station preset programming

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Hi guys,i have programmed my denon avr1311 with preset FM station. Remote doesnt have numeric input (0- 9) to set a specific frequency. I have tried to set a preset channel and succeed to it.

You have to first insert code in denon driver for below buttons.

1. Band (AM-FM- toggle)

2. Shift (A to G) (in denon tuner make all band on "SKIP" except A)

3. Tumer CH up

4. Tuner CH down

5. Tuner

now you have to make macro in "set preset ch 1"put below codes.

1.Tuner+ 200ms+ Band+200ms+ Shift

2."set preset ch 2"

Tuner+ 200ms+ Band+200ms+ Shift+200ms+Tuner CH up

3. "set preset ch 3"

Tuner+ 200ms+ Band+200ms+ Shift+200ms+Tuner CH up+200ms+Tuner CH up

you can add upto number of channels similar way by increasing "200ms+Tuner CH up"

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